1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Croxall & Edingale
1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Croxall & Edingale 
A List of all the Hearths within the Constablry of Croxall & Eddingale for the yeare 1662 And paid then Michel(mas) 1662
Lord Richard Earle of Dorset for Croxall hall 16
mr Hough 4
Tho. Mowsley 2
John Swanne 2
Edw. Mowsley 2
John Browne 2
Margaret ?Pimne (?Prinne) 2
Aiice Hatchet 1
James Morgell 2
Tho. Wagstaffe 1
Joane Grundy 1
Tho. Collet onely exempted by the Act
Mr H ...?vicer
Francis Kensall Constable & over seear

This returne & noe other I have from Francis Kensall Const(able)
John Cocks High Const(able)

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