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The Hinckley Album
Henry H. Hinckley's
Gem Tintype Photograph Album

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Page 1 This small gem tintype album measuring 82 x 91 mm has a moulded green cover with a stylized floral motif on the front and back, and six pages.  Every page has four arch-shaped inserts for photos on each side, although there are only 35 photos in the album.  Each tintype measures roughly 19 x 26 mm, although they are not completely regular.  The photos are generally in very good condition, although half a dozen of them show some "wrinkling" to a greater of lesser extent.  Many of them show some hand tinting, consisting of a pinkish tinge to the cheeks.  The pages are also in fairly good condition, although they show some browning, and a couple have small tears.

The most interesting feature of the album is that a large proportion - 27 out 35 - of the photos have been annotated with names, all in the same hand.  In addition, the front inside cover of the album has the name "Henry H. Hinckley" written diagonally across the page.  The subjects of the photos are varied, as follows:
  • 25 photos of young boys and girls
  • 2 photos of young women
  • 4 photos of older women
  • 1 photo of an older man
  • 1 photo of a young man
  • 2 photos of dolls
Genealogical research has been used to build up a detailed picture of the owner of the album, and his extended family.  If you have any further information about the photographs shown on these pages, or the subjects of the photographs, I would be very keen to hear from you (please Email me Brett Payne).
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