Marion Foster's Wedding Letter

letter from Marion Foster (son of Paul) to his Uncle Abraham Foster at the time of his marriage

Coz Franks 8/9/06

My Dear Uncle,

Judging from the letter you wrote Coz Corrie I suppose it will all be settled tonight and you will have joined the St. Benedictine order.

Well I'm glad you have been able to bring yourself up to the decisive point at last, and I assure you of my hearty approval and wish for you only happiness, and prosperity whether you live in Fla or La - the latter I hope.

I'm getting rather far along in life to learn to say aunt to a new relative but give Aunt Alice my love and you all must begin in life with Christ foremost and continue though it keeping Him foremost.

We left home Monday for Lecompte, left there Wed. 8, will go to Red Fish Monday D.V. will get elsewhere from there if we can. Papa is getting along fine now and it is a race between us who will be the biggest man. He is the "widest out" but I the "tallest up". I went up in that Tenn. country, drank mineral water and grew so last year that I have them all looking up to me now - even Coz Corrie.

But old Uncle I owe you a debt of undying gratitude for your kind attentions to my helpless father. had it not been for you I would have been beaten out of the best year of my education.

But now I feel that I must enter Med. immediately and qualify to take the practice should his troubles recur - which I fear will be the case.

Were it not for this I would like to pursue my college training further. Plan to do so in Univ. of Chicago any way next summer. After Vanderbilt Medical classes.

Lovingly yours
M.H. Foster
(Marion Foster)