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Martin Brandt was born about March, 1718 in probably Germany and died October 3, 1809 in Dauphin County, Hummelstown, Pennsylvania. (source: New Hummelstown Cemetery inscriptions/ Bible) His last will and testament was written July 15, 1809. Some researchers believe Martin was from the Stuggart area of Germany but there is no proof that I know of to prove this theory.

In the mid 1700's many Germans took boats down the Rhine river to Rotterdam to board the ships to America. From Rotterdam they often stopped at an English port and then sailed on to America. When the immigrants arrived in Philadelphia they were required to sign the oath of allegiance to the king of Great Britain, usually the same day they arrived. An interesting book to read on the subject is "Pennsylvania German Pioneers, A Publication of the Original Lists of Arrivals in the Port of Philadelphia from 1727 to 1808" by Ralph Beaver Strassburger, LLD.

Martin, age 20 (according to the ship's master list), arrived in America on the ship Loyal Judith, from Rotterdam, on September 3, 1742 at the port of Philadelphia. He is listed as having taken the "Oaths or Qualifications to the Government" which included: signing an oath of allegiance and oath of abjuration. James Cowie was the master of the ship.

He first married Anna Margaretta Kroner about 1744. She was born about 1718 according to the Brandt Bible records and died April 13, 1782 (buried in New Humelstown Cemetery) in Dauphin County, Pennsylvania. The following family information (births, deaths, marriages) is from the Brandt Family Bible of which a copy is in the Library of Congress. After Anna Margaretta died, he married Esther ? Hollinger on December 17, 1782, a widow with children. Esther's maiden name is unknown at this time. She was born June 13, 1737 and died March 2, 1822 in Derry Township, Dauphin County, PA. Martin and both wives are buried in New Hummelstown Cemetery.

Children born to Martin and Anna Margaretta are:

Phillipus Brandt born June 29, 1745; died before 1809

Ludwig Brandt born March 1, 1747; died about 1827

Anna Katherina Brandt born May 24, 1748

Martin Brandt born January 7, 1750; died March 26, 1835 in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Adam Brandt born November 29, 1751; died August 13, 1838 in Fairfield County, Ohio

Johannes Brandt born October 12, 1753

Anna Margaretta Brandt born August 21, 1755

Elizabeth Brandt born October 14, 1757

Abraham Brandt born May 21, 1761 in Dauphin County, PA; died February 19, 1838.

David Brandt born May 21, 1761, Dauphin County, PA.

On April 10, 1755, Martin Brand went to Philadelphia to take the Oath for Naturalization. A microfilm copy of the original paper is on the LDS film #1032845. He is listed as being from Philadelphia but according to tax lists and land deeds he already had land and lived in Derry and Berwick twps, Lancaster Co. Pennsylvania. Right below his name on the naturalization list is the name of John Etter (sp?) from Lancaster. Another man listed from Lancaster was Mathias Bumgardner. Below is the transcription of this Oath:

"On the tenth day of April 1755, at the said Supream Court before the said judges in pursuance of the aforesaid act of Parliament the following persons being Foreigners and under the same circumstances with those mentioned in the foregoing certificate took and subscribed the Oaths and did make & repeat the Declarations aforesaid, according to the Elections of the Act of Parliament aforesaid, & thereby became natural born subjects of Great Britain as the same is certified into this office by the Judges of the said court. And at the same court, the following persons being Quakers or such who conscientiously ? to take an Oath being also Foreigners and having complied with the Forms required by the aforesaid Act of Parliament took and subscribed the qualifications for them appointed by the same Act of Parliament: Yost Volbert, Northampton; Henry Christ, Berks; Frances Yost, ditto; Elias Rotter, ditto; Christian Steller, Northampton; Michael Gyper?, ditto; Michael Smith, ditto; George Heisler, Philadelphia; Christop Beir??ls ?, ditto; Martin Brand, ditto; John Etter, Lancaster; David Newman, Philadelphia; Christ Hebener, ditto; George Andrews, ditto; George Kriebil, ditto; David Barringer, Northampton; Mathias Bumgardner, Lancaster; Valentine Westhoffer, ditto; Geo. Hedderick, ditto; Christian Vantachant, Philadelphia; William Baker, city. Certified by William Allen Esq. Chief Justice. The foregoing is a true and perfect list from the original certificate under the hand of William Allen Esq remaining in my office. Philadelphia, Transmitted to the Board of Trade } by Captain."

Census Records for Martin:

1790 - Census Pennsylvania - Martin Brandt; 2 males 16 and up; 3 males 16 and under; 2 females.

Tax Records for Martin:

1751- Martin is listed as a taxable in the West End of Derry twp, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania (source: History of the Counties of Berks and Lebanon by I. Daniel Rupp; published 1844)

Land Records of Martin Brandt:

Acquiring land in Pennsylvania in the 1700's involved several processes before the settler received title to a tract of land. Generally the first step was to submit an application, usually to the land office in Philadelphia. A warrant was then issued to have the land surveyed. After payment in full was made for the land, the survey was returned to the land office. Next a patent (deed) was issued to the landowner. Below is a list of warrants, surveys, patents that pertain to Martin Brandt. Click here to see a copy of an application that was made by Martin Brandt.