Derbyshire Photographers Profiles : Alfred Rippon of Chesterfield
Derbyshire Photographers' Profiles
by Brett Payne, of Tauranga, New Zealand
Alfred Rippon

of Chesterfield

Alfred Rippon was a Chesterfield postman who produced postcards for a few years before the Great War.

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Alfred Rippon was born in 1877 at Chesterfield, son of a leather tanner and publican Herbert Rippon (1844-1897) and his wife Annie née Roe (1852-1912).  After his father died in 1897, his mother took over as proprietor of the Ring o' Bells Inn, and Alfred became a postman.  Adamson (1997) lists Riuppon as a producer of postcards, variously at Minimum Terrace and Hunloake Terrace in Chesterfield, but provides no dates.  Examples shown below and seen elsewhere suggest that he produced postcards during the period c.1910-1914.

Image © & courtesy of Mike Briggs
Image © & courtesy of Mike Briggs
A young unidentified cadet and "The Ram," mascot of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion, Notts. & Derbyshire Regiment
by A. Rippon of Chesterfield
Undated, but probably taken c. 1910-1914
Image © & courtesy of Mike Briggs

Image © & courtesy of Picture the Past Spital Lane, Chesterfield
by A. Rippon of Chesterfield
Undated, but probably taken c. 1910


Image © & courtesy of Picture the Past


Images kindly provided by Picture the Past, Mike Briggs 
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