Home, Feb. 12,[18]84.

Dear Jim - I am writing to you just so that you cant say I owe you a letter when you "get to West Point." I didn't conclude to write until after I had sent a message by mamma but I guess that wont make much difference. Try to remember all the points in your map of N.A. as I think it will be a help on Ex. I heard a few days ago that Grandpa Turner had been down to see about selling the Turner Farm and that he had given Mr. Bryce a bill of sale to post. Do you think Net and Teddie know anything of it. If they don't, don't tell them. Having an arithmetic picnic tonight with papa and Charlie as principal actors in it. Don has the sulks.


papa is determined and I dont know how it will turn out. don acts as though he wont work an example and papa says he cant go to bed till he does. Clem Gray is not going to try for W.P.[West Point], he is going to wait until there is a vacancy at Annapolis and then try. It is such bad weather that Prof. W. hasn't been able to come to teach us this week. I am quite a singer now. Did you know that the water at [Unknown] is 1ft. 2in. higher than it has ever been and is still rising! (67ft - 6in.) Papa says it will be likely to rise for at least 3 days yet. Houses are beginning to float, gas is cut off  and water supply will only last five days using it economically at that. It isn't certain that we will get a piano right away but we have $ 209 in the sinking fund and hope to have more soon. Tell Fred I should think he would be more cousinly than to wait for me to write when he is the one that went off. I owe Net a letter now and expect to write to her soon. Birdie is here a last night we spent in self improvement. Hunted words in the dictionary, studied a little German exc. &c - Give my "respecks" to Fred and Teddie. Love to yourself and Net from yours Aff---- Tommie