The Bradfords of Charles City County, Virginia and Some of Their Descendants


David Thomas Bradford

Welcome to the home page of my book, The Bradfords of Charles City County, Virginia, and Some of Their Descendants, 1653-1993 that I authored and published in February of 1994. That book traces my Bradford family ancestry from the arrival of Richard Bradford in the Virginia Colony in about 1653 up to the date of publication. Each chapter takes an in-depth look into the lives of each of the 11 generations from then to now. National, state and local history is included along to way to give a feel of the lives of those Americans as they moved from England to Charles City County in about 1653, later to Granville County, North Carolina, in the early 1700's and finally to Nelson and Hardin Counties in Kentucky and Scott and Mississippi Counties in Missouri. If you are a Bradford Family researcher you may wonder: is this the Bradford family you are researching? The following quick chart may give you a quick answer, or you may want to search for a quick reference. In a nutshell, the Book's primary line (with some branching out) is as follows:

Richard Bradford m. Frances Taylor (1st generation)

Richard Bradford m. Anna (Parish?) (2nd generation)

Philemon Bradford m. Mary (Bird?) (3rd generation)

John Bradford m. Judith Mann (4th generation)

Elijah Bradford m. Haney Welch (5th generation)

John Bradford m. Nancy Smith (6th generation)

George W. Bradford m. Mary Ann Druscilla Carlisle (7th generation)

Ollie Thomas Bradford m. Agnes Helen Worland (8th generation)

Ollie's my great grandfather, so this should be enough to tell you if you are on the right trail.

Also included in the book is some (admittedly limited) information on other branches of the Bradford family that have fanned out across the United States as well as information about related families, including: Allen, Allgood, Barker, Bishop, Branch, Bryan, Buchanan, Carlisle, Cornett, English, Fuller, Higgs, Hudspeth, Kittrell, Klein, Mangum, Mann, Masden, Mattingly, Mayfield, Moore, Murphy, Nenninger, Pace, Perry, Presley, Smith, Taylor, Trainor, Tudor, Tuggle, Walters, Ward, Welch, White, Wierwille, Worland and others.


I've tried to use this space for more than just re-publishing the Book. In the Updates/Corrections/Announcements section I try to add in some items of interest concerning the family in the years since this went to print in late 1993, correct a few oversights/mistakes and notify you of Bradford family news (including the S'Annual Affair which serves as a Bradford Family reunion). I also have a Message Center where you can comment on the Book (be gentle), read messages left by others, correct or supplement the Book's contents or just pass on inquiries about this family line to other researchers who will be using this site. I know that some people would rather read a hard copy of the book and, though I've sold all printed copies of the Book, fear not because I've included a list of Libraries where you can see an actual copy of the book if reading the entire text on the Web is making you blind. So that my Mother can better brag I have included a list of Awards and Recognition given to the Book and, finally, I've included a set of web site Links where you can find more information on the Bradford Family. I may add other items of interest in the future and welcome both your submissions and suggestions in that regard. Let me know of anything else I've overlooked and, if you are seeking your roots, happy hunting!

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