CEF Acronyms & Abbreviations
by Brett Payne

Compiled from CEF Study Group Forum postings from 2005-2014 [Last updated 28 March 2014]

The LAC Canadian Genealogy Centre has published a List of Abbreviations used in Personnel Records, which I believe must be the same list that is supplied when one orders copies of CEF service records from the LAC. I have reproduced this below for the convenience of forum users. Please feel free to add to the list by posting a followup to this thread if you know or come across others, even if you you are unsure of the meaning. I will periodically amend the list of abbreviations, using blue entries to denote those new entries which have been identified (since 23 Dec 2005), and red entries for those which still need elucidation. I will also provide links to other relevant threads, articles, web pages or images if I find them. Please feel free to send me questions, corrections, additions, suggestions etc.

N.B. I've tried to be as consistent as possible with the way in which the abbreviations and their explanations are presented. For example, I have avoided the use of full stops, although you will often see them used in the abbreviations that you find. However, I believe this way will be the most useful. If you have any queries, please feel free to post to this thread.

1st AM = Air Mechanic 1st Class [Source]
1st PBT Unit = 1st Pontoon Bridging and Transport Unit, Canadian Engineers
2nd COR = 2nd Battalion Central Ontario Regiment
10th RG = 10th Regiment of Royal Grenadiers
11th IF of C = 11th Regiment (Irish Fusiliers of Canada) [Source: Regiments.org]
15th ALI = 15th Regiment (Argyll Light Infantry) [Source: Regiments.org]
29th HLI = 29th Regiment (Highland Light Infantry of Canada) [Source: Regiments.org]
57th M Airline Sec = No 57 Motor Airline Section (Signals Corps)
60th VRC = 60th Battalion (Victoria Rifles of Canada) [Ref: 60th Bn War Diary entry]
A, A-, a/ = acting (rank) e.g. a/Adj = Acting Adjutant
A/A, AA = Anti-Aircraft
A & D Books = Admission & Discharge Books
A & PMG = Assistant (Paymaster General) & Paymaster General [Source]
AA = Assistant Adjutant
AA&QMG = Assistant Adjutant & Quarter Master General
AAG = Assistant Adjutant General
A-A.M.D.1 = Acting-Adjutant Military District No. 1
AB = Army Book
AB 64 = Army Book 64 (Pay Book)
A Branch = The Adjutant General's Branch of the Staff
Acc Kd = Accidentally Killed
ACI = Army Council Instruction
AC and R = Appointments, Commissions and Rewards
Act = acting (rank) e.g. Act.Adj. = Acting Adjutant
A-D.A.D.M.S. = Acting-Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
ADC = Aide-de-Camp
ADCS = Assistant Director of Chaplain Services
ADDS = Assistant Director of Dental Services
ADES = Assistant Director of Educational Services
Adj, Adjt = Adjutant
ADLR = Assistant Director Light Railways [Source: War Diary of 2nd Canadian Railway Troops]
adm = admitted
ADMS = Assistant Director of Medical Services
ADOS = Assistant Director Ordnance Services [Source: War Diary]
ADPC = Assistant Director of Pay Corps
ADPS = Assistant Director Postal Services [Ref. Cover page of War Diary 17-30 April, 1917]
ADS = Advanced Dressing Station
ADS = Assistant Director of Sanitation
ADS = Assistant Director of Services
ADS&T = Assistant Director of Supplies and Transport
ADVS = Assistant Director of Veterinary Services
AEF = American Expeditionary Force(s)
AF = Army Form
AFA = Army Field Artillery
AFC = Air Force Cross
AG = Adjutant General
AG 1,2, or 3 = Adjutant General Staff Officer, 1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade
AGH = ? {followed by a date}
AHQ = Army Headquarters
AIF - Australian Imperial Force
AKA = Also known as
ALI = (15th Regiment) Argyll Light Infantry [Source: Regiments.org]
ALQ R = Algonquin Regiment
Alta = Alberta
AM = Air Mechanic
Amb = Ambulance
AMC = Army Medical Corps
AMCTD = Army Medical Corps Training Depot
Amer = American
Amm/Ammn = Ammunition
Amm/Ammn Col = Ammunition Column
AMS = Army Medical Services
AMS = Assistant Military Secretary
ANV = Army and Navy Veterans
ANZAC = Australia & New Zealand Army Corps
AOD = Adjutant-on-Duty ?? [25th Bn War Diary - March 1917]
AP = Assigned Pay
APM = Assistant Provost Marshal
Appces/Appx = Appendices/Appendix
Apptmts = Appointments
AQMG = Assistant Quartermaster General
ARD = Alberta Regimental Depot
Arm/Armr = Armourer
Art (Arty) = Artillery
ASC = Army Service Corps
AT Coy = Army Troop Company (Canadian Engineers)
Att/Attchd, Att'd = attached
auth = authorized, authority
Auto = Automobile
Aux = Auxiliary
AWL (AWOL) = Absent without leave
Batt'n, Bn (Batt/Btln) = Battalion
BC = British Columbia
BCR = British Columbia Regiment
BCRD = British Columbia Regimental Depot
BCRM = British-Canadian Recruiting Mission [Source: Forum Posting]
BD = Base Detail
Bde = Brigade
Bdr = Bombardier
BEF = British Expeditionary Force
BESL = British Empire Service League
BF = Bayonet Fighting or Battle Fitness (?)
Bgde = Brigade
BGGS = Brigadier General, General Staff
BGO = Brigade/Battalion Guides Officer? (from 20th Bn War Diary entry for 9 Apr 1916)
BGS = Brigadier, General Staff
BHQ = Brigade Headquarters
BL = Breech Loading
BM = Brigade Major
Bn = Battalion
BOCC = Burial Officer Canadian Corps ?? (from Inventory of Effects)
BOH = British Official History
BPC = Board of Pension Commissioners
BRCS = British Red Cross Society
B Report = Burial Report
Brig-Gen = Brigadier-General
Brit = British
BSM = Battery/Brigade Sergeant Major
BSO = Brigade Signalling Officer
Bt = Brevet
Bty/Btty = Battery
BVO = Battalion/Brigade Veterinary Officer
Bvt = Brevet
C, Can or Cdn = Canadian
CAA Btty = Canadian Anti-Aircraft Battery(?)
CA (AF) = Canadian Army Active Force
CAA Horse Company = Canadian Army Auxiliary Horse Company
CADC = Canadian Army Dental Corps
CAGS = Canadian Army Gymnastics Staff
CAHC = Canadian Army Hydrological Corps [Source: Regiments.org]
CAIRD/CAI&RD = Canadian Arms Inspection and Repair Depot
CAMC = Canadian Army Medical Corps
CAN/Can/Cdn = Canadian
Can Cav Bde = Canadian Cavalry Brigade
Can Cyc(list) Bn = Canadian Cyclist Battalion
Can D(Div) Cyc = Canadian Divisional Cyclists
Can Div Cav = Canadian Divisional Cavalry
Can Div HQ = Canadian Divisonal Headquarters
Can Div Sig = Canadian Divisional Signals
Can Eng = Canadian Engineers
Can Fd Art = Canadian Field Artillery
Can For C = Canadian Forestry Corps
Can Hy By = Canadian Heavy Battery
Can Inf Bde = Canadian Infantry Brigade
Can Inf Wks C = Canadian Infantry Works Corps
Can LH = Canadian Light Horse
Can Labr Bn = Canadian Labour Battalion
Can MMG Bde = Canadian Machine Gun Brigade
Can Mtd Rif = Canadian Mounted Rifles
Can Ord C = Canadian Ordnance Corps
Can Pnr Bn = Canadian Pioneer Battalion
Can Postal C = Canadian Postal C.
Can Remt D = Canadian Remount Depot
Can Rly Cons C = Canadian Railway Construction Corps
Can San Sec = Canadian Sanitary Section
Can Scts = Canadian Scouts
Can Siberian Exp Fce = Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
Can Sta Hosp = Canadian Stationary Hospital
Can Tank C = Canadian Tank Corps
CAOC = Canadian Army Ordnance Corps
CAPC = Canadian Army Pay Corps
CAPS = Canadian Army Pay Services
Capt = Captain
CARD = Canadian Artillery Regimental Depot
CARS = Canadian Association of Returned Soldiers
Cas = Casualty
CASC = Canadian Army Service Corps
CASC MT = Canadian Army Service Corps Motor/Military/Mechanical (?) Transport
Cav = Cavalry
CAVC = Canadian Army Veterinary Corps
CB = counter-bombardment
CB = Companion of the Bath
CBD = Canadian Base Details or Canadian Base Depot
CBE = Commander of the Order of the British Empire
CBO = Counter Battery Officer
CBSO = Counter Battery Staff Officer
CCAC = Canadian Casualty Assembly Centre [Description]
CCB = Canadian Cavalry Brigade
CCBMGS = Canadian Cavalry Brigade Machine Gun Squadron [Reference: Regiments.org]
CCB = Canadian Cyclist Battalion
CCC = Canadian Concentration Camp
CCC = Canadian Corps Camp
CCCC = Canadian Corps Composite Company
CCCS = Canadian Casualty Clearing Station
CCD = Canadian Convalescent Depot, Canadian Corps Depot (or Canadian Command Depot?)
CCF = Co-operative Commonwealth Federation
CCH - Canadian Convalescent Hospital
CCHA = Canadian Corps Heavy Artillery
CCOH = Canadian Convalescent Officer's Hospital
CCRC = Canadian Corps Reinforcement Camp
CCS = Casualty Clearing Station
CCSS = Canadian Corps Survey Section (Canadian Engineers)
CCTMT Co = Canadian Corps Troops Mechanical Transport Company
CD = Clearing Depot
CDA = Canadian Divisional Artillery
CDC = Canadian Divisional Cavalry
CDD = Canadian Discharge Depot
CDAC = Canadian Divisional Ammunition Column
CDEC = Canadian Divisional Employment Company
C de G (F),(B) = Croix De Guerre, (France or Belgium)
CDF = Canadian Defence Force
CDHQ = Canadian Divisonal Headquarters
CDS = Canadian Divisional Signals
CDS = Canadian Division Supply, as in 2nd C.D.S. Column
CE = Canadian Engineers
CEF = Canadian Expeditionary Force
CEMTC = Canadian Engineer Mechanical Transport Company
CERB = Canadian Engineers Railway Battalion
CERD = Canadian Engineer Reinforcement Depot
CETD = Canadian Engineer Training Depot
CFA = Canadian Field Ambulance
CFA = Canadian Field Artillery
CFC = Canadian Forestry Corps
CG = Canada Gazette
CGA = Canadian Garrison Artillery
CGBD = Canadian General Base Depot
CGH = Canadian General Hospital
CGR = Canadian Garrison Regiment
CGR = Canadian Graves Registrar/Registration? {followed by "Prev. Reported Died now Reptd. Killed in Action"}
CGS = Chief of the General Staff
Chap = Chaplain
CIB = Canadian Infantry Brigade
CIBD = Canadian Infantry Base Depot
CIBD = Canadian Infantry Brigade Depot
CIGS = Chief of the Imperial General Staff
C-in-C = Commander-in-Chief
CIRU = Canadian Infantry Reinforcement Unit
CIWC = Canadian Infantry Works Corps
CL = Casualty List
CLB = Canadian Labour Battalion
CLH = Canadian Light Horse [Reference: Regiments.org]
CLP = Canadian Labour Pool
CLRO = Corps Light Railway Officer [Source: 7th CIB OO No. 132 & The Long, Long Trail - Abbreviations]
CM School = Canadian Military School (at Shorncliffe, Kent)
CMBG = Canadian Mechanised Brigade Group
CMG = ? (Source: 6 Fd Amb War Diary - 4 Jun 1916)
CMG = Companion of the Order of St. Michael and St. George
CMG Bde = Canadian Machine Gun Brigade
CMGC = Canadian Machine Gun Corps
CMGCD = Canadian Machine Gun Corps Depot
CMGD = Canadian Machine Gun Depot (Sources: War Diaries and Lieut. WJS Hooper - Courtesy of GrandsonMichael)
CMGO = Corps Machine Gun Officer
CMH = Canadian Military Hospital
CMMGC = Canadian Motor Machine Gun Corps
CMP, CMPC = Canadian Military Police (Corps) [Reference: Regiments.org]
CMR = Canadian Mounted Rifles
CMS = Canadian Musketry School
CMSC = Corps of Military Staff Clerks
Cnd = Canadian
C of I = Court of Inquiry
CO = Commanding Officer
Co = Company
COC = Canadian Ordnance Corps
Col = Column
Col = Colonel
Com (Comd) = Command
Comd, Comdg = Commander
COMF = Canadian Overseas Military Forces
Comp = Composite
COMW = Canadian Ordance Mobile Workshops
Contgt = Contingent
Conv, Conval = Convalescent
COR = Central Ontario Regiment
CORCC = Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps
CORCT = Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Troops
CORD = Central Ontario Regimental Depot
COS = Charity Organization Society
Cos = Companies
COTC = Canadian Officer’s Training Corps
Coy = Company
Coy Cr(s) = Company Commander(s) (Source: 20th Bn War Diary)
CPASC = Canadian Permanent Army Service Corps
CPB = Canadian Pioneer Battalion
CPC = Canadian Postal Corps
CPF = Canadian Patriotic Fund/Front {see explanation courtesy Peter Broznitzky & Bill Alexander}
Cpl = Corporal
CQMS = Company Quartermaster Sergeant
CR = Cemetery Registration (as in "H.I. & C.R. Form"; see discussion)
CRA = Commander Royal Artillery
CRCC = Canadian Railway Construction Corps
CRCR = Canadian Reserve Calvary Regiment
CRD = Canadian Remount Depot
CRD = Canadian Reinforcing Depot
CRE = Commander (or Commanding) Royal Engineers [as in Commander, Royal Engineers Corps Troops War Diary entry]
CRO = Canadian Records Office
Cr St Geo = Cross of Saint George, (Russia)
CRT = Canadian Railway Troops
CRTD = Canadian Railway Troops Depot
CSEF = Canadian Siberian Expeditionary Force
CSM = Company Sergeant-Major
CSME = Canadian School of Military Engineering
CS of M = Canadian School of Musketry
CT = Communication Trench[/color] [Ref: 60th Bn War Diary]
CTB/CT Bn = Casualty/Canadian Training Battalion
CTC = Canadian Tank Corps [Reference: Regiments.org]
CTCD = Canadian Tank Corps Depot
CTD = Canadian Tank Depot
CTD = Canadian Training Depot?
CWNS = Canadian War Narrative Section
CWRO = Canadian War Records Office
Cyc = Cyclist
DA = Dominion Arsenal
DA&QMG = Deputy Adjutant & Quartermaster General
DAA = Deputy Assistant Adjutant
DAAG = Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
DAC = Divisional Ammunition Column[youtube][/youtube]
DADAPS = Deputy Assistant Director Army Postal Service
DADCS = Deputy Assistant Director of Chaplain Services
DADMS = Deputy Assistant Director of Medical Services
DAD of S&T = Deputy Assistant Director of Sanitation & Transport
DADOS = Deputy Assistant Director Ordnance Services [Source: War Diary]
DADR = Deputy Assistant Director of Roads
DADVS = Deputy Assistant Director of Veterinary Services
DAG = Deputy Adjutant General
DAH = Diffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage (possibly also Disordered Activity of the Heart)
DAP = Divisional Aid Post
DAQMG = Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
DAV = Disabled American Veterans
DCM = Distinguished Conduct Medal
DCOR = Duke of Connaught's Own Rifles
DCOR = Duke of Cornwall's Own Rifles (43rd Regiment)
DCRR = Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (?)
DCS = Daily Casualty Summary
DCS = Director of Chaplain's Services
DD = Deputy Director
DD = District Depot (e.g. #1 DD = No. 1 District Depot)
DDMS = Deputy Director of Medical Services
DDS = Director of Dental Services
Dec = Decoration
DEOS = Director of Equipment and Ordinance Services
Dep = Depot
Dept = Department
DES = Director of Engineer Services
Desp/Despatches = Mentioned in Despatches
DFC - Distinguished Flying Cross
DFT/Dft = Draft
DGA (D of GA) - Department of General Audits
DGMS = Director General Medical Services
Dgns = Dragoons
DHS (D Hist) = Director Historical Section
Dir = Director
D(iv)HQ = Divisional Headquarters
dis or disch = discharged
Dist, Distr = District
Div = Division
Divl, Divnl = Divisional
Div Sig = Divisional Signal(s) (Company)
DLI = Durham Light Infantry
DM = Deputy Minister
DMGO = Divisional Machine Gun Officer [Ref. 8th CIB War Diary]
DMI = Director of Military Intelligence
DMS = Director of Medical Services
DMT = Divisional Motor Transport
DND = Department of National Defense
DNS = Director of Naval Service
DO = Daily Order (of a unit)
DOC = Died of other causes
DOC = District Officer Commanding
DOD = Died of disease
DOH/Dom Orth Hosp = Dominion Orthopaedic Hospital (Toronto)
D of W (DOW/Died of W) = Died of wounds
DOS = Director Ordnance Services
DPS = Director of Pay Services
D-Q Line = Drocourt-Quéant Line
Dr = Driver
DR&D = Duty, Rations and Discipline
DRO = Divisional Routine Order
DRS = District Recruiting Services
DRS = Divisional Rest Station
DSC = Distinguished Service Cross
DSCR = Department of Soldiers' Civil Re-Establishment
DSM = Distinguished Service Medal
DSO = Distinguished Service Order
DTMO = Divisional Trench Mortar Officer [Refs: Cdn Div Arty WD entry & 5th Cdn Inf Bgde Operation Order]
DUofS = Depot Unit of Supply
Dvr = Driver
E = East
EA = Enemy Aircraft [Source: War Diary 7th CIB 14-15 Jul 1918]
Ech = Echelon
EEF = Egyptian Expeditionary Force
EFC = Expeditionary Force Canada [?]
EFC = Expeditionary Force Canteen
EHL = Emergency Harvest Leave [?]
emb = embarked
Emp = Employment
Eng, Engrs = Engineers
Engrs Trg Dep = Engineers Training Depot
Eqpt = Equipment
EOR = Eastern Ontario Regiment
EORD = Eastern Ontario Regimental Depot
Ex/Exp = Expeditionary
Exptl = Experimental
FA = Field Ambulance
FA = Field Artillery
FAP = First Aid Post
FAP= For all purposes
FAPEP = For all purposes except pay
FCCE = Field Company Canadian Engineers[/color] [Source: 20th Bn WD a b]
Fd Amb = Field Ambulance
FDS = Field Dressing Station
FGCM = Field General Court Martial
FGH = Fort Garry Horse
FGHRR = Fort Garry Horse Reserve Regiment
FIO = Field Intelligence Officer
Fld = Field
Flt = Flight
FLT = Front Line Trench [Source: 78th Bn WD, Feb 1917, App 1, OO No 50]
FOH = French Official History
FOO = Forward Observation Officer
For = Forestry
FP No (or #) 1 or 2 = Field Punishment Number One/Two [see Forum Posting]
Frac = Fractured
FS = Field Service (eg. Field Service Boots)?
FSR = Field Service Regulations
FTCE = Field Troop Canadian Engineers e.g. 1st Field Troop Canadian Engineers [Source: CEFSG Forum Posting]
Gaz = Gazetted
g = gassed
G = General Staff Branch of the Staff
GAR = Grand Army of the Republic
GAUV = Grand Army of United Veterans
GC = Badge Good Conduct Badge
GCMG = Knight Grand Cross of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George
Gen, Genl = General
GGBG = Governor General's Body Guard
GDD - Garrison Duty Depot
GGFG = Governor General's Foot Guards
GH = General Hospital
GHQ = General Headquarters
Gnr = Gunner
GO = General Order
GOC (in Chief) = General Officer Commanding (in Chief)
GOH = German Official History
Gov Gen = Governor General
GP = General Practitioner
GRO = General Routine Order
GS = General Staff
GSO (I, II, III) = General Staff Officer (1st, 2nd or 3rd Grade)
GSW = Gun Shot Wound
GSW = Goods Service Wagon
GWVA = Great War Veterans' Association
H/ = Honorary (Rank)
HA = (informal use?) Hun Aircraft (Source: My Grandfather's War, Canadians Remember the First World War, 1914-1918, by William D. Mathieson)
Hdqrs = Headquarters
HGSW = Heavy Goods Service Wagon
HE = High Explosive
HI = Headstone Inscription (as in "H.I. & C.R. Form"; see discussion)
HLI = (29th Regiment) Highland Light Infantry of Canada [Source: Regiments.org]
HLWOP = Harvest Leave With Out Pay [?]
HMAT = His Majesty's Auxiliary Transport
HMCS = His Majesty's Canadian Ship
HMS = His Majesty's Service
HMS = His Majesty's Ship
HMT/HMTS = His Majesty's Troopship
Hon = Honorary or Honourable
Hosp = Hospital
How = Howitzer
HQ = Headquarters
HR = Hospital Records
HRH = His Royal Highness
Hrs = Hours
HT = Horse Transport
Hvy, Hy = Heavy
Hwr = Howitzer
I = Intelligence Branch of the General Staff
I (b) = Secret Service Branch of the Intelligence Branch of the General Staff
i/c = in charge
I/C = In Command
ICT = Inflammation of Connective Tissue
IF of C = (11th Regiment) Irish Fusiliers of Canada [Source: Regiments.org]
IGC = Imperial General Council
IHL = Imprisonment (with) Hard Labour
IMB = Imperial Munitions Board
Imp/Impl = Imperial
In/in = inch
Indep = Independent
Inf = Infantry
inj = injured
Inspr = Inspector
Instr(s) = Instructor(s), Instructional
inv "wd" = invalided wounded
IODE = Imperial Order, Daughters of the Empire
ISO = Imperial Service Order
IWM = Imperial War Museum
K = King or King's
KCB = Knight Commander of the Bath
KCMG = Knight Commander of Saint Michael and Saint George
KCSI = Knight Commander of the Star of India
KCVO = Knight Commander of the Victorian Order
KIA = Killed in action
KR&O = King's Orders and Regulations
Lab/Labty = Laboratory
Lab Bn = Labour Battalion
LAC = Library & Archives of Canada
LCpl, L/Cpl = Lance Corporal
Ld = Lord
LdSH = Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
LG (Lon. Gaz.) = London Gazette
LG = Lewis Gun
LGO = Lewis Gun Officer [Source: 25th Bn O.O. 108 dated 9-7-17]
LGSW = Light Goods Service Wagon
LH = Light Horse
LI = Light Infantry
Lieut = Lieutenant
Lieut-Col = Lieutenant-Colonel
LMB = Light Mortar Battery
LOB = Left out of Battle
LOC, L of C = Line(s) of Communication [Source: PPCLI War Diary entries (1), (2); see also Digger History's explanation]
LPC = Last Pay Certificate
LROC = Light Railway Operating Company
LSH(RC) = Lord Strathcona's Horse (Royal Canadians)
Lt = Lieutenant
Lt Col (Lt-Col) = Lieutenant Colonel
M = Married
MAC = Motor Ambulance Convoy [Source: 6 Cdn Fd Am War Diary & "Call to Arms: The British Army 1914-1918" by Charles Messenger, courtesy Chris Wight]
Maj = Major
Man = Manitoba
M&D = Medals & Decorations
MB = Military Book [Source: Regulations for the Canadian Medical Service]
MBE = Member of the Order of the British Empire
MC = Military Cross
MD = Military District (or Depot)
MD 1 Western Ontario (London)
MD 2 Central Ontario (Toronto)
MD 3 Eastern Ontario (Kingston)
MD 4 Western Quebec (Montreal)
MD 5 Eastern Quebec (Quebec)
MD 6 Maritime Provinces (Halifax)
MD 11 British Columbia (Victoria)
MD 12 Saskatchewan (Regina)
MD 13 Alberta (Calgary)
M d'Hon = Medaille d'Honneur, (France)
MDS = Main Dressing Station
Med = Medical
Med Bd = Medical Board
MEF = Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force
MF = Militia Form
MF = Military Form (eg. M.F.W. 23 at the bottom left of front of Attestation Paper)
MG = Machine Gun
MGGS = Major General, General Staff
MGRA = Major General, Royal Artillery
MGS = (Canadian Cavalry Brigade) Machine Gun Squadron [Reference: Regiments.org]
MH = Military Hospital
MHC = Military Hospitals Commission
MHCC = Military Hospitals Commission of Canada
MHCC = Military Hospitals Commission Command
MHQ = Militia Headquarters
MIA = Missing in action
MID = Mentioned in Despatches
Mil, Mily = Military
Mil Med = Military Medal for Good Services, (Portugal)
Miss = missing
ML = Missing List
MLO = Military Landing Officer
MLR # = ? {followed by a date}
MM = Military Medal
MMG = Motor Machine Gun
M Mil = Medalle Militaire, (France)
MN = Midnight [Source: 25th Bn O.O. 108 dated 9-7-17, see also Forum posting]
MO = Medical Officer
Mob = Mobile
Mobn = Mobilisation
MP = Member of Parliament
MPF = Manitoba Patriotic Fund
MRD = Manitoba Regimental Depot
MS = Medical Services
MS = Military Secretary
MSA = Military Service Act (Canada 1917)
MSB = Military Service Branch
MSM = Meritorious Service Medal (or Military Service Medal?)
M St Geo = Medal of Saint George, (Russia)
MT or Mech Tpt = Military/Mechanical Transport
MU C = Medically Unfit, (Category) "C"
MVO = Member of (the Royal) Victorian Order (4th or 5th Class)
NAC = National Archives of Canada
NACB = Navy and Army Canteen Board
NB = New Brunswick
NBMGD = New Brunswick Machine Gun Draft
NCO = Non-commissioned Officer
NCWC = National Council of the Women of Canada
NF = Neutralising Fire
NMDCCS = North Midland District Casualty Clearing Station
NOKA = (Great War) Next of Kin Association
No(s) = Number(s)
NPAM = Non-Permanent Active Militia
NREF = North Russian Expeditionary Force
NS = Nova Scotia
NSRD = Nova Scotia Regimental Depot
NWMP = North-West Mounted Police
NYD = not yet determined
NY NG = New York National Guard [Source: AP]
O = Officers
O = Operations Branch of the General Staff
OBE = Officer of the Order of the British Empire
OC = Officer Commanding
Off = Office
Offr = Officer
OIC = Officer-in-Command
OM = Overseas Minister
OMFC = Overseas Military Forces of Canada
Ont = Ontario
Ont Mily Hosp = Ontario Military Hospital
OO = Operation(al) Order
OP = Observation Post
OPA = Oxford Patriotic Association
OR = Ontario Regiment
OR = Orderly Room
OR = Other Ranks
Ord = Ordnance
OR Sgt = Orderly Room Sergeant
OS or O/S = Overseas
OsC = Officers Commanding
OTB = Officer Training Battalion
OTC = Officer Training Center or Officer Training Candidate
P & S = Plaque & Scroll (Memorial)
PAC = Public Archives of Canada
PAMC = Permanent Army Medical Corps [Source: Regulations for the Canadian Medical Service]
PB = Permanent Base
PBD = Permanent Base Duty
PC = Privy Council (Order)
Pdr = Pounder
PDRQ&D = ?? Pay Discipline Rations Quarters & Drill
PEI = Prince Edward Island
PF = Permanent Force
PFO = Probationary Flight Officer
PH = Phenate Hexamine (PH Helmet) [Source: Apparatus of Gas Warfare]
Pion = Pioneer
PL = Platoon
PMG = Paymaster General
Pmr = Paymaster
Pnr = Pioneer
POW, P of W, p. of w. = Prisoner of War
PP = "Princess Pat's" (Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry)
PPCLI = Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry
PQ = Province of Quebec
PR&D = Pay, Rations and Discipline
pres = presumed
Pres = President
Prev = Previously
Probr = Probationer
Proc = proceeded
PS = Penal Servitude
PT = Physcial Training
Pte = Private
Pt II O (Pt II D.O.) = Part II Orders (Part II Daily Orders)
Ptn = Platoon
PUO = Pyrexia of unknown origin
QAIMNS = Queen Alexandria's Imperial Military Nursing Service
QF = Quick Firing
QM = Quartermaster
QMAAC = Queen Mary's Army Auxiliary (or Auxiliary Aid?) Corps
QMG = Quarter Master General
QMS = Quarter Master Sergeant
QOR = Queen's Own Rifles
Qr-Mr = Quarter Master
QR = Quebec Regiment
QRC&P = Quartermaster, Rations, Clothing and Pay
QRD = Quebec Regimental Depot
R = Royal
RA = Royal Artillery
RACD = Royal Army Chaplain's Department
RACD = Royal Army Clothing Department
RAF = Royal Air Force
RAMC = Royal Army Medical Corps
RAVC = Royal Army Veterinary Corps
RAP = Regimental Aid Post
RC = Royal Canadians
RCA = Royal Canadian Artillery
RCAF = Royal Canadian Air Force
R Can Dns = Royal Canadian Dragoons
R Can H Art = Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
R Can R = Royal Canadian Regiment
RCD = Royal Canadian Dragoons
RCGA = Royal Canadian Garrison Artillery
RCHA = Royal Canadian Horse Artillery
RCMP = Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCN = Royal Canadian Navy
RCR = Royal Canadian Regiment
RCSE = Royal Canadian Signal Engineers
R Can Sig Eng = Royal Canadian Signal Engineers
RE = Royal Engineers
Regt, Rgt = Regiment
Reinf = Reinforcements
rem = remained
Rep = Repatriated
rept/Reptd = reported
Res = Reserve
Retd, Ret'd = Returned
RFA = Royal Field Artillery
RFB = Reported from Base
RFC = Royal Flying Corps
Rfts = Reinforcements
RG = Royal Grenadiers
RGA = Royal Garrison Artillery
RHC = Royal Highlanders of Canada
RHC = Royal Household Cavalry
Rif = Rifles
RN = Royal Navy
RNAS = Royal Naval Air Service
RNCVR = Royal Naval Canadian Volunteer Reserve
RNS = Relationship Not Stated
RNVR = Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
RNWMP = Royal Northwest Mounted Police
RO = Reserve of Officers
RO = Routine Order
RQMS = Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant
RR (R/R) = Railroad/Rail Road
RSM = Regimental Sergeant-Major
RTC = Returned to Corps
RTO = Railway Transport Officer (later Railway Traffic Officer) [Ref. 2nd CIB Letter 29 Mar 1917 & "Call to Arms: The British Army 1914-1918" by Charles Messenger, courtesy Chris Wight]
RTU = Returned to Unit
Ry = Railway
SA = Separation Allowance
SAA = Small Arms Ammunition
San = Sanitary or Sanitation
San Sec = Sanitary Section
Sask = Saskatchewan
Sb-Cndr or S/Condr = Sub-Commander (Canadian Ordnance Corps)
SBR = special box respirator
Sdn = Squadron
Sec = Secretary
Sec = Section, Sector or Second
Secd = Seconded
SEF = Siberian Expeditionary Force
Senr = Senior
Sergt = Sergeant
Shr W = Shrapnel Wound
Sgr = Signaller
Sgt = Sergeant
Sgt Maj = Sergeant Major
Sig = Signal, Signals or Signalling
SIW = self-inflicted wound
SMO = Senior Medical Officer
SO = Sanitary/Sanitation Officer [Ref. 2nd Div Train War Diary & Regulations for the Canadian Medical Service]
SOS = Struck off strength (of a unit) (in the field)
SP = Strong Point [Source: 25th Bn Operational Order No. 118 dated 20/8/17]
Spec = Specialist
Spr = Sapper
Sqdn, Sqn = Squadron
SQMS = Staff or Squadron Quarter Master Sergeant
Sr = Senior
SRD - Saskatchewan Regimental Depot (Bramshott)
SRD = Special Ration Department [Source: GWF posting]
SRD = (informal use) Service Rum Diluted
SRE = Skilled Railway Employees
ss = (invalided, suffering from) shell-shock
SS = Staff Sergeant
SS = Steamship
SSFA = Soldiers' and Sailors' Families Association
SSO= Senior Supply/Staff Officer ?? [Ref. 2nd Div Train War Diary entry]
St = Standing (Medical Board)
Sta or Stat = Stationary
Stat(y) Hosp = Stationary Hospital
Sub- Lieut = Sub-Lieutenant
Subs = subsequently
Sup or Supp = Supplement
Surg = Surgeon
Surg Gen = Surgeon General
Svce = Service
SW = Shrapnel (Shell) wound
SWL = Soldiers' Wives League
TB = Temporary Base
TB = tuberculosis
TCO = Train Conducting Officer
TD = Training Depot
Tel or Tele = Telegram or Telephone?
Temp, Tempy = Temporary
TM = Trench Mortar
TMB = Trench Mortar Battery
TMS = Trench Mortar School
Tnlg = Tunnelling
TO = Transport Officer
TOS = Taken on strength (of a unit)
Tpr = Trooper
Tps = Troops
Tpt = Transport
trans = transferred
Tr or Trg = Training
Transfd, Transf'd = Transferred
Trg = Training
Trlr = Trawler
TS = Training School
U = University
UK = United Kingdom
Univ = University
unk = unknown
U of T = University of Toronto
U of T O/S Tr Coy = University of Toronto Overseas Training Company
USA = United States Army
VAD = Volunteer Aid Detachment
VC = Victoria Cross
VD = Volunteer Officers’ Decoration or Colonial Auxiliary Forces Officers’ Decoration
VDG = venereal disease, gonorrhea
VDS = venereal disease, syphilis
Vet or Vety = Veterinary
VG (of Canada) = Veterans Guard (of Canada)
VO = Veterinary Officer
VRC = (60th Battalion) Victoria Rifles of Canada [Ref: 60th Bn War Diary entry]
VTLC = Vancouver Trades and Labour Council
w, Wd = wounded
W = West
w/ = with
WB = Whizz Bang (Slang: High Velocity Shell) [Ref: 60th Bn War Diary]
WD = War Department
WD = War Diary
WNYDN = Wounded Not Yet Determined Nervousness (Neurasthenia)
WO = Warrant Officer
WO = War Office
WOAS = While/When on Active Service
WOR = Western Ontario Regiment
WORD = Western Ontario Regimental Depot
WSG = War Service Gratuity
W/T = Wireless Telegraphy
Wt Offr = Warrant Officer
YMCA = Young Men's Christian Association