1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Calke
1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Calke 
A note of what Chimneys that are w(i)thin the Act w(i)thin the Constablry of Caulke and paid michel(mas) 1662
Sr John Harpur 23
Francis Wetton one
John Pime one
Will. Smith one
Tho. Owin one
Tho. Hammond one
George ?Smith two
Joh. Bagnell one
Will. Vernon one
*Widd. ...*
Henry Nuton one
Joh. Wright Jun. one
Will. Homerton one
Ralph Woodhouse one
Joh. Wright sen. two
Widd. Hanbery two
John Coates two
Simion Heawood one
Edward Heawood one
Joseph Heawood two
Will. Heawood two
William Smith Constable
This returne I had from William Smith & noe other
John Cocks High Const(able)
[see also Ticknall & Calke]

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