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History of the Breedlove Family

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Charles Breedlove, Sr. was born in 1688 in Old Rappahannock, Essex County Virginia, British Colony. Charles died on February 27, 1754 in Essex Co,. He was married to Mary Parr about 1715 in Virginia. She was born in 1695 in Virginia and died in 1763, Essex Co., Virginia. Mary Parr's parents were Phillip Parr and Judith Allaman.

The 10 children of Charles Sr. and Mary were;

  1. Unknown Breedlove
  2. Nathan Breedlove, born about 1716, died 1746 in King William Co., Virginia
  3. Allaman Breedlove, born about 1717, died July 17, 1775, Essex Co., Virginia
  4. Phillip Breedlove, born about 1720, date and place of death unknown
  5. James Breedlove, born about 1721, died March 16, 1767, Lunenburg Co., Virginia
  6. Kindness Breedlove, born about 1726, date and place of death unknown
  7. Thomas Breedlove, born about 1738 in Virginia, died February, 1785, Spotsylvania Co., Virginia
  8. Charles Breedlove, Jr., born about 1737 in Virginia, died February 1820, Lawrence Co., Alabama
  9. Robert Breedlove, born about 1738 in Virginia, died February 6, 1792, Charlotte Co., Virginia
  10. Mary Breedlove, born about 1740, Essex Co., date and place of death unknown

Thomas Breedlove married Sarah Broaddus about 1750, in Essex Co., Virginia and probably lived in Albemarle Co., Virginia. Sarah Broaddus was born about 1732 in Virginia and died about 1785 in Albemarle Co., Virginia. Although he was too old to serve in the Revolutionary War, Albemarle County courthouse records show that Thomas gave supplies for the Revolutionary cause.

The 12 Children of Thomas and Sarah were;

(* denotes Revolutionary War Service)

  1. * John Breedlove, born April 5, 1752, Virginia, died February 1834, Brush Creek, Adams Co., Ohio
  2. * Thomas Breedlove, Jr., born about 1754, Virginia, date and place of death unknown
  3. Charles Breedlove, born about 1756, Virginia, date and place of death unknown
  4. * William Breedlove, born August 28, 1760, Albemarle, Co., Virginia,
    died February 28, 1838, Simpson, Co. KY
  5. *Benjamin Breedlove, born about 1762, Virginia, date and place of death unknown
  6. Phillip B. Breedlove, born about 1763, Virginia, date and place of death unknown
  7. Madison Breedlove, born about 1764, Virginia, died November 5, 1810, Albemarle Co., Virginia
  8. Cornelius Breedlove, born about 1765, Virginia, died May 1850, Albemarle Co., Virginia
  9. Richard Breedlove, born about 1769, Albemarle Co., Virginia, died 1839, Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
  10. Martin Breedlove, born about 1771, Albemarle Co., Virginia, died 1845, Simpson Co., Kentucky.
  11. Rachel Breedlove, born about 1773, Virginia, date and place of death unknown
  12. Kindness Breedlove, born about 1775, Albemarle Co., Virginia, date and place of death unknown

    * William Breedlove served in Colonel Gaskins' Virginia Battalion, Continental Line of Virginia, 1781.

    William Breedlove is also mentioned in the pension application of Sgt. Jess Beck
    "John Breedlove, S2102, VA line, applied 2 Aug. 1832, Madison Co., VA, aged 80 on 5 Apr. last, soldier was drafted in Culpepper Cty., VA; on 11 Dec. 1833, soldier had moved to Adams Cty., OH, to be near his children."

Martin Breedlove, born in 1771, Albemarle Co., Virginia, married Elizabeth Carr (c. 1770) in Albemarle Co., Virginia. Their date of marriage is recorded as December 19, 1791. Martin died in 1845, Simpson Co., KY.
Records in Simpson County, KY were destroyed by fire in 1884.

The children of Martin and Elizabeth were:

  1. Nancy Breedlove born about 1792 in Albemarle Co., VA, married David Watts Breedlove
    February 10, 1810, in Wilson Co., Tennessee. Died November 1857, Sinking Creek, Simpson Co., KY.
  2. Thomas Carr Breedlove, born about 1797, Albemarle Co., VA, married Sarah "Sally" Travelian,
    March 27, 1818, died about March 22, 1837, Wilson Co., TN.
  3. William Breedlove, born about 1798, Albemarle Co., VA, married Jane Dews(widow),
    January 24, 1825, Warren Co., KY.
  4. Cyndarilla Breedlove, born March 5, 1800, Albemarle Co., VA, married Thomas Lowery August 27, 1820,
    in Warren Co., KY, died April 22, 1858, LaClede Co., MO.
  5. Elizabeth Breedlove, born about 1803 Albemarle Co., VA, married Dennis Smith, January 8, 1824,
    in Warren Co., Kentucky, died about 1882.
  6. Sarah Breedlove, born about 1804 in VA, married Ambrose Page, November 7, 1824, Warren Co., KY.
  7. Richard Breedlove, born about 1809, Knox Co., TN, married Elizabeth Ennis, December 11, 1832.
    Died about 1870, Bowling Green, Warren Co., KY.
  8. Nathaniel Breedlove, born about 1812, KY, married Drucilla Smith, May 14, 1846, in Lawrence Co., MO.
  9. Milton Breedlove, born March 17, 1814, KY, married Margaret Ann Roper about 1844, buried in Mt. Stat., OK.
  10. John Breedlove, born 1819, KY, married Casander Mitchell, February 10, 1834.
  11. Martha Breedlove, born about 1814
  12. Pamella (Permelia) Breedlove, born about 1816, TN, married Samuel Page, May 23, 1832, Warren Co., KY.
  13. Margaret Breedlove, born about 1818

William Breedlove married Mary Watts on October 19, 1785. Mary was born August 15, 1765 - died August 5, 1832, Simpson Co., KY. William was a Methodist mister. (William was the brother of Martin)
The 12 Children of William and Mary were;

  1. David Watts Breedlove, born 1786.
  2. Elizabeth Breedlove, born 1787.
  3. Sarah B. Breedlove, born 1788.
  4. Nancy Breedlove, born 1792.
  5. Thomas Breedlove, born about 1796.
  6. Mariah G. Breedlove, born 1796.
  7. William McKendry Breedlove, born July 2, 1800.
  8. Nathan P. Breedlove, born July 15, 1802.
  9. Elender A. Breedlove, born about 1804.
  10. Jane J. Breedlove, born May 18, 1808.
  11. Ira Meade Breedlove, born August 29, 1811.
  12. Polly L. Breedlove, date unknown.

David Watts Breedlove and Nancy Breedlove were married on February 10, 1810, in Simpson Co., KY. Nancy
Breedlove was the daughter of Martin and Elizabeth Breedlove and sister of Cyndarilla Breedlove.

The children of David and Nancy were; (Some of these accounts were extracted from census records)

  1. William Martin Breedlove, born June 25, 1811, Simpson Co., KY. Married Hannah Scott Dawson about 1830.
    William died August 12, 1897 in Crawford Co., MO.
  2. Cornelius Vaughn Breedlove, born about 1812, Kentucky. Married Celia Brown on January 31, 1836 in
    Warren Co., KY. Cornelius died sometime after 1880 in McLean Co., KY.
  3. Unknown Breedlove, Female, born 1810/1815, Simpson Co., KY.
  4. Unknown Breedlove, Female, born 1810/1815, Simpson Co., KY.
  5. Unknown Breedlove, Female, born 1815/1820, Simpson Co., KY.
  6. Warren Jackson Breedlove, born January 18, 1817, Simpson Co., KY. Married Elizabeth C. Lowry
    about 1844 in MO. Warren died December 19, 1892 in Laclede Co., MO.
  7. Thomas M. Breedlove, born about 1822 in KY. Married Nancy Russell on December 12, 1942 in
    Allen Co., KY. Thomas died about 1859 in Simpson Co., KY.
  8. Jiles Breedlove, born September 1826 in KY. Married Sarah Frank about 1863 in Ohio.
    Jiles died June 14, 1903 in Phillipsburg, Laclede Co, MO.
  9. Unknown Breedlove, Male, born 1830/1835, Simpson Co., KY
  10. David Wallace Breedlove, born 1833, Gold City, Simpson Co., KY. Married Amy D. Hunt, January 3, 1860.
    David died July 19, 1881 in Simpson Co., KY.
  11. Unknown Breedlove, Female, born 1835/1840, Simpson Co., KY.
  12. Unknown Breedlove, Female, born 1835/1840, Simpson Co., KY.
  13. Unknown Breedlove, Female, born 1835/1840, Simpson Co., KY.

Thomas B. Lowry (born January 21, 1800) from North Carolina and Cyndarilla Breedlove (born March 5, 1800) in Virginia were united in marriage August 27, 1820, in Warren Co., KY, . They had at least eleven children, of whom names of eight are known.
To This Union Were Born

  1. A son born in 1821, Kentucky
  2. A son born in 1823, Kentucky
  3. Elizabeth C. Lowry, born October 10, 1824 Kentucky
  4. Thomas R. Lowry, born in 1826 Kentucky
  5. John B. Lowry, born in 1828 Kentucky
  6. Mary Lowry, born in 1830 Missouri
  7. A daughter born between 1832 and 1834
  8. Susannah Lowry, born May 28,1836 in Missouri, died in January 24, 1899. Her married name was Bolles.
  9. Calloway H. Lowry, born August 26, 1838 in Missouri, died April 29, 1926 in Laclede county. He married Mary A. Roberts (1830-1900) in 1864.
  10. Margaret Lowry, born December 18, 1843 in Missouri, died August 25, 1875. She married James E. Bolles (1839-1875).

    Tom and Cyndarilla Lowry both died in 1858, he on March 19 and she on April 22. "Both died of a terrible fever." They are buried side by side in the Old Bolles cemetery in Lebanon Township, Laclede County, Missouri, as are the four children whose full births and deaths are known.

    Their eldest daughter Elizabeth (Betty) married Warren Jackson (Jack) Breedlove. Jack and several brothers moved from their home in Kentucky and as they could not read or write, lost track of each other. One of Jacks brothers, Jiles Breedlove, lived in Kansas and learned of Jacks whereabouts after his death. Jiles moved to Missouri and lived the rest of his life in Phillipsburg, where he operated a blacksmith shop.

    Lowry, Calloway H. 26 Aug 1838 - 29 Apr 1926. Cpl. Co. A, 14th MO S.M. Cav

Warren Jackson (Jack) Breedlove (born January 18, 1817) and Elizabeth (Betty) C. Lowry (born October 10, 1824) were united in marriage in 1844.

To This Union Were Born

  1. Thomas D. Breedlove, born December 31, 1844
  2. John Martin Breedlove, Sr., born July 19, 1846
  3. Mark C. Breedlove, born February 28, 1855
  4. Anderson Steven Breedlove, born April 20, 1857
  5. Susan C. Breedlove, born 1861
  6. Virgil (Dock) A. Breedlove, born 1862
  7. Cindy Breedlove, born unknown. Married a Mr. Clark, a surveyor who owned a large farm on the Niangua River; a granddaughter Doxi, married a Jess Dampier.
  8. Sarah M. Breedlove, born 1867, married Alf Young.

  1. Warren Jackson (Jack) died December 19, 1892
  2. Elizabeth (Betty) C. died July 25, 1892
    Jack and Betty are both buried in the Old Bolles Cemetery near Lebanon township in Laclede county Missouri.

  3. Thomas died June 6, 1921
  4. John died October 4, 1914
  5. Mark date of death unknown
  6. Anderson died July 17, 1932
  7. Susan date of death unknown
  8. Virgil date of death unknown
  9. Cindy date of death unknown
  10. Sarah date of death unknown

Warren Jackson "Jack" Breedlove served in the Union Army with the 46th Missouri Infantry Regiment.

Copies of his pension documents

(History of the 46th Mo. Infantry)

The following information is extracted from US Census reports for 1860, 1870, and 1880.

Lebanon twp, 15 June 1860:
Warren J. Breedlove, 43, farmer born in Ky, Eliz 35 born in Ky, Thomas 15 all ch born in Mo, John
13, Scinda 9, Nancy Marcus 5, Anderson 3, Susan 10 mos. (Elizabeth was dau of
Thomas and Cynderilla Breedlove Lowery).

Lebanon twp, 17 Aug 1870
Warren J. Breedlove, 53 born in Tn (other rec says Ky-think Ky is right) Eliz C. 45 b
Ky, Mark C. 15, Anderson S. 13, Susan C. 9, Virgil A. 8, Sarah M. 3, John M. 23,
James W. 3, Mary M. 27 born in Tn, John M. 1 mo born in Mo
James Stow 20 born in Mo, Nancy Stow 17 born in Mo

1880 census Spring Hollow twp, Laclede Co Mo
Warren Breedlove 63 born in Ky, parents born in VA
Eliz 55 born in Ky, parents born in VA (her mother Cynderilla Breedlove born in VA,
but her father Thomas Lowry supposedly born in NC)
Anderson, 23, son, single
Susan 21, Sarah 12, Mark 25, Emma 25, Harriet 6, niece

Andrew J. McCoy and Mary Octavia Wilson were united in marriage on January 4, 1880. Divorced.

To This Union Were Born

  1. Andrew Richard born January 24, 1882


Anderson Steven Breedlove and Mary Octavia McCoy were united in marriage on April 7, 1884.

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To This Union Were Born

  1. Nancy Ann Breedlove born November 5, 1883
  2. William Jiles T Breedlove born August 24, 1885
  3. Ruben Henry Herschel Breedlove born November 8, 1887
  4. Warren Thomas Breedlove born November 28, 1889
  5. James Robert Breedlove born January 27, 1892
  6. Cinda Luella Breedlove born January 21, 1894
  7. Arta Launa Breedlove born September 2, 1896
  8. Carrie Bell Breedlove born August 10, 1898
  9. Sherman Hosie Breedlove born July 19, 1901
  10. Arthur Ishmael Breedlove born October 12, 1903
  11. Fred Harvey Breedlove born April 13, 1905
  12. Nettie Segall Breedlove born November 24, 1906

    Note: Arta Launa changed her name to Launa Mary.
(View photo of Anderson and sons.)
(View photo of Anderson & Mary, Elijah Scott & Cinda Luella and George Ramsey and their children.)


  1. Anderson Steven Breedlove died July 17, 1932 at 4 pm Sunday evening at 1268 Pennsylvania Avenue, Kansas City, Kansas. He was buried at Union Cemetery, Stotts City, Missouri, July 19, 1932 on
    Tuesday Evening.
  2. Mary Octavia died July 27, 1950. She was buried at Union Cemetery, Stotts City, Missouri. Mary (aka Molly) Wilson told the story that her father, James Wilson, was killed by a Confederate Bushwacker (soldiers continuing to fight despite the surrender of Confederate States). James was killed by such an attack, and his body either buried in an unknown spot or left for scavenging animals. His body was never recovered. According to the story, her mom answered her door a week or two after his disappearance to find a stranger asking for a food, and wearing a recognizable article of James' clothing.
  3. Andrew Richard died April 1, 1953, Buried in Sheldon, Mo; m. Dica Mae Martin 1887-1979
  4. Nancy Ann died December 6, 1936; m. Marion A. Piersee 1871-13 Nov 1918
  5. William Jiles T died November 14, 1918
  6. Ruben Henry Herschel died November 17, 1918
  7. Warren Thomas died April 20, 1915
  8. James Robert died November 19, 1918
  9. Cinda Luella died November 8, 1978
  10. Arta Launa died December 10, 1979
  11. Carrie Bell, died July 22, 1981
  12. Sherman Hosie died July 1974
  13. Arthur Ishmael died October 26, 1904
  14. Fred Harvey died June 12, 1977
  15. Nettie Segall died 1999

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