Derbyshire Photographers Profiles : Alfred Greenwood of Buxton
Derbyshire Photographers' Profiles
by Brett Payne, of Tauranga, New Zealand
Alfred Greenwood

of 8 Hall Bank & High Street, Buxton

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Alfred Greenwood was listed as a photographer at 8 Hall Bank, Buxton in the 1932 edition of Kelly's trade directory.  The postcard below is dated 1920, suggesting that he was operating from a studio in the High Street of Buxton at least as early as this date.  Nothing further is known about this photographer.

Image © & collection of Brett Payne
A young woman identified only as Ida
by Greenwood of High Street, Buxton

Format: Post Card
Size: 87 x 138.5 mm

Image © & collection of Brett Payne


Image © & collection of Brett Payne

Images provided by Brett Payne
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