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History of the Breedlove Family

History of the 46th Regiment Missouri Infantry

Organized at Springfield, Missouri, August to November, 1864 for six months. Attached to district of Southwest
Missouri, Department of Missouri, to March, 1865. 2nd Brigade, 1st Sub-district. District of Middle Tennessee,
Department of the Cumberland, to May, 1865.

Service: duty at Springfield, Missouri, and by detachments in Douglas County, Taney County, at Stockton,
Hartsville, Neosho, Cassville, Newtonia and Buffalo till March, 1865, and in District of Middle Tennessee till May,
1865. Surrender of Paris, Missouri, October 15, 1864 (Detachment). Operations in Ozark County February 12,
1865 (Co. "H"). Operations about Bennett's Bayou and Tolbert's Mill, Arkansas, February 16-18, 1865 (Co.
"H"). Mustered out March 6 to May 24, 1865.

The Regiment lost during service 8 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 18 Enlisted men by disease.
Total 26.

Source of Data: A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion, Volume III, by Frederick H. Dyer, c1908, p.1338

Once the Confederate forces had been for all practical purposes been driven out of SW Missouri following the
Battle of Pea Ridge in March, 1862, Springfield became a large military depot and a base for operations by Union
forces in SW Missouri. Several forts were planned, but only five were built, to protect the military stores.
Construction of the forts extended over a year or two. The earliest date making mention of fort construction was
August 26, 1862. Civilians were conscripted to work on the forts and soldiers were also assigned duty to work on
the forts. Some of the accounts of soldiers stationed in Springfield tell of how the soldiers disliked this duty and felt
that it was not in keeping with what they had in mind when they enlisted. After a soldier had put in ten days of
labor on the "works" as the forts were called, he was entitled to .25 per day extra pay. Twelve months work on the
forts without pay was the punishment for some offences. Nothing remains of these fortifications today but the
locations have been fairly well documented. Fort # 4 on South Street played the most significant of any of the four
as it bore the brunt of Marmaduke's attack on Springfield, January 8, 1863, also known as the Battle of Springfield.

From the DECLARATION FOR AN ORIGINAL INVALID PENSION of Warren J. Breedlove, dated March 18, 1882.

Members of the 46th Regiment Missouri Infantry

found at : https://sites.rootsweb.com/~mocivwar/veterans.html

The following is a listing of the known members of the 46th Regiment Missouri Infantry buried in cemeteries in
the state of Missouri.

Company A
Patterson, R.L.
Kirk, William G. 15 Sep 1844-7 Nov 1899
Goodwin, Beverly S.

Company B
Breedlove, Warren J.
Brixey, James M. 12 Apr 1835 - 15 Jan 1905. Lieut.
Kuykendall, Daniel 9 Jan 1841 - 28 Nov 1927
Graven, Robert Thomas 7 Mar 1821 - 20 Mar 1884
Breech, Charles 13 Jan 1819,-15 Sep 1903
Mayfield, James 3 Mar 1828 - 6 Oct 1896
Harris, Elijah 1812-1898
Hough, Ashford d. 29 Dec 1871. 50y.
Cook, W.W. 20 Dec 1844 - 3 Jun 1921
Rodgers, Jos.
Jones, Cal C.
Breech, J.C. July 15, 1840-Jan 16, 1910. Cpl.

Company C.
Clark, James K.
Acuff, J.R.
Stinecipher, S.C. 1 Nov 1827 - 27 Jul 1889.
Welch, Henry 12 Sep 1845 - 17 Jun 1931.
Coffelt, J.H. 1838 - 1918.
Hatfield, J.W. 1833-1915.

Company D
Grammer, A.W. Sgt.
Horn, John Calvin Jul 20, 1846- Nov 5, 1920.
Haley, George 1827-1906.
Rhea, L.W.
Wood, Jonathon
Davis, Almos R. May 11, 1850-May 9, 1918
Clayton, James
Smith, James W. 1844-1916
Cagle, W.M.

Company E
Wheeler, Samuel H. 1836-1911
McGill, Thomas J.
Qualls, Aaron N.
Young, Thomas S.
Hall, James K.P. Jan 11, 1846 - May 24, 1912
Company F
Nix, Thomas 18 Nov 1806 - 19 Feb 1889
Burlinson, Thomas W. 1842-1886
Blackburn, John A. 5 Feb 1820 - 5 Aug 1905
Smith, James

Company G
Alcorn, William Riley 9 March, 1826 - 4 May, 1911
Jack, John C.
Taggard, James S. 10 Jan 1836 - 10 May 1909
Bumgarner, A.M.
Stansbury, John 5 May 1848 - 6 Aug 1911
Criger, Sanders
Darnal, W.S.
Johnson, F.M.
Barnhart, Aaron C. 6 Jan 1846 - 14 Nov 1927
Bumgarner, Thomas L.
Murphy, Logan W.

Company H
Coble, Peter Nicholas 14 Feb 1848 - 19 Nov 1927
Richard Dobbs born 4/11/1840
Laton, William F.
Coble, Henry Franklin 31 Oct 1819 - 17 Feb 1897 Cpl

Company K
Stevens, Henry
Lindsey, Starling W. 1833 - 1918
Parks, Joshua F. 3 Mar 1833-8 Jan 1923. Cpl.

Company L
Haskins, Josiah L. 20 Oct 1827 - 9 Sep 1879

unknown Company
Shipley, Tide

Lowry, Calloway H. 26 Aug 1838 - 29 Apr 1926. Cpl.
Co. A, 14th MO S.M. Cav

Officers of the 46th Infantry, Missouri Volunteers.

Regimental Headquarters
Robert W. Fyan, Col
Thomas A. Reed, LtCol
Thomas K. Paul, Maj
J.W.D.L.F. Mack, Adjt

Company A
R.J. McElhany, Capt
L.A. Rountree, 1st Lt.
James Long, 2nd Lt.

Company B
J.T. Hubbard, Capt
Thomas A. Connor, 1st Lt
J.A. Benton, 2nd Lt

Company C
Ezekiel D. Brown, Capt
James Southard, 1st Lt
Wm. K. Jump, 2nd Lt
Company D
Wm. B. Allen, Capt
David T.J. Colly, 1st Lt
Sampson R. Allen, 2nd Lt

Company E
J. P. Julian, Capt.
E.B. Matthews, 1st Lt
J.W. Leathers, 2nd Lt
Company F
David C. Ruff, Capt
James Smith, 1st Lt.
George W. Jobe, 2nd Lt

Company G
Wm. Brixley, Capt
W.C. Davenport, 1st Lt
James M. Brixley, 2nd Lt

Company H
Moses L. Alsum, Capt
W.N. Alsup, 1st Lt
W. H. Popper, 2nd Lt

Company L
Wm. J. Pyland, Capt
Joseph J. Pyland, 1st Lt
Andrew J. Coffee, 2nd Lt

Company K
Henry Sullivan, Capt
S.C. McCullough, 1st Lt
Wm. P. Doran, 2nd Lt.

This regiment was mustered in for six months, and was mustered out by companies ans their term of service
expired, at Springfield, Missouri, the last company being mustered out May 24, 1865.

Source: Appendix to The House Journal of the Adjourned Session of the Twenty-Third General Assembly.
Annual Report of The Adjutant General of Missouri. Volume I, Pages 281-282.

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