1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Ravenstone
1662 Hearth Tax Assessments - Ravenstone 
Walter wolseley gent 9
The Parsonage, mr Harrison 5
mr Samuell Hacksup 5
John Carter 2
John Hood 1
Rich. Lancelett 1
Hen. Blockley 1
Tho. Pratt 1
John Turner 1
will. Bodily 1
John Clarke 1
George White 1
Hughe Bolt 1
Tho. Bonner 1
Nich. Newberry 1

Theis persons in Ravenston not liable to pay for fire hearths
George Mazon
peeter Mazon
Thomas wayne
James Harvie
widdow shepard
widdow Dudley
william Mals
widdow white
nicholas Newberry overseer of the poore in Ravenston

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