Rutman Family

October 12, 2017

The Waltman Family
of Northampton County


The Rutman Family
of Easton, Pennsylvania 

by Neil A. Boyer
The Rutman Family

          This page addresses parts of the Rutman family of Northampton County, Pennsylvania. It focuses on Minerva Seyfert, who married Russell Rutman and later married Dr. Charles Waltman, distinguished physician and historian of Easton, Pennsylvania. Minerva had three children with Russell Rutman -- Roger, Gregory and Douglas Rutman. Douglas was adopted by Charles Waltman and called Douglas Waltman. Children of both Minerva and Charles Waltman formed an extended blended family. Details of some of those family members, including photographs, are provided here. Sections here focus on:

Minerva Seyfert Rutman Waltman
Russell Rutman
Louisa I. Neuschloss-Knusli

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          Charles Waltman’s second wife, Minerva Rutman Waltman, born on August 6, 1911, was the daughter of Frank and Minerva Seyfert, of Reading, in Berks County.  She had previously been married to Russell Charles Rutman, of Easton.  Russell, born in 1909, was the son of Charles and Gertrude Miller Rutman, of Easton.  He later married Ruth Daddow (1920-1995), and he died in Media, Pennsylvania, on April 18, 2005. 

Russell Charles Rutman and his second wife, Ruth Daddow Rutman, had one daughter, Susan (Sue) Rutman, who was born in August 1962. She married Judd Ciccone in 1982. In 2013, they lived in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Susan Rutman Ciccone worked part-time as a salon coordinator for a large hair salon and was also a professional artist specializing in oils and acrylics. Judd Ciccone was a landscape designer and contractor for more than 30 years. In 2013 he owned Diamond Run Landscapes. They had two children: Samuel (Sam) Ciccone, born in September 1990, and Nicole (Nickki) Ciccone, born in June 1992.

        Minerva Rutman Waltman married Dr. Charles Waltman, of Easton, on August 22, 1959. Charles had a distinguished career as a physician and cancer specialist, and his ancestry had been traced back to Conrad Waltman, who was active in the Revolutionary War.  Details of the Waltman family, in three sections, can be found in the links above. Minerva died in Twinsburg, Ohio, on October 31, 2005.

Minerva and Charles Waltman, 1993 Minerva Waltman, 90, in 2001
Charles Waltman with his wife Minerva, 1993 Minerva Waltman on
her 90th birthday in 2001

        Minerva and Russell Rutman had three children: Roger Alan Rutman, Gregory L. Rutman, and Douglas C. Rutman. Douglas was adopted by Charles Waltman when he was seven years old and was known as Douglas C. Waltman

       Late in Minerva's life, she resumed her studies, and in 1978, at the age of 67, she graduated from Moravian College, in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, with a B.A. degree in history.  She was one of the oldest people ever to graduate from Moravian.  Afterward, she worked with the Northampton County Historical and Genealogical Society reviewing wills from the period of German settlement in the county in the 1700s.   She was a resident of the Grande Village Retirement Community.  In a MySpace website in 2006, a 22-year-old girl employed by the facility, under the category “My Hero,” listed “the one and only MINERVA WALTMAN!!  THE COOLEST OLD LADY TO EVER LIVE AT GRANDE VILLAGE!!” [33] 

Waltmans and Rutmans in 200Greg Rutman, Arthur and Doug Waltman, 2001
At Minerva's 90th Birthday Party in 2001, from left, Arthur, Eric and Faith Waltman, Kathy Buchanan, Louisa Rutman, and Hilary and Michael Adkins.Greg Rutman, Arthur and Doug Waltman, in 2001

       Ten years after the death of Charles Waltman, Minerva died on October 31, 2005, at the age of 94, in Twinsburg, Ohio.  Minerva was buried in Birdsboro Cemetery in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania, along the Schuylkill River near Reading, in Berks County. When Minerva Waltman died in 2005, her obituary said that she was survived by her sons Gregory, Douglas and Arthur and their wives, her daughter Constance Buchanan and her husband, 11 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, and her daughter-in-law, Marylyn Rutman, widow of Roger.

Descendants of Minerva Rutman Waltman 
A. Roger Alan Rutman, the first child of Minerva and Russell Rutman, was born on October 31, 1938. Roger graduated from Easton High School in the Class of 1956. He attended Carnegie Institute of Technology (now Carnegie-Mellon) in Pittsburgh and graduated in 1960 with a degree in electrical engineering. Roger was a design engineer and president of a company called Design Aids, Inc., featuring what engineers called a schematic drafting system. He authored a number of complex articles on the subject, including one on "non-gridded graphic input." Roger died of cancer in Mission Viejo, California, on February 20, 1985, at age 46.  

Roger Rutman was married three times and he had four children. Details are below:

(1) Roger's first wife was Ruth Ann Foote. They were married in 1960 and divorced in June 1967. They had two children, Sherri and Randy Rutman.

(a) Sherri Denise Rutman was born in July 1963 in Lakeland, Florida, and graduated from Brigham Young University in 1991. She married William L. Kilpatrick on December 19, 1987. In 2014, Sherri Kilpatrick was in her 16th year of teaching. She was employed by Polk Virtual Education, a franchise of Florida Virtual School operated under the school board of Polk County.  Sherri and William Kilpatrick had four children:

-- William ("Billy") Kilpatrick graduated from Polk State College in 2010 and studied computer engineering at the University of South Florida in Tampa. In early 2014, he was working toward a bachelor's degree at Polk State College and living in Mulberry, Florida.

-- Rachel Ann Minerva Kilpatrick, born on November 8, 1990. In March 2014, she was living in Florida with Emmanuel "Manny" Santiago and their three children: Manolo Lorenzo Santiago was born on December 31, 2009, in Orlando, Florida. Isabel Elizabeth Santiago was born on December 27, 2010, and Ariana Santiago was born on October 9, 2012, both in Lakeland, Florida.

-- Stephen Alexander Kilpatrick was born on December 14, 1993. He graduated from Lakeland Collegiate High School in 2012 and in 2014 was studying business adminstration at Polk State College.

-- Mary Kilpatrick in 2014 was a third grade student in Polk County, Florida.

Sherri Kilpatrick, about 2009 Bill Kilpatrick, 2009 Billy Kilpatrick, 2009
Stephen Alexander Kilpatrick 2009
Sherri Rutman Kilpatrick with Bill, Billy and Stephen, 2009

Manny and Rachel Santiago, 2009 Rachel Santiago with Manolo, 2010
Rachel Kilpatrick  with Manny, left, 2009,
and Manolo, February 20, 2010

(b) Roger ("Randy") Rutman, second child of Roger and Ruth Ann Rutman, was born in July 1964.  He was married to Laura Campbell, who was born in January 1965. She used the name Laura Campbell-Rutman. In 2010, Randy, Laura and their children lived in California.

Randy Rutman, about 2008 Laura Campbell-Rutman, 2009 Randy and Chris Rutman, 2009 Randy and Laura Campbell-Rutman and Family, 2008
Randy Rutman, about 2008 Laura
Campbell-Rutman, 2009
Randy and
Chris Rutman, 2009
Randy and family, 2008

(2) Roger Rutman's second wife was Judith (Judy) C. Wulfkuhle. She was later known as Judy Keliher. Judy was a graduate of California State University in Fullerton and later studied to be a reading specialist at CSU in Northridge. She was an elementary school teacher. Judy and Roger Rutman were married on July 3, 1968. Roger's two children, Sherri, then almost five, and Randy, almost four, lived with them. Roger and Judy had two children -- Christopher and Margaret Rutman. Viewing a picture of the four children in 2009 (see below), Judy Keliher wrote on her Facebook page, "I raised these four people into grown-ups. They are my world." Roger and Judy were divorced in June 1976. She later married Robert V. Keliher, and in 2014 they lived in Sterling, Kansas. Judy Keliher was retired from teaching.

(c) Christopher L. Rutman was born in 1972 and grew up in Ventura, California. He was a professional hairdresser beginning in 1995 and began teaching hairdressing for Sebastian International in 1999, specializing in hair extensions. He taught in Hawaii and Tokyo, among other places. On July 3, 2006, Chris married Michelle in Big Bear, California. A son, Oslo Nolan Rutman, was born in July 2007. A second son, Liam Allen Rutman, was born on July 15, 2010.

Wedding of Chris and Michelle Rutman, 2006 Chris and Michelle Rutman, 2009 Oslo, Chris and Michelle Rutman, 2009
Chris and Michelle Rutman at their wedding in 2006,
at Margaret's wedding in 2009, and with Oslo in 2009

(d) Margaret Hunter, second child of Judith and Roger Rutman, was born in May 1973. She graduated from the University of California at Irvine in 1995 and Temple University Law School in 1998. She became an attorney and adopted the name Margaret Hunter. She was married in 2009 to Jeffrey Forer, and they had two children, Gene and Goody.

Margaret and Siblings, 2009 Margaret Hunter, 2009 Margaret Hunter and Gene, 2009
Siblings at Margaret's 2009 Wedding:
Chris Rutman, Sherri Kilpatrick,
Margaret Hunter and Randy Rutman
The Bride Margaret Hunter and Gene

(3) Roger Rutman's third wife was Marylyn A. Hagerty, born about 1953. They were married on February 13, 1982. She survived when Roger died in 1985.

B. Gregory L. Rutman, second child of Minerva and Russell Rutman, was born in September 1942 and graduated from Wilson High School in Easton in 1960.  He was an attorney and a member of the Ohio State Bar Association.  In 1984, he was appointed staff vice president and general counsel of B. F. Goodrich, in Akron, Ohio.  Later, he was vice president and chief legal officer of the PolyOne Corporation, in Cleveland.  For a time, he and his wife Louisa lived in Hudson, Ohio.  In 2010, he was retired and living in Sarasota, Florida.

Greg was married to Louisa I. Neuschloss-Knusli on March 24, 1964. Louisa's paternal grandfather, Kornel Neuschloss-Knusli (1864-1935), was the architect of the famous Elephant Gates at the entrance to the zoo in Budapest, Hungary. Greg and Louisa had two children, Hilary and Peter Rutman.

Greg Rutman 2001 Louisa Rutman, 2008 Greg and Louisa Rutman, 2009
Greg Rutman, 2001 Louisa in 2008 Greg and Louisa Rutman in 2009

(1) Hilary D. Rutman, first child of Greg and Louisa, was born in September 1966. She married Michael D. Adkins, who graduated from dental school at Ohio State. In 2010 he was a practicing dentist in Medina, Ohio. They had two children:

-- Lauren Michelle Adkins was born in January 2003.

-- Luke Adkins was born in March  2006.

Hilary Rutman and Michael Adkins, 1992 Michael Adkins, 2009Hilary Rutman Adkins, 2008
Michael Adkins and Hilary Rutman,
when they were dating in 1992
Michael Adkins, 2008Hilary Adkins, 2009

(2) Peter Gregory Rutman, second child of Greg and Louisa Rutman, was born in May 1970. He married Catherine Ann Smoley, who had been born in April 1970.  In 2010, they lived in River Forest, Illinois. They had four children:

-- Henry Rutman was born in May 1998.

-- Charles Rutman was born in March 2000.

-- Megan Rutman was born in November 2002.

-- Katherine Rutman was born in January 2005.

Peter Rutman, with Charles, 2001 Cathy Smoley Rutman, 2009 Cathy Rutman and Henry, 11, in 2009
Peter Rutman, with Charles in 2001 Cathy Smoley Rutman, about 2008 Cathy Rutman with Henry, 11,  in 2009

C. Douglas Eric Rutman, the third child of Minerva and Russell Rutman, was born in April 1952.  He was seven when his mother married Charles Waltman. Charles adopted him and thereafter he used the name Douglas Eric Waltman. See details on Doug Waltman in the section on Charles Waltman.

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