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Where Can I Find Reliable Family History?

Those of you who have used the internet to explore your family tree have quickly discovered what an overwhelming amount of information is available in cyberspace. You may have also discovered how much of it is wrong. So how can anyone tell what information is correct, what is likely, what is only speculative, and what is just plain wrong?

The Bradt Family Society has been fortunate in having several cousins and friends who have been very thorough in researching our roots. What this means is that they go back to "original sources": government records, church records, gravestones, letters, etc. Newspapers and other contemporary written sources are helpful in filling in the gaps.

Bradt Family publications are very reliable. While our researchers have made mistakes just like everyone else, they have been very careful and methodical, and they have done it only to have an accurate record. They've never attempted to make any money from it.

Even on this site, you should read carefully. Some of the information posted here is about Bratts that have no documented connection to us. In particular a few Norwegian and Swedish Bratts may be related, but we have no supporting documentation.

Likewise in our Guestbook. The information you find on it is not edited or guaranteed by The Bradt Family Society.

If you'd like to verify information about the history of the Bradt Family, start with our officers and in particular with our historian, Daniel Bradt. He has access to the research and publications of Cynthia Brott Biasca (now retired), Peter Christoph, Joan Bradt Wood, Laurie Grimes, and more. You'll never go far wrong with any of these sources, and some of their books are available through inter-library loans, usually free of charge.

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