1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Catton
1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Catton 
A note of all the Fire Harths in Catton in the yeare 1662 at Mich(aelmas) & have all paid
Walter Horton Esq. 15 Harthes
Richard Sheppard 2
Richard Thickbroome 2
Christopher Milnes 1
widdow ?Aulsop 1
Widdow Arnauld 1
Christopher Milnes const(able)
There are none in his Constablery that should have p(ai)d but have p(aid) & none th(a)t are exempt by the Act
I rec(eive)d this certificate & noe other from Christopher Milnes
John Cocks High Const(able)

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