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The Branthwaite Researcher's Website was created for the researchers of the Branthwaite surname and it's variations. This resource is for the genealogy and study of the Branthwaite name and its variants and aims to assist researchers, giving them a place to make contact with each other, list their areas of interest and share available resources. If you have any material about the Branthwaite surname you would like to contribute, feel free to contact us.

 These pages are intended for private Family Research only, not for commercial use or use on any other websites without express permission.  If extracts are copied, please give an acknowledgement.

Meaning of the surname Branthwaite
Families often took their surname in past times from the place where they lived, like a geographic location.  It was an easy way to tell one person from another. In ancient times they took their surname from their ancestral estates and if they moved around from one place to another they were often identified by the place they came from.


BRANT - The word Brant is old Norse and means steep.

THWAITE - Thwaite is the old Norse word for a clearing
( Often meant land cleared of trees and undergrowth).
These words are still used in the Cumbrian dialect today.
Brant is not so commonly used as is thwaite

Variations of the surname Branthwaite

If you should come accross a valid surname variation that is not mentioned on this site feel free to let us know

The distribution of the BRANTHWAITE surname in England is demonstrated on the Surname Profiler Site. Click on the investigator and he will direct you to this site. The map viewed is 1898 on the site and gives you a choice to view the distribution in 1881.  If you click on the link to map of 1881 you can see how the name has spread in the 17 years between 1881 and 1898.

The information contained herein has been collected and collated by ordinary family history researchers.  Please note that there is no information about living people on this site for security reasons. In most cases there is only an email address for you to contact people.

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