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'First published in 2002'

'Hobart Town 1832'

'Howroyd & Oldroyd Works, Dewsbury 1880'

This study began during a visit to Dewsbury, West Yorkshire in 1963. Initially it concerned only the author's branch of the Howroyds. It now includes other Howroyd lines plus his extended family, pioneers in Van Diemens Land.
Just where the name Howroyd originated is a matter for more research. Maybe before 1200 it came from those places of great antiquity in the valleys above Todmorden in Lancashire. At Barkisland, one William de Howroyd & his family for several generations are recorded in The Latter Day Saints mediaeval records as living at 'Howroyde' between 1277-1379. Another source says that William Howroyd came from Lancashire "and posessed the lands of Howroyd". Nearby are Howroyd Hill, Howroyd Lane & the mansion called "The Howroyde". The mansion, a recorded building, was built in the 12th century, then rebuilt in 1642 by the Horton family.
The name flourished in Dewsbury civic life, & in manufacturing, until about 1900. By then the family drift to Bradford, begun about 1837, had accelerated. The Bradford branch grew apace, & today it is widely represented in Bradford city life. The London branch came from Halifax about 1750. Today this study includes HOWROYD families in England, Australia, South Africa, Canada & the U.S.A.
In 1849 New York welcomed Dewsbury Howroyds Samuel #3341, and George #3336; Joseph R #335 about 1879; then Harry #2596 in 1892 via New Zealand; about 1865 Oates #65 was the first to settle in South Africa; & 1888 saw Charles Richard #16 arrive in Tasmania. The origins of some other Howroyd lines found worldwide are yet to be authenticated, nevertheless what is known of them is shown on this web page.
By distributing this study the author hopes to reconcile the different family branches, & to further what is known about the name. Much detail information concerning individuals has been deliberateky excluded, but any enquiries, corrections, or contributions would be most welcome.
The author's thanks go to the many people worldwide who have so generously provided information from their own research. Special tribute must be made to Everard & Fred Howroyd for their work on the South African family; Russell Howroyd for his help from the beginnings of this study, Granville Holroyd for his encouragement, & to programmer Andrew Ronald Howroyd without whose checks, reconciliations, & discoveries, there would be more of those conflicts, & omissions that plague family historians.
Others who are pursuing the same family lines can reference parts of this study, but they should note that the data is continuously evolving & subject to correction & revision. They are asked, as a matter of courtesy, to acknowledge their use of any material from this study.
This web page has been produced by the author for his own interests & those of his extended family. It is emphasized that the author cannot guarantee the veracity of the information contained in the database used to build the web page. If a reader wishes to query any part of the web page the author would be pleased to answer any questions, & if justified, make any alterations arising from the query.

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