1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Bretby
1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Bretby 
A note of the fire hearthes w(i)thin the Constable wick of Brettbey Ann(o) d(omi)ni 1662 That have all paid
Phillip Earle of Chesterfeild 68
Will Wilders 1
Luke Budworth 2
James Budworth 1
Henry Belcher 2
Tho. Willson 1
Will. Roberts 1
will. Goodwyn 2
Edward Hewton 1
James Byard 2
Cristopher dawson 1
John Gery 2
Will. Pratt 1
Will. Millner 2
John Belcher 1
Will. Whatton 3
John Pickeringe 1
The Earle of chesterfeild hath two chymes pulled downe
John Geary Constable
This returne & noe other I have from John Geary Const(able)
John Cocks High Const(able)

These p(er)sons are not w(i)thin the Act of Parliam(en)t
Gregory Wright 1
Roland Mason 1
Will. Higgobotham 1
Tho. Willis 1
Richerd Pears minister
William Gooding William Roberds overseeers

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