Genealogical Databases
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Genealogical Databases

This page contains a table of databases used as references by the author of this web site. A few of the on-line databases by the same person were generated from the same source GEDCOM. In those cases, the data itself is identical; but, the representation of that data varies from web site to web site. In other cases, two or more databases belonging to different people contain some overlapping information.

Database OwnerSurname Research OverlapDatabase Service
Brian BirgenBirgenGenCircles
Erik BondeFarley, MaherWorldConnect
Allan CampbellJordan, PattersonGenCircles
Dennis CourvilleO'Connoroff line
Charles T. DeFranceFitzgerald, Jordan, StonerGED2WWW
Harriet DiasFarley, Maheroff line
Jo DrakeMaherWorldConnect
Dave HalmFarleyWorldConnect
Alice Hass (deceased)Hassoff line
Brian HassBirgen, Buthala, Farley, Fitzgerald, Geldermann, Hass, Jennings, Jordan, Maher, Merrigan, O'Connor, Patterson, Ranschau, Stoner, WendelGED2WWW
Robert JenningsFarley, Jennings, Maheroff line
Geneva KnutsenGeldermann, Hass, Ranschau, WendelGenCircles
John KostickHassFehmarn Genealogy
Mary LamotheHassoff line
Lloyd D. McDanielFarley, O'ConnorWorldConnect
Gary MischkeCooper, Lassoff line
Robert NohavecMerriganGenCircles
Beth OrsiFarley, O'ConnorGenCircles
Sonia RanschauRanschauoff line
E. SlatteryFarley, O'Connoroff line
Becky TeubnerMcGuireWorldConnect
Randy WendelHass, WendelFamily Tree Maker

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