Derbyshire Photographers Profiles : Walter Mayell of Melbourne
Derbyshire Photographers' Profiles
by Brett Payne, of Tauranga, New Zealand
Walter Mayell

of Melbourne

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Walter Mayell was born at Swindon, Wiltshire in 1879, son of a blacksmith John Mayell and his wife Emma.  After marrying Emily Dent in Buckinghamshire in 1899, he moved to Derby, where their first child was born a few months later.  By April 1901, however, they had settled in Melbourne, where Walter as working as a journeyman baker.

Mayell had a general store in Melbourne's High Street in the mid-1930s.  Examination of trade directories of the period provide the following entries:

1926-1927 : Mayell's Cafe, restaurant, High Street, Melbourne
1932 : Mayel Walt. refreshment rooms, High Street, Melbourne
1935 : Mayell Walter, confectioner, High Street, Melbourne

Mayell probably opened his shop on the High Street, or took it over from someone else, between the end of the Great War and the mid-1920s. He may have taken photographs and published them as postcards; he almost certainly sold such postcards in his shop.

Image © & courtesy of Diane Hicklin
Image © & courtesy of Diane Hicklin
War Memorial Service at Breedon-on-the-Hill, near Melbourne
by W. Mayell of Melbourne
Undated, but probably taken at the unveiling of the memorial in 1926

Format: Post Card  Size: 168 x 108 mm

Image © & courtesy of Diane Hicklin

Notes: see Photo-Sleuth article

Images and information kindly provided by Diane Hicklin
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