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My Hensley Family
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Generation No. 1 - ME

1. BRENDA GAIL KINCAID, daughter of 2. Bud Kincaid, Jr. and 3. Dorothy Helen Davidson.


Generation No. 2 - MY PARENTS

2. BUD KINCAID, JR., son of 4. Theodore Bud Kincaid and 5. Lola Lee Hensley.


Generation No. 3 - MY GRANDPARENTS

4. THEODORE BUD KINCAID (1893-1967), son of 8. Silas Andrew Kincaid and Martha Anne May . He married 5. LOLA LEE HENSLEY (1893-1971), daughter of 10. Lee Bentley Hensley and 11. Mary Caroline Higgins.`

Theodore and his wife Lola are both Hensley descendants sharing the same great great grandfather William Hensley #68 Generation No. 7.



8. SILAS ANDREW KINCAID (1853-1927), son of 16. Alexander Kincaid and 17. Mary Catherine Hensley. He married 9. MARTHA ANNE MAY (1852-Bef. 1920).

Silas also had a first wife named Mary C. Mathis. She is connected to this family as well through the Hensleys and Sharps.

10. LEE BENTLEY HENSLEY (1862-1937), son of 20. Gabriel Perry Hensley and 21. Tabitha Sabicey Lankford. He married 11. MARY CAROLINE HIGGINS (1862-1929), daughter of 22. Taylor Chamberlain Higgins and 23. Elizabeth M. " Betty" Hensley.

Lee and his wife Mary are both descendants of the Hensley family a share a great great grandfather, Hickman Hensley #136 Generation No. 7.



16. ALEXANDER KINCAID (1832-1861), son of James Kincaid and Elizabeth Church . He married 17. MARY CATHERINE HENSLEY 1833-1925), daughter of 34. James T. Hensley and 35. Sarah M. "Sally" Tarrant.

After Alexander died, Mary married William Anderson Sharp, her aunt Agnes Hensley's husband. Also, two of William's sisters married two of Mary's uncles. William and Mary as well as William and Agnes had children marry into the Clayton family. Mary and Alexander's daughter Rebecca also married into the same Clayton family. Some of William and Agnes's descendants married back into the Hensley family too.

20. GABRIEL PERRY HENSLEY (1838-1926), son of 40. John Gabriel Hensley and Esther Johnson. He married 21. TABITHA SABICEY LANKFORD (1839-Bef. 1870), daughter of Benjamin Lankford and Sarah?.

Gabriel's second wife was Mary Jane Higgins, sister to Taylor Chamberlain Higgins #22. That makes he and his second wife also related to the same Hensley family. Gabriel's brother married a Higgins, probably Taylor's sister. Gabriel and Tabitha's son married a Clayton.

22. TAYLOR CHAMBERLAIN HIGGINS 1836-?), son of 44. James Knox Polk Higgins, Sr. and 45. Nancy Jane Hensley. He married 23. ELIZABETH M. " BETTY" HENSLEY (1838-?), daughter of 46. John A. Hensley and 47. unknown.

Note Taylor's mother was also a Hensley. She was the granddaughter to my great great great grandfather William Hensley #68. Her brother also married a Higgins--possibly Taylor's sister.



34. JAMES T. HENSLEY (1809-1860) , son of 68. William Hensley and Nancy Gardner. He married 35. SARAH M. "SALLY" TARRANT (1811-Bef. 1870), daughter of 70. James Tarrant and Rebecca Elizabeth Langley.

James is the brother to John Gabriel Hensley (#40 Generation #6) and Agnes Hensley who married William Anderson Sharp (mentioned in #16 Generation No. 5) and Abraham T. Hensley who married Margaret Tarrant, the granddaughter of James Tarrant #70.

40. JOHN GABRIEL HENSLEY (1807-Aft. 1850), son of 68. William Hensley and Nancy Gardner. He married 41. ESTHER JOHNSON (1804-Bef. 1880).

Two of John and Esther's sons married a Higgins as did their granddaughter Mary Caroline Higgins #11 who married Lee Bentley Hensley #10. Remember Lee and Mary's daughter, Lola Lee #5 married Theodore Kincaid #4 who was a Hensley descendant too. John Gabriel's brother also married a Tarrant.

44. JAMES KNOX POLK HIGGINS, SR. (1806-Bef. 1880) , son of Samuel Higgins. He married 45. NANCY JANE HENSLEY (1808-1886), daughter of 90. Larkin B. Hensley and Margaret Hinson.

Nancy is the niece to my great great great great grandfather William Hensley #68. Also it is interesting to note that James and Nancy's son James Knox Polk Higgins, Jr. also married Nancy Jane Hensley--not only do they have the same names, they are related. Her grandfather was brother to my great great great great grandfather William Hensley #68. Note Nancy is sister to #46 below. So that makes one of my great great great grandmothers the sister to one of my other great great great grandfathers.

46. JOHN A. HENSLEY 1812-Aft. 1888), son of 90. Larkin B. Hensley and Margaret Hinson. He married 47. UNKNOWN (died Bef. 1850).



68. WILLIAM HENSLEY (1783-1878), son of 136. Hickman Hensley and Agnes Fisher. He married NANCY GARDNER 1781-1870) .

NOTE: William is my 4th Great-Grandfather TWICE and also my STEP 3rd Great-Grandfather ONCE.

70. JAMES TARRANT (1782-Bef. 1860) , married REBECCA ELIZABETH LANGLEY 1782-Aft 1860).

There is another Langley in the family. Sarah Langley married Hickman Hensley grandson of Hickman #136. Pretty sure she is related to Rebecca.

90. LARKIN B. HENSLEY (1779-1867), son of 136. Hickman Hensley and Agnes Fisher. He married. MARGARET HINSON (1788-1881).

Larkin is brother to William Hensley #68. There are other Hinson's, most probably related to Margaret that married into Larkin's Hensley family.

NOTE: Larkin is my 4th Great-Grandfather TWICE and also my STEP 4th Great-Grandfather ONCE.



136. HICKMAN HENSLEY (1759-Aft 1820) married AGNES FISHER (1759-Aft. 1850).

NOTE: Hickman is my 5th Great-Grandfather THREE TIMES and also my STEP 5th Great-Grandfather ONCE.


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