Corrie's Wedding Letter

letter from Corrie Everett to her cousin Abraham Foster at the time of his marriage

Evergreen, La

Aug. 9, 1906

My dearest Coz Abie:

Just think in a few short hours you will be a married man. It was quite a surprise to me but a pleasant one and here I am to express my delight and wish you a life time of happiness such as your dear heart feels today. I do pray that God may bless you and yours abundantly, and grant that as you walk side by side through life, you can feel each day that you are both better and stronger in your love for your Master, because of this dearest of blessings God has sent into your life, that of companionship. I am sure you can appreciate a good wife after these weary years of wanting. Tell Cousin Alice I hope to know her someday and I'm sure I shall love her for your sake first and then for her own. But tell her she must be very good to you or she may hear from someone if she doesn't.

We are enjoying Aunt M's and Marion's visit so much but oh I wish you were here. I miss you so much. I am so warm and the mosquitoes are so bad. Then too I have some cousins who are fixing to leave so I must close now.

We enjoyed looking at the pictures you sent. Oh yes, I'll smile to you still. Be good to your little wife now, and kiss Cousin Alice for me. Love to Annie and Cousin Joy and all.

Fondest love and best wishes,

your cousin
Corrie Everett