St Peter's Netherseal - Marriages 1725-1812
St Peter's, Netherseal
Marriages 1725-1812

Surname Index
                 Groom                                            Bride
Date             First Name(s)     Surname             Parish     First Name(s)  Surname            Parish                                    Notes
5-Sep   1725     Jno.              FISHER                         Elizabeth      CHAMBERLIN         of Blackfordby in the parish of Ashby
31-Oct  1725     George            GILBERT                        Eliz.          MILNER
31-May  1726     Tho.              SMITH                          Hellen         WHITWORTH
9-Aug   1726     Charles           MOLL                           Rebecca        RADFORD
4-Apr   1727     Tho.              EVANS                          Mary           MOLLIBER
17-Sep  1727     Jno.              BRIGGS                         Elizabeth      COLLIER
14-Jan  1727/28  Jno.              CLAMP                          Mary           JONES
26-Feb  1727/28  Henry             LANGLEY                        Katharin       ORTON
29-Oct  1728     Rob.              CONDUIT                        Mary           CLAMP
12-Feb  1728/29  Willm.            GLEN                           El.            CAPENHUST
27-Apr  1729     Willm.            ATWOOD                         Katharin       GILBERT
30-Jun  1729     Tho.              TURNER                         Eliza.         WETTON
30-Sep  1729     Jno.              ROTTEN                         Anne           SCOTT
7-Oct   1729     Henry             THORP                          Sarah          SAVAGE
4-Nov   1729     Tho.              HOLLICK                        Eliz.          CHAPMAN
26-Dec  1729     Jno.              GREENWOOD                      Mary           HENWORTH
29-Mar  1730     Joseph            CLEMENS                        Anne           RICHARDSON
30-Mar  1730     James             RADFORD                        Anne           CAPENHUST
2-Apr   1730     Tho.              NEWBOLD                        Eliz.          ORTON
15-Oct  1730     Tho.              NEWBOLD                        Sarah          ELLIOT
28-Oct  1730     Jno.              WOODROUGH                      Mary           RADFORD
28-Jan  1730/31  Sam.              WHITWELL                       Eliz.          LAKIN
10-Feb  1730/31  Jno.              HATTON                         Sarah          BROWN
22-Feb  1731/32  Jno.              GILLIVER                       Mary           EATON
13-Oct  1732     Jno.              TILLY                          Allice         GERVIS
22-Oct  1732     Jno.              WRIGHT                         Mary           NEWBOLD
25-Dec  1732     Jno.              BONSHALL                       Anne           SIMPKIN
26-Mar  1733     Hen.              BRIGGS                         Mary           GRICE
29-May  1733     Hum.              ALSOP                          Anne           TROWELL
25-Feb  1733/34  Joseph            BOMFORD                        Mary           PEGG
16-Apr  1734     Jno.              ABELL                          Eliz.          SPEIR
16-Apr  1734     Jno.              CHAMBERLIN                     Anne           CRESSWELL
20-May  1734     Jos.              ROTTON                         Mary           ATKINS
5-Aug   1734     Rob.              CONDUIT                        Anne           NULSFORD
12-Jul  1735     Tho.              WILLS                          Eliza.         NEWBOULD
30-Dec  1735     Hen.              CAPENHUST                      Han.           ROTTEN
10-Feb  1735/36  Hen.              STANDLY                        Reb.           PARKER
17-Feb  1735/36  Willm.            NEWBOULD                       Catha.         WILKS
13-May  1736     Willm.            ROBINSON                       Elln.          NEWBOULD
4-Oct   1736     Richd.            ROWLAND                        Eli.           HOLLY
4-Oct   1736     Will.             STRETTON                       Anne           SMITH
3-Oct   1737     Willm.            STEPHENS                       Mary           HOLLINGSHEAD
8-Oct   1737     Jno.              THORNTON                       Anne           CHAMBERLIN
2-Apr   1738     Will.             NEWBOUD                        Eliz.          DAIKING
4-Jan   1738/39  Tho.              CLAMP                          Mary           BARK
14-Oct  1739     Richd.            BATE                           Mary           BATE
29-Oct  1739     Tho.              BROOKS                         Mary           BATH
3-May   1740     Joseph            TAYLER                         Anne           STANDLEY
27-May  1740     Jno.              HOSLER                         Anne           TROWELL
8-Oct   1740     Jonathan          SIMMONDS                       Anne           WOOD
15-Jan  1740/41  Jno.              FOXON                          Eliza.         GREENWOOD
16-May  1741     Ezechl.           SPAIR                          Mary           CHAPMAN
18-May  1741     Richd.            ENSER                          Hannah         BONSER
12-Jul  1741     James             BUCK                           Sarah          TAYLER
7-Sep   1741     Tho.              BAXTER                         Freelove       USHAWOOD
28-Sep  1742     Robt.             LUNN                           Sarah          RICE
15-Nov  1742     Jno.              GRIME                          Anne           CONDUIT
24-May  1743     Tho.              STANDLY                        Allice         ROBERTS
13-Oct  1743     Richd.            HULL                           Susan          LEEDHAM
12-Dec  1743     Henry             PEASE                          Eliza.         MORAS
29-Apr  1744     Tho.              HILL                           Catharine      LEEDHAM
27-Aug  1744     Jno.              GRIME                          Mary           LIVERSTICH
27-Sep  1744     Jno.              TILLY                          Mary           GAMBLE
21-Feb  1744/45  Jno.              FOSTER                         Sus.           HUDSON
15-Apr  1745     Jno.              SHAW                           Eliza.         NEWBOLD
15-Jul  1745     Gilbert           CLARK                          Sarah          VICKERS
4-Sep   1745     George            WOOD                           Eliza.         GLEN
2-Oct   1745     Willm.            BILLS                          Susan          TOMPSON
28-Oct  1745     Joseph            STONE                          Mar.           MARRIOT
1-Jan   1745/46  Robt.             GRICE                          Anne           JONES
30-Mar  1746     Edward            HAYES                          Catharine      MOUSLEY
24-Jun  1746     Ezech.            SPAIR                          Dor.           WHITLOCK
6-Jul   1746     Tho.              BAXTER                         Martha         GILBERT
19-Oct  1746     Richd.            HOWLDING                       Hannah         WAGSTER?
20-Oct  1746     Jno.              MILNER                         Sar.           LUDFORD
7-Sep   1747     Tho.              POVEY                          Eliza.         HOW
5-Feb   1748/49  Richd.            HULL                           Elizabeth      BOLTON
4-Nov   1749     John              FREEMAN                        Hannah         HOLDEN
18-Dec  1749     James             RUSHEN              Chilcot    Sarah          SPEARE
25-Jan  1749/50  Henry             RILER               Seckington Mary           RADFORD
4-Apr   1750     Job               SHERREN                        Sarah          GRICE
16-Apr  1750     Isaac             HAIR                           Martha         BAXTER
17-Apr  1750     Thomas            CHADBORN                       Sarah          KERREY
1-May   1750     Joseph            ASTLE                          Mary           HOLYOAKE
13-May  1750     William           BUDWORTH                       Anne           HIND
30-Jul  1750     John              CHAMBERLAYNE                   Dorothy        STRETTON
2-Oct   1750     Robert            PLANT                          Mary           MEE
2-Oct   1750     John              WHITAKER                       Sarah          GREENWOOD
28-Oct  1750     James             BUDWORTH                       Elizabeth      HEATHERLY
6-Nov   1750     William           WRIGHT              Appleby    Dorothy        HAMES
27-Dec  1750     John              COPE                           Mary           GAMBLE
27-Feb  1750/51  Edward            PHILLIPS                       Mary           ATTERTON
?-Oct   1751     ??                ??                             Hannah         SMITH
4-Jun   1752     Humphrey          ALLSOP                         Sarah          POOLER             Seckington
30-Oct  1752     Samuel            NEWBOULD                       Isabella       GREENWOOD
27-Dec  1752     Joseph            BIRD                           Sarah          TOPLISS
17-Oct  1753     Joseph            BETTERIDGE                     Sarah          BRYON
26-Feb  1754     John              NEWBOLD                        Sarah          SMITH
3-Jun   1754     Thomas            SPEARE                         Catharine      JONES
4-Jun   1754     Benjamin          CONGREVE                       Mary           MUSGROVE
1-Jul   1754     John              MILNER                         Dorothy        LUNN
7-Oct   1754     Joseph            SIMMONDS                       Joyce          WILKES
27-Jan  1755     Richard           CHADBORN                       Elizabeth      CLEMENTS
11-Feb  1755     John              SWAIN                          Anne           BOLTON
7-Jun   1755     Thomas            MARSTON                        Sarah          HALL
28-Oct  1755     William           KIRKBY                         Anne           ATKINS
3-Nov   1755     Edward            ASHFORD                        Elizabeth      STANLEY
3-Nov   1755     Joseph            CLEMENTS                       Lydia          BODELL
27-Dec  1755     James             RADFORD                        Anne           HUTCHINSON
8-Feb   1756     Joseph            ROLSTON                        Lydia          ATWOOD
4-Aug   1756     John              BROWNE                         Eadey          LOVETT
26-Jun  1757     Francis           BRADFORD                       Anne           MUSGROVE
4-Jul   1757     William           COOPER                         Anne           SHAW
23-Sep  1757     William           PYCROFT                        Elizabeth      WILKES
21-Oct  1757     Thomas            ORGILL                         Catharine      ARMSON
15-Dec  1757     John              NEWBOLD                        Mary           SHARP
5-Jan   1758     Joseph            CROCKETT                       Anne           NEWBOLD
6-Nov   1758     George            REDFERN                        Anne           CLEMENTS
24-Feb  1759     John              ROTTEN                         Elizabeth      HULL
29-Jun  1759     Thomas            JONES                          Mary           WILKES
23-Jul  1759     Joseph            SHENTON                        Jane           DEAN
11-Sep  1759     Joseph            WILKES                         Eliz.          WOOD
12-Oct  1759     Christopher       LUNN                           Mary           MAROT
28-Mar  1760     Robert            GRICE                          Alis           SHORTOSS
7-Apr   1760     Thomas            MASON                          Jane           NEWBOLD
27-May  1760     William           MILLER                         Mary           DUGMER
3-Jun   1760     Henry             POTTER                         Mary           BAKER
12-Jan  1761     Job               WITHNALL                       Ann            WALLIS
22-Mar  1761     Thos.             LEEDAM                         Elizath.       ORME
5-Apr   1761     Henry             ROULSTON                       Elizath.       LUNN
30-Apr  1761     Benjamin          JAMES                          Mary           BRANTNAL
6-Jul   1761     Robert            JILLIVER                       Elizabeth      COLE
31-Dec  1761     George            ROE                            Ruth           SHARP
2-Feb   1762     John              MUSGROVE                       Elizth.        BRADFORD
28-Apr  1763     William           PEACE                          Elizabeth      -
19-Jun  1763     William           STOKES                         Catharine      ATWOOD
9-Sep   1763     William           PATRICK                        Anne           ASH
11-Oct  1763     John              ATWOOD                         Alice          ROULSTON
26-Dec  1763     George            HIND                           Anne           STANLEY
10-Feb  1764     John              ELTON                          Anne           TIMMS
28-Feb  1764     John              WILKES                         Mary           WOOD
14-Feb  1765     Thomas            BROOKES                        Mary           BECK
14-Apr  1765     John              ROULSTON                       Elizabeth      ATWOOD
17-May  1765     Francis           COOK                           Catharine      PALMER
4-Aug   1765     Urias             PATERICK                       Jane           HANSON
11-Aug  1765     Thos.             CHAMBERLAIN                    Ann            WAINWRIGHT
27-Jan  1766     James             BALL                           Elizth.        MASON
5-May   1766     Henry             CHAPMAN                        Ann            LUNN
6-May   1766     Charles           ORTON                          Ann            POUNTAIN
26-May  1766     Abraham           MELLIS                         Elizth.        WARD
2-Jun   1766     Samuel            NORTH                          Ann            TEATE
4-Nov   1766     David             BERKIN                         Dorothy        WHITLOCK
27-Jan  1767     William           RILE                           Mary           SIMS
18-Jun  1767     John              TIBBET                         Ann            BOOTH
9-Feb   1768     John              SUMMERS                        Dorothy        TUGBY
17-Jul  1768     Robert            KIRKBY                         Ann            MASON
1-Aug   1768     William           ASTLE                          Mary           CLEMENTS
14-Aug  1768     George            SIMS                           Margaret       GREENWOOD
21-Aug  1768     Benjamin          BRITTEN                        Sarah          JAQUIS
7-Sep   1768     John              BECK                           Hannah         SHAW
23-Sep  1768     William           ROTTEN                         Elizabeth      RAMSOR
1-Nov   1768     William           EGGINTON                       Mary           BRIGGS
16-Nov  1768     William           SHAKESPEAR                     Elizabeth      MORGAN
21-Feb  1769     Thomas            JOHNSON                        Mary           SAUNDERS
29-May  1769     Edward            RAGG                           Hannah         HODSON
22-Aug  1769     Thomas            LEEDAM                         Sarah          SMITH
4-Sep   1769     Thomas            HARE                           Elizabeth      HODGKINSON
9-Oct   1769     John              LITHERLAND                     Ann            POWER
1-Jan   1770     Thomas            MOSELY                         Ann            STRETTON
17-Apr  1770     William           HALL                           Sarah          CAPENHURST
25-Jun  1770     Charles           LAKIN                          Ann            FRETWELL
23-Jul  1770     David             ETHERLY                        Ann            LAKIN
31-Oct  1770     John              BLOOR                          Elizabeth      TOMPSON
5-Nov   1770     Thomas            SALISBURY                      Elizabeth      MILLER
19-May  1771     Samuel            MUSGROVE                       Amey           BALL
7-Jul   1771     Chace             CHAPMAN                        Mary           STANLEY
17-Sep  1771     John              CLARK                          Sarah          MARSON
23-Sep  1771     John              WALLBANKE                      Elizath.       GREENWOOD
14-Oct  1771     Richard           NEWBOLD                        Elizth.        WATTERSON
21-Dec  1771     Charles           WARD                           Catharine      MUSGROVE
11-May  1772     John              STEEPLE                        Hannah         WITHNALL
17-Oct  1772     Thos.             PALMER                         Hannah         SMITH
29-Dec  1772     Thos.             SANDERS                        Sarah          NEWBOLD
14-Apr  1773     Joseph            WRIGHT                         Jane           GIBSON
31-May  1773     John              SHAW                           Mary           NEWBOLD
18-Jul  1773     Isaac             TOON                           Sarah          SHAW
9-Aug   1773     John              HAIR                           Hannah         STORER
9-Sep   1773     Willm.            LAKIN                          Sarah          WETTON
12-Oct  1773     Joshua            ROTTEN                         Hannah         WALKER
2-May   1774     Robt.             GILLIVER                       Sarah          STANDLEY
1-Jul   1774     William           STRETTON                       Elizabeth      SHAW
25-Jul  1774     Thomas            SHAW                           Ann            SHAW
12-Sep  1774     Tristram          SMITH                          Sarah          BARROT
25-Jan  1775     George            GILBERT                        Anne           BAKER
17-Apr  1775     Thos.             CHADBORN                       Ann            MATKIN
15-Jun  1775     Nathaniel         CURSON                         Ann            FARNELL
26-Dec  1775     Joseph            KING                           Mary           RICHARDSON
27-Jan  1776     William           SPRATT                         Mary           SHERWIN
15-Mar  1776     William           NEWBOLD                        Mary           BANTON
22-Mar  1776     Richd.            BATES                          Jane           PATTRICK
8-Apr   1776     William           WALTON                         Ann            WYATT
21-Apr  1776     Thomas            NEWBOLD                        Hannah         SIMPKIN
19-May  1776     Thomas            LEEDHAM                        Dorothy        THOMPSON
14-Jul  1776     Thomas            ORGIL                          Hannah         TUGBY
7-Oct   1776     Edward            RAMSALL                        Elizabeth      GILBERT
5-Nov   1776     Joseph            BLADON                         Ann            FREEMAN
31-Mar  1777     Samuel            TIMSON                         Hannah         CLARKE
21-Sep  1777     John              MILNER                         Sarah          BALL
29-Oct  1777     William           PICKRIN                        Hannah         SEAL
5-Nov   1777     Ralph             RIXSON                         Sarah          LEESON
4-Dec   1777     Robert            COLE                           Sibyl          GILBERT
8-Apr   1778     Joseph            MILLER                         Elizabeth      PATTRICK
4-Jun   1778     Benjamin          POUNTNEY                       Elizabeth      SIMMONDS
8-Oct   1778     Samuel            WETTON                         Mary           MILLER
5-Dec   1778     Walter            MOUSELEY                       Ann            MASON
19-Jan  1779     William           DAWS                           Ruth           HIGGIT
7-Feb   1779     John              CULLONBELL                     Eleanor        PICKERING
17-Feb  1779     William           HEATLEY                        Ann            MORLEY
9-Mar   1779     Joseph            STURGESS                       Mary           ROULSTONE
5-Apr   1779     John              SHAW                           Sarah          HINDE
27-Jul  1779     Thomas            HAYNES                         Martha         LUNN
2-Aug   1779     Joseph            PATRICK                        Eliz. Bathia   BANTON
9-Nov   1779     George            SMITH                          Mary           GILBERT
8-Feb   1780     Robert            LEADER                         Mary           BATE
20-Mar  1780     William           SMITH                          Ann            ALLT
12-Apr  1781     John              WHETTON                        Elizabeth      SHAW
18-Apr  1781     Joseph            CHELL                          Sarah          MARSTON
1-Aug   1781     Jonathan          SIMMONDS                       Elizabeth      HULL
10-Oct  1781     James             HAYNES                         Ann            PATRICK
12-Nov  1781     Thomas            MASON                          Mary           SHAW
31-Dec  1781     Allan             FOSTER                         Hannah         FIELDING
1-Apr   1782     John              ROBINSON                       Elizabeth      MILNER
25-Apr  1782     William           HARRIS                         Mary           SMITH
9-Jun   1782     James             RUSHEN                         Sarah          TOON
16-Oct  1782     George            BAXTER                         Ann            BATES
11-Feb  1783     George            MILLER                         Sarah          LAKIN
22-May  1783     William           CAPENHURST                     Elizabeth      HEARN
10-Jun  1783     William           WEST                           Mary           HOLIOAK
29-Jul  1783     John              SIMMONDS                       Mary           WILKES
23-Oct  1783     William           PROCTOR                        Elizabeth      NEWBOLD
29-Dec  1783     John              NOON                           Ann            MOSELEY
5-Jan   1784     William           CHADBORN                       Ann            PIGFORD
6-Jul   1784     John              GREEN                          Mary           CLEMANS
21-Sep  1784     William           THORNEWELL                     Margaret       NEWBOLD
21-Oct  1784     William           NEWBOLD                        Jane           STAIN
1-Nov   1784     Vince             BAILEY                         Elizabeth      BOWLEY
?-Jan   1785     Thomas            SOSS?                          Jemima         MASON
31-Jan  1785     William           PEACE                          Ann            SIMPKIN
1-Mar   1785     Samuel            HARRIS                         Elizabeth      BURTON
27-Mar  1785     John              HALLAM                         Mary           SMITH
5-Apr   1785     Thomas            TIPPER                         Joyce          WILKES
20-Jun  1785     John              MILLER                         Mary           GRIMES
12-Oct  1785     William           GILBERT                        Bridget        SWEET
2-Apr   1786     James             PATRICK                        Elizabeth      PRICE
30-Apr  1786     Thomas            THOMPSON                       Sarah          BETTERIDGE
9-Nov   1786     William           WOODWARD                       Elizabeth      MILNER
4-Dec   1786     William           HEAP                           Hannah         HALLAM
21-Dec  1786     William           SPARE                          Elizabeth      BULLARS
28-Dec  1786     William           KIRKBY                         Mary           NEWBOULD
14-Feb  1787     Robert            COOPER                         Elizabeth      RICHARDS
10-Jul  1787     Thos.             FOSTER                         Elizabeth      BONSER
16-Jul  1787     John              TAYLOR                         Sarah          MILLAR
5-Aug   1787     Samuel            MEER                           Anne           MALLABER
22-Oct  1787     John              HALLAM                         Sarah          HOOD
9-Apr   1788     John              MERRIMAN                       Mary           CHAPMAN
2-Sep   1788     Thomas            ORGIL                          Sarah          ROTTEN                                                       Licence
2-Sep   1788     Thos.             TAYLOR                         Mary           SUMMER                                                       Banns
15-Oct  1788     Joseph            REDFERN                        Elizabeth      HINKS
11-Nov  1788     William           NEWBOULD                       Hannah         OLIVER
11-Mar  1789     John              MEER                           Mary           BAXTER
14-May  1789     Thomas            MILLER                         Sarah          PUTNEY                                                       Bride's name "Mary" crossed out & replaced by "Sarah"
24-Nov  1789     Joseph            WOODWARD                       Jane           MOWSLEY
14-Dec  1789     William           CHADBURN                       Zilla          THORP
6-Apr   1790     Thomas            BENNET                         Ann            ETHERINGTON
12-Apr  1790     Ralph             SHIPLEY                        Ann            ROTTEN
18-Apr  1790     Joseph            MOSS                           Ann            GENT
24-May  1790     William           THORLEY                        Margaret       WALBANK
15-Nov  1790     George            JACKSON                        Elizabeth      GENT
26-Nov  1790     Thomas            GRUNDY                         Hannah         HAIR
12-Dec  1790     Richard           CHADBURN                       Ann            STARKEY
26-Jan  1791     William           KNIGHT                         Mary           TILLEY
8-Mar   1791     Thomas            SMITH                          Elizabeth      HOOD
30-May  1791     Thomas            WARD                           Sarah          LUNN
13-Jun  1791     Thomas            ENSOR                          Mary           BURTON
1-Sep   1791     Thomas            HARRIS                         Ann            RADFORD
18-Oct  1791     Thomas            WHETTON                        Elizabeth      PARKER
23-Jan  1792     Uriah             PATRICK                        Ann            MILLER
31-Jan  1792     Thomas            COPE                           Jane           BARRETT
14-Oct  1792     William           BECK                           Amy            MASON
17-Jan  1793     Thomas            SMITH                          Ann            SIMPKIN
30-Jun  1793     Samuel            WHETTON                        Sarah          SHAW
25-Aug  1793     John              HUTCHINSON                     Ann            GREEN
26-Sep  1793     Charles           BRISCO                         Mary           JERVIS
13-Oct  1793     George            NUTT                           Elizabeth      POUNTNEY
28-Oct  1793     Benjamin          WHETTON                        Sarah          PEACOCK
5-Dec   1793     Joseph            HOUGH                          Ann            ATKINS
8-Dec   1793     Samuel            TOMPSON                        Mary           MASON
22-Dec  1793     Joseph            PATRICK                        Elenor         THOMPSON
25-Dec  1793     Thomas            HART                           Elizabeth      HALL
3-Aug   1794     John              HAIR                           Elizabeth      HASKIL
24-Sep  1794     John              TOON                           Elizabeth      DILKES
14-Oct  1794     James             WILSON                         Elizabeth      HINDS
10-Dec  1794     William           BELFIELD                       Dorothy        LEEDHAM
26-Dec  1794     Vince             BAILEY                         Elizabeth      COPE
31-Dec  1794     William           HAIR                           Hannah         EDWARDS
2-Jun   1795     William           NEWBOLD                        Elizabeth      POTTER
15-Jun  1795     Thomas            STRATTON                       Mary           NEWBOLD
31-Jul  1795     Thomas            RADFORD                        Eleanor        STRETTON
29-Jan  1796     Thomas            DALE                           Ann            LEEDHAM
11-Apr  1796     William           WILDMAN                        Ann            STRETTON
20-Jun  1796     William           HEATHERLEY                     Ann            LATIMERE
4-Oct   1796     Samuel Pipe       WOLFERSTAN                     Elizabeth      JERVIS
12-Oct  1796     Richard           SMITH                          Susan          TOMLINSON
5-Apr   1797     Thomas            TEBBETT                        Mary           ROWLEY
26-Apr  1797     John              GIBSON                         Mary           CAPENHURST
6-Nov   1797     John              BENNET                         Mary           NEWBOULD
29-Dec  1797     Thomas            SMITH                          Mary           ATWOOD
20-Mar  1798     John              TEBBETT                        Elizabeth      TOMLINSON
21-Mar  1798     William           HINMAN                         Sarah          MORRIS
14-Apr  1798     Thomas            HODGKINSON                     Elizabeth      STONYER
24-Apr  1798     Nathan            GRANGER                        Ann            ROWLEY
5-May   1798     The Rev. William  GRESLEY                        Louisa Jane    GRESLEY                                                      at Gresley
21-May  1798     John              BROOKS                         Elizabeth      COWPER
28-May  1798     Henry             GRICE                          Alice          ALSOP
21-Jun  1798     Thomas            COPE                           Ann            SMITH
29-Oct  1798     John              PARKER                         Dorithy        BODIL
7-Nov   1798     John              WALBANK                        Sarah          PARKER
19-Dec  1798     Thomas            HOUGH                          Sarah          GILLIVER
27-Feb  1799     Thomas            SIMPKIN                        Mary           HUTCHINSON
7-Mar   1799     Benjamin          MOUSLEY                        Sarah          MUSGROVE
9-May   1799     Richd.            HARVEY                         Dorithy        SUMMERS
17-Jun  1799     William           WHETTON                        Frances        GLEN
1-Sep   1799     William           PARKER                         Mary           WALKER
28-Oct  1799     William           PATRICK                        Mary           ABIGAIL
11-Nov  1799     Thomas            HEAP                           Mary           GILIVER
--------2 pages of the register missing from film, covering period between 7-Feb and 14-Sep 1800
3-Nov   1800     John              SMITH                          Hannah         -
4-Nov   1800     Thomas            HEWES                          Elizabeth      MARRIOTT
6-Feb   1801     John              LAKIN                          Ann            HAIR
23-Mar  1801     David             BERKIN                         Ann            TOMLINSON
20-Apr  1801     Thomas            WHETTON                        Sarah          DODESWORTH
13-May  1801     William           MOUSLEY                        Catharine      MUSGROVE
14-May  1801     Thomas            THORPE                         Mary           WILKES
21-Jul  1801     Isaack            HULL                           Mary           NEWBOLD
1-Mar   1802     Robert            WOOD                           Ann            PULTNEY
15-Mar  1802     Thomas            PARR                           Jemima         MASON
26-Apr  1802     John              BLOOD                          Ann            HUGHES
1-Jul   1802     William           WOOD                           Mary           SPEAR
26-Jul  1802     Samuel            GREGSON                        Ann            BLADEN
7-Sep   1802     Francis           NEWBOLD                        Ann            WINTERS
5-Oct   1802     William           HEALY                          Ann            BAKER
15-Nov  1802     John              ORDISH                         Hannah         MOUSLEY
26-Jan  1803     William           BROWN                          Elizabeth      CLIFFORD
7-Jan   1803     Thomas            LEA                            Mary           CAPENHURST
7-Mar   1803     Joseph            ADAMS                          Elizth.        MORRIS
11-Apr  1803     Joseph            BURTON                         Sarah          BETTERIDGE
30-May  1803     Thomas            EATON                          Mary           POULTNEY
27-Jun  1803     Joseph            MARSHAL                        Sarah          HINMAN
5-Jul   1803     William           WARD                           Sarah          MALLIBER
6-Oct   1803     Charles           WARD                           Sarah          LEEDHAM
20-Oct  1803     Thomas            NEWBOLD                        Mary           SALISBURY
7-Nov   1803     Joseph            SHELBY                         Mary           SHAKESPEAR
15-Nov  1803     Thomas            YEOMANS                        Dorothy        NEWBOLD
20-Nov  1803     Thomas            WALKER                         Mary           BAXTER
16-Jan  1804     Adam              KIRK                           Sarah          DILK
25-Dec  1804     Thomas            CAMM                           Sarah          BEEBY
10-Dec  1805     Benjamin          ASTLE                          Theodosia      HICKIN
9-Jan   1806     Richard           HUTCHINSON                     Sarah          TOMLINSON
24-Feb  1806     Daniel            TOON                           Elizabeth      STURGES
11-Mar  1806     William           DICKINS                        Elizabeth      SIMMS
27-Mar  1806     John              WYATT                          Mary           NORTH
7-Apr   1806     Isaac             HALL                           Mary           LEEDHAM
12-May  1806     Samuel            MASON                          Elizabeth      BLADEN
3-Jun   1806     William           CHADBURN                       Ann            WARD
14-Aug  1806     Titus             BERRY                          Susannah       CONWAY
15-Sep  1806     James             TURTON                         Ann            DILKS
15-Sep  1806     Aron              BANISTER                       Sarah          WHITE
9-Oct   1806     William           WHETTON                        Jane           NEWBOLD
20-Oct  1806     Joseph            PATRICK                        Ann            WALKER
20-Nov  1806     William           DESTER                         Sarah          SHAW
31-Dec  1806     James             HASTELOW                       Mary           PATRICK
10-Feb  1807     James             SHARDLOW                       Elizabeth      ORTON
25-May  1807     James             NEWBOLD                        Sarah          WETTON
4-Nov   1807     Thomas            GILBERT                        Mary           HILL
11-Nov  1807     John              HASLAM                         Hannah         HAIR
17-Nov  1807     James             WETTON                         Ann            HEAP
21-Dec  1807     Edward            PEACH                          Sarah          WELTON
21-Dec  1807     John              SMALL                          Sarah          BATH
5-May   1808     Thomas            NEWBOLD                        Sarah          CHELL
5-Jul   1808     Joseph            HASSEL                         Sarah          WARD
10-Jul  1808     Hugh              MARSHALL                       Ann            SHAKESPERE
18-Jul  1808     John              CAPENHURST                     Hannah         STURGES
3-Oct   1808     John              EYER                           Ann            BUGGINS
13-Oct  1808     William           RICHINSON                      Jane           TAYLOR
28-Nov  1808     John              CLULOW                         Hannah         POLTNEY
13-Dec  1808     Richard           WILKINS                        Ann            CHADBURN
23-Jan  1809     David             BERKIN                         Mary           DAWSON
24-Apr  1809     Thomas            CAPENHURST                     Hannah         ATWOOD
27-Apr  1809     William           BROWN                          Ann Batch      BROOKS
11-Jun  1809     John              INSLEY                         Ann            WILLIS
17-Oct  1809     John              PATRICK                        Mary           LANGLEY
22-Oct  1809     John              BROOKS                         Mary           SHAW
26-Oct  1809     William           PEACE                          Mary           DEACON
10-Dec  1809     Thomas            LIVERSTICH                     Ann            CROSLEY
13-Feb  1810     William           NEWBOLD                        Sarah          HANSON
15-May  1810     Thomas            MARROT                         Mary           WETTON
2-Jul   1810     William Patrick   LUNN                           Ann            TUPTON
7-Jul   1810     Zachariah         GILBERT                        Ann            KENT
7-Jul   1810     Thomas            SHERRATT                       Mary           GRIFFITHS
15-Oct  1810     William           YATES                          Catharine      EVANS
28-Oct  1810     Thomas            PATRICK                        Elizabeth      REDFERN
2-Jan   1811     John              MARRATT                        Sarah          WEST
25-Feb  1811     William           SIMMONDS                       Charlotte      PHILIPS
27-May  1811     William           DUMELOW                        Jane           CAPENHURST
24-Jul  1811     George            COULTON                        Elizabeth      SHAW
19-Aug  1811     James             BAKER                          Ann            VERNON
29-Aug  1811     The Rev. William  GRESLEY                        Mary           THORP
24-Oct  1811     John              COPESTICK                      Hannah         WHYATT
24-Oct  1811     Joseph            ASHES                          Sarah          HEAP
14-Nov  1811     Urias             PATRICK                        Mary           BAILEY
7-Jun   1812     Thomas            HARPER                         Catharine      GILBERT
18-Jun  1812     Nathaniel         CHELL                          Catharine      CHELL
29-Jun  1812     John              ASBURY                         Sarah          HUTCHINSON
29-Jun  1812     Thomas            STANDLEY                       Elizabeth      LEEDHAM
13-Oct  1812     Joseph            WILSON                         Catharine      TYLER
27-Oct  1812     John              WOODSON                        Elizabeth      NEWBOLD
16-Nov  1812     John              HAYNES                         Elizabeth      MARSHAL
23-Nov  1812     Matthew           SHEPPERD                       Ann            BATES
14-Dec  1812     Thomas            ROBERTS                        Hannah         PEACE

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