1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Normanton
1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Normanton 
1662 A presentment of all the hearths Payable by the Act within the said Towne of Normanton The have paid
Imp(ri)mas First of a11 Mr Beamond dixie esqui(re) Tenn hearths
Mr Philip Prime Nine
William Stenson one
William Pegg one
William Portter one
Micheall Stenson one
Edward Taberer one
John Wilson one
Mr Hassard Fouer
Henery Stenson one
Thomas Jackson Five
John Wilkinson one
John Stenson one
Thomas Holmes one
Richard ... one
Henery ?Owarte one
William Boden one
Widdow Freeman one
Widdow Stenson one
Richard Ball one
William Moulsworth one
Mary Emes one
P(er) me William Stenson Constable

Not payable by the Act
Will. Stenson blacksmith
George Morlidge
Will. Moore
Will. Osbome
widdow Sore
Thomas Jackson John stinson overseors of the poore
Wee have noe constant Minister
This return & noe other I have from William Stenson Const(able)
John Cocks High Const(able)

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