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Brdlik Family

This is my ongoing research project to find and share the most information possible of the Brdlik family and the branch that came to the United States from Mladosovice, Trebon area of Bohemia in 1885. Please feel free to email me with questions or information that can help correct and share information about Brdliks everywhere!

The current family tree I have completed so far includes the three Brdlik lines that came to the United States. After scouring as well as the Trebon archives online, I was able to trace our family to Pocatky, connecting us to those Brdliks. This is still a work in progress that I have spent less time in the last couple year, but will try to get more information in the future.

Current (2015) Brdlik family tree

Mladosovice Bohemia

Martin Brdlik was born in 1865 in Mladosovice, to Vavrinec and Katerina (Lindaufova). Most Brdliks in this area, living in Mladosovice, Petrovice, were farm workers and laborers. Martin had five brothers and sisters: Vit (b. 1873), Frantisek (1871-1872), Maria (b. 1867) and Vaclav (?).

Martin emigrated to the United States in 1888 aboard the S.S. Main, when he went to Chicago, Illinois to settle.


 SS Main

Courtesy, Peabody Essex Museum, Salem, MA.

Passenger list from Nov. 15, 1888: SS Main Nov 15, 1888

He married Marie (Petrasek) and they lived on Rockwell Street where he built a house. Martin and Marie had four children, Albina (b. 1894), Frank (b. 1897), James (b. 1900- d. 1918), and William (b.1915).

Brdlik family c. 1910 Chicago Ill.


His cousin, Tomas Brdlik, also emigrated to the US a few years earlier in 1884, and possibly settled in the Chicago area. Actual relatives from Tomas and where he settled is currently unknown. His father and mother were Jakub Brdlik (b. 1826) and Anna (Cupita).

Other information I have obtained has another line of Brdliks that lived predominantly in the Pocatky and Zirovnice area of Bohemia. This family were textile manufacturers and doctors. Dr. Vladislav Brdlik was Minister of Agriculture for Czechoslovakia in the 1920s and a member of parliament from 1932-39. Dr. Brdlik was also a professor of economicsa Chles niversity in Prague. He and his family fled Czechoslovakia to the US after the Communist coup in 1948, and settled in Ohio. Remaining in Czechoslovakia were two sisters and two brothers. I have a family tree for this branch of Brdliks that I will be sharing on this webpage. Updated 2015

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