Brown Family Genealogy

Brown Family Genealogy

Hillsboro, IL

Postcards found when closing up a house. 

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 brownstore1.jpg (210067 bytes)

Postcard of Geo. Brown Hardware store 

dated 1909

hillsboro1.jpg (223876 bytes)  

West Side Sq. Hillsboro, IL 18??

 mabelhousefront.jpg (200135 bytes)   mabelhouseback.jpg (183881 bytes)

postcard from "Mabel" showing her house and giving some family details. Mabel is the Aunt to Kathryn Dorcas Brown daughter of James P. Brown

soldier.jpg (158653 bytes) 

Unknown soldier. Does anyone know which war?

  play1.jpg (147123 bytes)   play2.jpg (142055 bytes)

Possibly pictures from a play. 

Does anyone recognize them.

BrownFamily.jpg (139766 bytes)

Unknown family. Possibly Brown's

KathrynBrown.jpg (172398 bytes)

Possibly Kathryn Brown on the Right

kitty.jpg (702106 bytes)

Unknown picture

girls.jpg (21831 bytes)

Kathryn Brown daughter of James P. Brown in center. Remainder of girls unknown.