Malissa's Letter Dated July 10, 1912

letter written by Malissa Spurlock Foster to her son Abraham Foster

July 10, 1912

at Paulís

My dear children,

Dear Abie, just received your letter of 7th, instant this morn, itís pouring down rain now. We are having some of the hardest rains I ever saw. Everybody is nearly drowned out here. The farmers are gloomy making little or nothing. Paul got through planting over corn the third time, as soon as it gets through the ground the worms cut it down. One of our neighbors was here the other day said he didnít have a stalk of corn in his field. He is a very poor man with a house full of children. There is a heap here in that fix. I am so glad my children are out of this county when they have to depend on farming. Paul says he is going to be left in a bad fix. His patrons are making nothing to pay him with. So sorry to hear of Aliceís bad health. Paul says its absolutely necessary to be very careful with her diet and take 5 to 6 drops of turpentine before eating each meal, keep her bowels and liver righted up, and live on fish or eggs, nothing that is hard to digest. I am so sorry for poor Alice. I am so troubled about Trust, her health is so bad and has been all through the year. She is now down in bed for a week. She is mighty weak to go through this hot weather. Emma went to see her. Said she looked nearly green. I havenít been to see her since she had a chill and fever. The weather has been so bad and hot and feel so weak. Some days I totter and nearly fall but am feeling better now. Will go in Saturday to stay with her some. I talk (on the phone) two or three times a day. The have Dr. Little with her several times. I had Mamie with us last week. Wilbur carried her home. They were caught in a very hard storm. She had a very bad cold and cough. I was afraid it would make her worse. Wilbur had to put on some of his Uncle Joeís clothes, they just fit him. Our preacher and wife has gone to a seashore camp meeting. They are both very delicate. Complaining all the time. The church made 30 or 40 dollars for them to go. I reckon they wonít want to stay here next year. They are sick so much. When I was at Trustís two weeks ago she said Joe was going to Cooper Wells in Mississippi and wanted to take her. She didnít much want to go, but I may have to go there and stay with Mrs. Lawler and help with the children. They have paid out so much to the doctor. She didnít want to go but think I shall urge her to go. She hates to leave her baby but she is so little trouble. She is walking and talking. Wilbur took her picture with his cat by her. Itís not very good, but I will send it for you all to look at. She is the prettiest little girl I ever saw, fair skin, blue eyes, and dark curly hair like her motherís. When she was little didnít have but then taken. I got a letter from Corrie Ford yesterday with her picture and holding her baby boy, his name is Frank Everette Ford. I will take it and show it to Trust then I will send it to you all to see. A pretty boy has a boy too. They are all so proud of them. I am glad Gladys is over with her touble. I know Buddie will be glad when Louella comes home. I am glad he is in a large house hoping he may make something by taking boarders. Corris I living in Bunkie. I may go see them sometime. I had a letter from Henry saying they may come to see us next month for 20 or 3 days. Said Foster would be home in three weeks. Didnít say anything about Roy; they may bring him too. I am so sorry to hear of Joyís milk cow, that was certainly a great loss. I hope she will succeed inraising the calf. We are having a nice Sunday School at Lawtell. Going to give the children a picnic. Emma and Burie are gone this eve to prepare recitations for the children. Just phoned to clyde. Said her mama was sitting up combing her head. Said they had a card from Foster saying he would sail on 14th for home. I am so glad he got that trip, it will be of great benefit to him. Paul is nearly sick this morn with bad cold, he has a cough all the time. Before maililng this letter I phoned to Trust, Mamie said her mama thought she would try