Regional Histories


Regional Histories

The Histories of Selected Geo-Political Regions

The purpose of this web site is to make the histories of selected geo-political regions available on-line. Histories of some selected geo-political subdivisions (ex: states, counties, cities, etc.) are also included. The emphasis, at least initially, will be on the smaller subdivisions, which are often overlooked by other web sites.

The organization of this web site is quite simple. The site's subdirectories were organized according to the geo-political divisions and subdivisions of the regions listed. A list of links to pages for featured region's geo-political subdivisions is located at the top of each web page. Each subdirectory will contain a main page listing the region's history and a page of links to other web sites that are relevant to the featured region. Other pages may be included as needed.

This web site should always be viewed as a work in progress. Some pages may seem incomplete; and, some pages may explore the histories of certain regions to only a limited extent. Visitors to the site are encouraged to revisit those pages in the future for possible updates. And, any updates to the site are made only whenever time permits. While some pages may lack content for a period of time, it is hoped that the page of links to other sites will be of use to visitors in the meantime.