Taken from The Genealogy and Biography of the Waldos of America, From 1650 to 1883. By Joseph D. Hall

The Waldo family came to Franklin County Ohio in the early 1800's

My Waldo ancestors are the most interesting family I have researched so far. Their history has been both mysterious and tragic. The Waldo's I believe I am descended from are well documented in a family history, Genealogy of the Waldo Family, by Waldo Lincoln which was published in 1902. This family included many influential people including U.S. presidents. However my great-great grandfather, David Waldo and his family were not included in the book. David and his wife are buried in unmarked graves in Greenlawn Cemetery. I did find several stories in the newspaper about David being missing from home and others about tragedies that seemed to follow his family.

Waldo Family Stories

I believe my gggrandfather David Waldo is descended from Shubael Waldo who moved to Franklin County from New York around 1807.

So far I have had no luck coming up with any official documents linking David Waldo to his parents. I believe his father to be Elhanon Winchester Waldo, who was born in Franklin County, Ohio in 1807. Elhanon a son of Shubael Waldo and Esther Cripin, was married to Mary Thomas who was born March 11, 1817, in Pickaway County, Ohio.

The 1860 Ohio census lists a David Waldo who is 10 years old with E.W. Waldo family in Franklin County, Ohio. By 1870 census E. W. died and David Waldo is listed as 19 years old living with Mary Waldo(47) in Columbus, Ohio. Also found in 1870 census, Anna (Esther Waldo)Hoe who was married to Benjamin Hoe. Esther was daughter of Elhanon and Mary Waldo. The Hoes had a servant named Lizzie Cook who was then 19 years old. On March 23, 1871 David Waldo married Elizabeth Cook in Madison County, Ohio. The first of 9 children of this union was my great-grandmother Mary Etta Waldo who was born in West Jefferson, Ohio on January 7, 1872.

Children of David Waldo and Elizabeth Cook

MaryJan. 7,1871Edward Sagar (Nov.27,1897)
William Hawkins (1930)
Edward Kendall SagarFeb.18,1946
Traverse City, Michigan
Seymour "Sam"Feb. 1873Teresa AtkinsonEllen "Nellie"
John D "Jay"
Aloyisius "James"
AnnaJune 1876Frank KarnsDelbert
Ida MayMay 5, 1879Elmer KendleCallie
MabelJune 1883Otto WrightDorothy
MaudeJune 1883James Bailey??
ElizaJune 3,1885Arthur R. Flickinger?June 12, 1973
Lorain, OH
ElizabethJune 3,1885Stephen Remaly??
John DavidDec. 3,1890Flora Belle WoodWayneSept. 10,1948
Columbus, Ohio

I have lots of other information on central Ohio Waldo families. I believe most of the families to be related.


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