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Family history can be a very rewarding hobby or a frustrating passion. I have been both rewarded and frustrated at times ,but through many hours of patience I have completed some of the branches of my family tree. My research has uncovered many wonderful people and there are still many more I am sure who I have not yet discovered. Without the internet(my most valued tool) I would probably still be on the first chapter and what began for me as a passing interest has developed into a worldwide interest in Geneology. I hope you can benefit from the information I present here. If you require more information let us know and if you have any extra information we would love to hear from you.

Explore Our Ancestors and enjoy.

Surnames included in this tree are; Andrew Barlow Barr Beazley Beers Bendall Borig Bowman Bradshaw Burgess Burrett Caans Carroll Chew Collins Cowen Cross Durham Fitzpatrick Flanagan Foster GILMORE Hampson Hargraves Hendricks henry Howell Hughes Hunter Kelly Lathlean LIGHT Long Luthje Macauley Macnamara Macrae Maher Marshall Martin Matthews McNickle Milburn Miller Mitchell Morgan Rogers Ross Scott Stevens Stewart Swift Waddell WALSH Widdows Wilkinson Williams

This site is only the first chapter. It will constantly be revised so do visit often.

I dedicate my work to my children and to my family. Thanking them for their patience and assistance in this project.

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