Brant Rock Myths and Legends Home Page

Brant Rock Myths and Legends Home Page

Brant Rock Massachusetts 1929

Welcome to the Brant Rock Myths and Legends Home Page on RootsWeb.

You are likely wondering ...... why a mythology page at RootsWeb? Why not a family genealogy page? Or a family history page?

Well, although this site is the portal to our families' histories and genealogies, our collected families' histories are not yet extensive and as we collect them we keep finding discrepancies (hence the myths and legends part). As we learn more, maybe we'll find the true stories (and we have found some), but for now they might as well be rumors!

And what about the Brant Rock part? Well, the stories we have collected so far (particularly the stories from the early 1900s) all seem to share a common geographical thread that revolves around various towns and villages located on the south shore of Massachusetts. And one of those key places is the Village of Brant Rock, located in the eastern portion of the Town of Marshfield Massachusetts USA.

Unfortunately, if you are looking for genealogy or family history (or myths and legends for that matter) related to historic figures or other folks currently connected to Village of Brant Rock Massachusetts USA, you are in the wrong place (sorry). But here, for your clicking pleasure, are some links to Brant Rock and Marshfield (opens in a separate browser window).

Family Histories and Genealogies

Brattle Street Clan | Marshfield Clan | Middleborough Clan | Portsmouth Clan | Watertown Clan

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