St Peter's Netherseal - Burials 1725-1750
St Peter's, Netherseal
Burials 1725-1750

Burials  1751-1775  1776-1800  1801-1812
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Date             First Name(s)      Surname                                              Location
29-Mar  1725     Christopher        LUNN
20-Jun  1725     Robert             BACON
28-Sep  1725     Jno.               SPEIR
10-Oct  1725     Catharine          SPEIR
5-Dec   1725     Richard            ENSER
12-Jan  1725/26  Jno.               SMITH                                                of Packington
30-Jan  1725/26  Mary               GILLY                                                of Donisthorp
4-Feb   1725/26  Jno.               CHAUNER
25-Feb  1725/26  Eliz.              NEWBOLD             dau of Ren.
10-Apr  1726     Mary               TROWELL             dau of Jno.
12-Jul  1726     Wm.                GILBERT                                              of Over Seale
24-Jul  1726     Anne               SPEIR               wife of Will.
16-Aug  1726     Elizabeth          HILL                wife of Willm.
25-Aug  1726     Robt. senior       CLAMP
26-Aug  1726     Elizabeth          TILLEY              bastard of Eliz.
11-Sep  1726     Eliza.             PERCIVALL                                            of Stretton
2-Oct   1726     Elizabeth          THOMSON
6-Nov   1726     Elizabeth          HOW
9-Dec   1726     Elizabeth          WRITE               wife of Matt.
1-Jan   1726/27  Willm.             CAPEHUST
6-Jan   1726/27  Robt.              CLAMP
9-Jan   1726/27  Allice             STRETTON
16-Jan  1726/27  Henry              COOKE
22-Jan  1726/27  Widdow             SMITH
1-Feb   1726/27  Elizabeth          PERSIVALL                                            of Oak Thorp
5-Mar   1726/27  Jno.               LEEDHAM                                              of Rolleston
21-Mar  1726/27  Ruth               CUNDIL              wife of Robt.
19-May  1727     Richd.             SANSOME             son of Jno.
23-Jul  1727     Reginald           NEWBALD
23-Jul  1727     Jno.               BEALY
24-Jul  1727     Jno.               FEARNY-HOUGH
19-Aug  1727     Anne               ARNOLD              wife of Ralfe
21-Aug  1727     Joan               HEATHCOAT           wife of Richd.
25-Aug  1727     Willm.             LEEDHAM
3-Sep   1727     Eliza.             BRIGGS              wife of Henry
5-Sep   1727     Jno.               TILLEY
15-Sep  1727     Mary               LEEDHAM             wife of Jno.
1-Oct   1727     Willm.             SHAW                son of Tho.
4-Oct   1727     Anne               COOK
8-Oct   1727     Jno.               WILSON                                               of Gresley
12-Nov  1727     Eliza.             STEEL
21-Nov  1727     Jno.               STANDLEY
23-Nov  1727     Willm.             SMITH
5-Dec   1727     Willm.             SPEIR
7-Dec   1727     Willm.             WAIN
13-Dec  1727     James              NEWBOLD             son of Fran.
18-Dec  1727     Mary               WEBSTER
25-Dec  1727     Eliza.             MOUSLEY             dau of Tho.
26-Dec  1727     Fr.                HART
7-Jan   1727/28  Joyce              SMITH
11-Jan  1727/28  Mary               JOANES
14-Jan  1727/28  Sarah              BRADFORD
28-Jan  1727/28  Jno.               GREENWOOD           son of Jno.
29-Jan  1727/28  Christian          CRESWELL
4-Mar   1727/28  Martin             HICKLIN
5-Mar   1727/28  Mary               TILLEY
31-Mar  1728     Tho.               COOKE
8-Apr   1728     Katharin           USHAWOOD
26-Apr  1728     Sarah              GREENWOOD           wife of Jno.
27-Apr  1728     Jane               RENTFORD                                             of Oakethorp
2-May   1728     Susanna            NEWBOLD
27-May  1728     Josh.              ARNOLD
1-Jun   1728     Tho.               SPEIR
4-Jun   1728     Hen.               WAGSTER
5-Jul   1728     Rob.               BRADFORD
13-Jul  1728     Geo.               ARNOLD
25-Jul  1728     Ka.                SAVAGE
2-Aug   1728     Tho.               NEWBOLD             son of Ren.
3-Aug   1728     Geo.               GILBERT
4-Aug   1728     Richd.             HEATHCOATE
14-Aug  1728     Anne               DEANE
19-Aug  1728     Anne               WILSON
23-Aug  1728     Mrs.               WAKELIN
25-Aug  1728     Wid.               RICHARDSON
5-Sep   1728     E.                 TILLEY
12-Oct  1728     El.                FLORANCE
13-Oct  1728     Jacob              EATON
18-Dec  1728     Mary               HEIR
25-Dec  1728     Wid.               DUKSLEY
28-Dec  1728     Anne               HART
3-Jan   1728/29  Richd.             SANDERS             Stranger
5-Jan   1728/29  Jos.               LAGO
8-Jan   1728/29  Wid.               STAFFORD
11-Jan  1728/29  Rob.               WILLS
15-Jan  1728/29  Mary               LAKIN
3-Feb   1728/29  Richd.             NEWBOLD
7-Feb   1728/29  Mary               TURNER
28-Feb  1728/29  Anne               COLLINS
9-Mar   1728/29  Willm.             CHANTERY
11-Mar  1728/29  Jno.               STRETTON
21-Mar  1728/29  Judith             SPEIR
21-Mar  1728/29  Joan               ENSOR               Widdow
27-Mar  1729     Jno.               WAKELIN             Gentn.
27-Mar  1729     Mary               FLORANCE                                             of Gresley
11-Apr  1729     Joseph             HARVEY              son of Willm.
27-Apr  1729     Anne               ARNOLD              wife of Ra.
8-May   1729     Sarah              THORP               widdow
14-May  1729     Tho.               DYSON               son of Tho.
20-May  1729     Anne               COOKE               widdow
27-Jun  1729     Joseph             HEATHCOATE
3-Jul   1729     Tho.               SMITH
12-Sep  1729     Willm.             FRANKS
16-Sep  1729     Willm.             TILLEY              son of Willm.
19-Sep  1729     Rachl.             LEYBETER            servant
26-Oct  1729     Tho.               MARRIOTT
7-Dec   1729     Mary               DEANE               wid.
31-Dec  1729     Tho.               MILWARD             Stranger
?-Jan   1729/30  Hannah & Anne      KING                daurs of Rob.
27-Jan  1729/30  Willm.             BOOTH               son of Willm.
31-Jan  1729/30  Will.              HOW                 son of Richd.
25-Feb  1729/30  Elizabeth          HARVEY              dau of Will.
21-Mar  1729/30  Elizabeth          DEANE               dau of Willm.
16-Apr  1730     Sarah              CAPENHUST           wife of Jno.
23-Apr  1730     Tho.               LAKIN
10-May  1730     Sarah              WILLS
25-May  1730     Matthew            WRIGHT
26-May  1730     Willm.             WEBSTER
13-Jul  1730     Joseph             KING
19-Aug  1730     Mary               LEEDHAM             dau of Will. & Sarah
22-Aug  1730     Tho.               LEEDHAM             son of Christr. & Eliz.
4-Oct   1730     Gilbert            NARWOOD
24-Oct  1730     Jno.               STIFF
16-Dec  1730     Anne               DYSON
23-Dec  1730     William            NEWBOLD             (son of Tho. & Eliz.)
26-Dec  1730     Thomas             KNIGHT
12-Jan  1730/31  Ralph              ARNOLD
13-Jan  1730/31  Jane               LAKIN               dau of Widdow Lakin
21-Feb  1730/31  Dorothy            TILLEY              wife of Jno.
6-Mar   1730/31  -                  -                   nurse                            of Measham
22-Mar  1730/31  Joseph             LUN                 son of Rob.
8-Apr   1731     Rob.               LUN                 son of Rob.
28-Apr  1731     Willm.             BAXTER              son of Jno.
16-May  1731     Sam.               NEWBOLD
1-Jun   1731     Jno.               BAXTER
13-Jul  1731     Willm.             WRITE
11-Aug  1731     Hellen             SMITH               wid.
16-Oct  1731     Mary               LEEDHAM             wife of Jno.
20-Oct  1731     Tho.               WILLIAMS
23-Oct  1731     Anne               INGE                dau of Richd. & Eliza.
6-Nov   1731     Sarah & Mary       WILLIAMS            & Mary her dau
7-Nov   1731     Mary               GREEN               dau of Ben.
10-Nov  1731     Mary               THOMPSON
17-Nov  1731     Sarah              WAIN
28-Nov  1731     Tho.               DYSON
13-Dec  1731     Sarah              DYSON
25-Dec  1731     Jno.               TURNER              son of Thos.
2-Jan   1731/32  Mary               LEEDHAM             dau of Jno.
16-Jan  1731/32  Jno.               TROWELL
16-Jan  1731/32  Jos.               GERVIS
17-Jan  1731/32  Jno.               HULL                son of Richd.                    of Gresley
18-Jan  1731/32  Mary               WILLIAMS            dau of Willm.
26-Jan  1731/32  Will.              BOOTH                                                of Duransthorp
17-Feb  1731/32  Eliz.              GRESLEY             wife of Tho.
3-Mar   1731/32  Sarah              GILBERT             wife of Tho.
10-Mar  1731/32  Anne               RADFORD             dau of James & Anne
10-Mar  1731/32  Mary               LEEDHAM             dau of Will. & Sarah
14-Mar  1731/32  Tho.               WHITWELL
19-Mar  1731/32  Sarah              GEN                 dau of Will. & Eliza.
22-Mar  1731/32  Eliza.             HOLLICK             dau of Th.
3-Jun   1732     Anne               PATRICK             wife of Simon
4-Jun   1732     Tho.               GILBERT
27-Sep  1732     Martha             JAQUES              dau of Tho.                      of Overton on the Hill
14-Oct  1732     Ed.                EATON
23-Dec  1732     Eliza.             INGE                wife of Richd.
25-Feb  1732/33  George             GREENWOOD           son of Jno.
11-Mar  1732/33  Eliz.              BOOTH               wife of James
30-Mar  1733     Eliz.              STRETTON
9-Apr   1733     Jane               NEWBALD             Wid.
15-Apr  1733     Thos.              MILNER              son of Willm. & Eliz.
26-Apr  1733     Dorcas             WRITE
27-Jul  1733     Ed.                LEEDHAM             son of Jno.
9-Sep   1733     Anne               PATRICK             dau of Sim.
23-Sep  1733     Hen.               ARMSON              son of Richd.
24-Oct  1733     Sarah              HOLYOAKE            dau of Tho.
25-Oct  1733     Anne               HICKLIN             wife of Geo.
26-Oct  1733     Mary               HEIR                wife of Isa.
21-Jan  1733/34  Eliz.              CHAMBERLIN          wife of Tho.
29-Mar  1734     Joseph             HEIR                son of Josph.
24-Apr  1734     Eliz.              CONDUIT             wife of Rob.
28-May  1734     Willm.             NEWBALD
13-Jun  1734     Freelove           USHAWOOD            dau of Willm.
26-Jun  1734     Sarah              CLAMP
1-Aug   1734     Jane               HAIR                dau of Jos.
7-Aug   1734     Eliz.              ROBINSON            wife of Willm.
7-Aug   1734     Paul               ROBINSON            son of Willm.
29-Aug  1734     Willm.             GLEN
29-Aug  1734     Anne               STANDLY
1-Oct   1734     Jno.               DEANE               son of Willm.
8-Oct   1734     Jno.               HART                son of Jno.
6-Oct   1734     Eliz.              MILNER              wife of Richd.
29-Oct  1734     Jno.               LEEDHAM                                              of Ashby
7-Nov   1734     Eln'r              HART                wife of Jno.
30-Nov  1734     Jos.               HART                son of Frans.
27-Dec  1734     Tho. Jno. & Eiza.  ROTTON              children of Josh. & Mary
9-Jan   1734/35  Jno.               SALISBURY           son of Tho.
19-Jan  1734/35  Jno.               GAMBLY
28-Jan  1734/35  Anne               STANDLY             dau of Jos.
6-Feb   1734/35  Eliz.              BAXTER              dau of Jo.
7-Feb   1734/35  -                  BARUL?              Wid.                             of Gresley
17-Feb  1734/35  Letice             GRESLEY
7-Apr   1735     Eliza.             LEEDHAM                                              of Ashby
10-Apr  1735     Jno.               CHAMBERLIN
12-May  1735     Suser.             COOKE
7-Aug   1735     Anne               NEST?               wife of Fr.
24-Sep  1735     Mary               THOMSON             dau of Tho.
12-Dec  1735     Jno.               JOHNSON             son of Jno.
13-Dec  1735     Martha             ARNOLD              wid.
30-Dec  1735     Anne               TOMLISON            dau of James
26-Jan  1735/36  Will.              SPAIR
2-Feb   1735/36  Anne               BUDWORTH
6-Feb   1735/36  Tho.               ARNOLD
22-Feb  1735/36  Jno.               CRESSWELL
28-Apr  1736     El.                BRIGGS              dau of Jno.
9-May   1736     Doro.              GREENWOOD           dau of Jno.
16-May  1736     Doro.              GREEN               wife of Ben.
24-May  1736     Mary               BAXTER              dau of Jno.
30-May  1736     Mary               CAPENHUST           dau of Hen.
24-Jun  1736     Anne               SANS                bastrd. of Sar.
1-Aug   1736     Anne               HAIR                dau of Isa.
4-Aug   1736     Tho.               WAGSTER
23-Jan  1736/37  Paul               ROBINSON            son of Willm.
18-Feb  1736/37  Tho.               RADFORD             son of Tho.
19-Feb  1736/37  Eli.               LEEDHAM
7-Apr   1737     Tho.               HOLLAND
25-Apr  1737     Edward             LEEDHAM             son of Cristo. & Eliz.
12-Jun  1737     Jno.               WITHNALL
30-Jun  1737     ??                 WETTON
5-Sep   1737     Mary               SPENCER             wife of Jno.                     of Gresley
15-Nov  1737     Mar.               LUNN                                                 of Measham
28-Nov  1737     Richd.             PARKER
2-Dec   1737     Anne               GILBERT             dau of Geor. & Eliz.
4-Dec   1737     Jos. & Anne        BRIGGS              Chil. [of] Henry & Mary
6-Dec   1737     Allice             ILIFF
22-Dec  1737     Jno.               NEWBOULD            son of Chr. & Sar.
25-Dec  1737     Sarah              ARNOLD
29-Jan  1737/38  Elnr.              ROBINSON            wife of Will.
19-Feb  1737/38  Anne               GREENWOOD           dau of Jno. & Mary
20-Feb  1737/38  Mary               BOOTH                                                of Greley
17-Mar  1737/38  Mary               TOMLISON            dau of Jno. & Mary
23-Mar  1737/38  Eliz.              BROOKS              wife of Tho.
28-Mar  1738     Eliz.              MARRIOT             dau of Mary
24-May  1738     Jane               LATHBURY                                             of Ashby
1-Aug   1738     Will.              DEANE               son of Will. & Hope
17-Oct  1738     Eliza.             SPENCER             wife of Jno.                     of Gresley
17-Oct  1738     Anne               EAMES               dau of Hen. & Doro.
21-Nov  1738     Richd.             HULL                son of Richd.
11-Mar  1738/39  Mary               TOMLYSON            dau of James & Margt.
11-Apr  1739     Tho.               WILLS               son of Tho. & Eliza.
18-Apr  1739     Abigall            CLARKE              dau of Christr. & Rebeccah
29-Apr  1739     Freelove           USHAWOOD            dau of Will.
11-Jun  1739     Thos.              GREENWOOD
27-Jun  1739     Jno.               STRETTON            son of Jno.
22-Jul  1739     Henry              GREENWOOD           son of Jos.
6-Jan   1739/40  Jane               CLARKE              dau of Jno.
8-Jan   1739/40  Rebeccah           COPE
8-Jan   1739/40  Mary               VERNON
13-Jan  1739/40  Saml.              CLARKE              son of Jno.
15-Feb  1739/40  Jno.               STANDLY             son of Henry
17-Feb  1739/40  Jno. & Mary        TOMLYSON            and Mary his dau
23-Mar  1739/40  Tho.               WILLS               son of Tho.
19-Apr  1740     Willm.             ATWOOD              son of Willm. & Catha.
1-May   1740     Eliza.             WILSON              dau of Hum.                      of Gresley
24-Jun  1740     Jno.               LEEDHAM                                              of Over Seale
10-Aug  1740     Eliza.             LUN                 wife of Rob.
10-Aug  1740     Catharine          NEWBOULD            wife of Willm.
12-Aug  1740     Martin             STRETTON            son of Eliza.
19-Aug  1740     Jno.               LUNN                son of Robt.
25-Nov  1740     Willm.             USHAWOOD
10-Dec  1740     Jno.               BONSHALL
1-Mar   1740/41  Dorothea?          WRIGHT              Wid.
26-Apr  1741     Willm.             WILLIAMS
17-May  1741     Susanna            EATON               Wid.
2-Jun   1741     Mary               FITCHET             dau of Willm.
28-Jun  1741     Hum.               WILSON                                               of Gresley
15-Aug  1741     Hannah             CLAMP
24-Aug  1741     Willm.             HARVY
3-Sep   1741     Hellen             KISS                wife of Jno.
5-Sep   1741     Jane               CLARKE              dau of Jno.
9-Sep   1741     Eliza.             HULL                dau of Richd.
10-Sep  1741     Jno.               CLARKE              son of Jno.
18-Sep  1741     Richd.             MILNER
26-Sep  1741     Mary               GREEN               dau of Richd.
6-Oct   1741     Anne               BOOTH               dau of Jno.
13-Nov  1741     Mary               MARRIOTT            Wid.
19-Nov  1741     Jno.               BROOKS
22-Nov  1741     Anne               BONSHALL
4-Dec   1741     Tho.               NEWBOLD
11-Dec  1741     Robt.              CONDUIT
3-Jan   1741/42  Dorothy            GREENWOOD           dau of Jno.
27-Mar  1742     Mary               SPAIR               wife of Ezecl.
28-Mar  1742     Richd.             SPAIR               son of Ezecl.
15-Apr  1742     Mary               FREEMAN
7-May   1742     Samuel             CLARKE
7-Jul   1742     Rob.               LIVERSTICH          aged 109
16-Jul  1742     Mary               FITCHET             dau of Willm.
5-Sep   1742     George             FITCHET             son of Willm.
14-Nov  1742     Jno.               CALINGWOOD          son of Jno.
15-Nov  1742     Allice             CLARK               dau of Robt. & Allice            of Gresley
24-Feb  1742/43  Mary               SPAIR               wife of Tho.
25-Feb  1742/43  Sarah              BAT                 dau of Richd. & Mary
6-Apr   1743     Tho. Esqr.         GRESLEY
20-Apr  1743     Mary               SPENCER             dau of Jno. & Mary
4-May   1743     -                  GREENWOOD           Wid.                             of Coton
5-May   1743     Sarah              SPAIR               wife of Willm.
8-May   1743     Geor.              BATE                son of Richd. & Mary
29-May  1743     Simon              PATRICK
3-Jun   1743     Sarah              TOMLISON            dau of James
4-Jun   1743     Jane               HULL                wife of Richd.
12-Jun  1743     Alice              STANDLY             wife of Tho.
6-Jul   1743     Jno.               PATRICK             son of Tho.
15-Jul  1743     Eliza.             LEEDHAM             dau of Tho.
19-Jul  1743     Sarah              HULL                dau of Richd.
2-Sep   1743     Anne               PATRICK             dau of Tho.
26-Sep  1743     Robt.              WETTON              son of Jno.
4-Nov   1743     Joseph             LUNN                son of Robt.
9-Dec   1743     Anne               GREEN               wife of Jno.                     of Donisthorp of parish of Measham
18-Dec  1743     Mary               MOSLEY              wife of Richd.                   of Gresley
2-Jan   1743/44  Tho.               NEWBOULD            son of Thos.
7-Mar   1743/44  Tho.               LUNN                son of Robt.
19-May  1744     Sarah              LUNN                dau of Robt.
20-May  1744     Anne               GREENWOOD           a child
29-May  1744     William            LEEDHAM             son of Tho. & Eliza.
15-Sep  1744     Tho.               GILLIVER            son of Jos.
16-Sep  1744     Mary               FOXON
3-Feb   1744/45  Ellen              BAXTER              dau of Abraham
17-Feb  1744/45  Jno.               MILNER              son of Willm.
6-Apr   1745     Tho.               HULL                son of Richd.
21-Apr  1745     Joseph             TOMLYSON            bastard of Mary
25-Apr  1745     Mary               SMITH               wife of Jno.
28-Apr  1745     Mary               FLORANCE                                             of Gresley
18-May  1745     Mary               MIDLETON            wife of Tho.
25-May  1745     Richard            BATE                son of Richd.
29-Jul  1745     Jno.               ENSER               son of Richd.
16-Aug  1745     Jno.               WALKER              son of Richd.
17-Sep  1745     Ruth               MILNER
17-Oct  1745     Mary               WAGSTER
27-Oct  1745     Frances            WILLS
2-Nov   1745     Joseph             GILLIVER            son of Jos.
21-Nov  1745     Freelove           BAXTER
30-Nov  1745     Tho.               BAXTER              son of Tho.
19-Dec  1745     Sarah              SHELLEY             servant
2-Feb   1745/46  Robt.              LUNN
8-Feb   1745/46  Jno.               CLARKE              son of Gilbert
27-Apr  1746     Jno.               STRETTON
7-Jun   1746     Mary               BAXTER              dau of Tho.
24-Jun  1746     Margaret           TOMLISON            wife of James
14-Jul  1746     Jno.               TOMLYSON            son of James
27-Jul  1746     Willm.             STANDLY
18-Sep  1746     Mary               THORP               single woman
23-Sep  1746     Joseph             HAIR
12-Oct  1746     Samuel             BOOTH               son of Jno.
2-Nov   1746     Frances            WALKER              wife of Richd.
??-Dec  1746     Mary               ROTTEN              dau of Jno.
16-Jan  1746/47  Willm.             SPAIR
12-Apr  1747     -                  LAKIN               Widdow
5-Jul   1747     Hannah             ENSER               wife of Richd.
16-Dec  1747     Willm.             SAVAGE
20-Jan  1747/48  Eliz.              ALSOP               dau of Ann
30-Jan  1747/48  Susn.              HULL                wife of Richd.
20-Mar  1747/48  Richd.             ENSER               son of Richd.
13-Apr  1748     Mary               BATE                dau of Richd.
14-May  1748     Richard            INGE                                                 Rector of Seale
9-Jun   1748     Mary               REDFERN             dau of Jos.
24-Jun  1748     Elizabeth          TOMLINSON           dau of James
23-Oct  1748     Mary               BATE                wife of Edward
19-Dec  1748     William            SOUTHWELL           Traveller
14-Feb  1748/49  Joseph Senr.       WILKS
2-Mar   1748/49  Lee Esqr.          GRESLEY
18-Mar  1748/49  John               KISSE
26-Apr  1749     Thomas             BAXTER
4-May   1749     Dorothy            ARNOLD              wife of Richard
30-Jun  1749     Agnes              TILLY               wife of John
7-Jul   1749     Elizabeth          JOHNSON             wife of John
2-Aug   1749     Henry              HAMES
21-Aug  1749     Joseph             WILKES              son of William & Mary
24-Sep  1749     Martha             SALISBURY
24-Sep  1749     Anne               ALLSOPP             wife of Humphrey
30-Oct  1749     Elizabeth          COX                 dau of Elizabeth
7-Nov   1749     Sarah              CLEMENT             dau of Joseph & Anne
14-Nov  1749     Francis            MOUSLEY             son of Edward & Catharine
22-Nov  1749     Grace              WARD                Widow                            of Donisthorpe
25-Dec  1749     Sarah              LUN                 wife of William
29-Dec  1749     Mary               BAXTER              dau of Martha  Widow
4-Jan   1749/50  Elizabeth          SHERWIN             wife of Job
7-Jan   1749/50  John               HAYES               son of Edward & Catharine
14-Jan  1749/50  Joan               SPEED
4-Mar   1749/50  Mary               MILNER              wife of John
17-Mar  1749/50  Mary               WILKS               wife of William
29-Apr  1750     John               HEAPE               son of Wm. & Elizabeth
30-Apr  1750     Reginald           NEWBOLD
8-May   1750     Thomas             PATRICK             son of Thomas & Elizabeth
10-Jun  1750     George             LUNN                son of George & Mary
30-Jul  1750     Sarah              HUDSON              wife of Thomas
1-Aug   1750     Mary               NEWBOLD             dau of Wm. & Ruth
28-Sep  1750     William            SPENCER             son of John & Mary
17-Oct  1750     Elizabeth          MILNER              wife of William
4-Dec   1750     George             SIMMONS             son of Jonathan & Anne

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