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Welcome to my family history page.  My name is Robert (Bob) Bratzler...

Macone's PondI am an American interested in my family history and have compiled information on my ancestors with the idea that this record can be shared, enhanced, and preserved by future generations.  

My interest in genealogy started when I had free time on a business trip while in the Frankfurt, Germany airport in the 1980's.  I had been told that my Bratzler ancestors came from somewhere in Germany but I had no idea as to exact location so I decided to look in the Frankfurt telephone book (no internet at that time) to determine if any Bratzlers were listed.  There were two!  Rüdiger and Karl Bratzler. I called Rüdiger who indicated his father, Karl, was interested in the Bratzler family history, too.  The next thing I know is that I am the dinner guest of Hilda and Karl Bratzler of Bad Homburg. Several trips to Germany later and with the help of Karl and my fourth-cousin-once-removed, Martin Bratzler, I met some of my German relatives and was able to trace my Bratzler ancestors back to a small town in Baden-Württemberg, Oberderdingen (also known as Derdingen) in the early 1600's.

One can not stop with just the paternal ancestors!  My maternal (Schweiter) family history had already been researched and documented by my uncle, Otis Schweiter. 

  Here are my grandparents' family names; click on each for information about each family.

Bratzler   Schweiter   Pflaum   Schmid 

With the exception of the Schweiters, all 8 of my maternal and paternal great-grandparent families originated in Baden-Württemberg ("BW"), Germany (my Bratzler ancestral villages).  My Bratzlers were originally from Oberderdingen, BW and emigrated from Unteröwisheim, BW. My Schweiters came from a small town, Männedorf, Switzerland just south of Zürich.  My Pflaums, Schadts, and Freys were all from Unteröwisheim, BW. My Schmids were from Pliezhausen, BW, a small town north of Tubingen on the Neckar River.  My Gärtners were from Stockheim, BW; and my Kautzmans, from Ettlingen, BW. 

My additional great-grandparent family names are: 

 Schadt, Gärtner, Kautzman, and Frey

I have traced most of my ancestors back to the 1600's and the period just after the reformation in Germany and Switzerland.  All of my great-grandparents immigrated in the United States in the mid-1800's.  Please note that I also am interested in contacting other people who have common ancestors with me.  Please share with me any information you may have along these lines.  Thanks.   I hope you find this information useful.

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I gratefully acknowledge the help of many people in compiling this family history. In particular, I thank Mr. Doug McKinstry, Dr. Karl Bratzler and Dr. Martin Bratzler for their many kindnesses and generosity.

Old North Bridge, Concord, MAI welcome your comments and questions and encourage you to sign my Guest Book.

Email Robert Bratzler if you have any information on the Bratzler, Schweiter, Pflaum, Schmid, Frey, Schadt, Gärtner, or Kautzman families.



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