Veterans' Graves in Union Co., SD

Veterans' Graves
Union County, South Dakota

The following information was taken from grave marker inscriptions in Union County, South Dakota. Any information listed inside square brackets was taken from other sources, such as obituaries or biographies.

The following list covers the Beresford, Beresford Memorial, Emmanuel Lutheran, Gothland, St. John, St. Joseph, and St. Mary's Cemeteries. The list was compiled from data collected by Brian M. Hass.

Civil War

Shortreed, WilliamPvt Co C 27 Iowa InfGothland

Spanish American War

Lambertson, Harry A.Co. D. S.D. Inf.Beresford

World War I

Boyle, Ralph CushingSouth Dakota Pvt HQ CO 88 InfantryBeresford
Brekke, MartinPFC US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran
Brevik, Oluf H.Pvt US ArmyBeresford
Brimmer, OliverSouth Dakota Pvt 27 Co 166 Depot BrigadeSt. Joseph
Buchholz, Joseph A.Missouri Pvt US ArmyBeresford
Buthala, William F.South Dakota Cpl Cas Det 1458 Demob GpSt. John
Buthala, William M.South Dakota Pvt 90 Spruce SqSt. John
Claussen, DarrellSouth Dakota Pvt Stu Army TNG CorpsEmmanuel Lutheran
Determan, August C.Pvt US ArmySt. John
Donohoe, Daniel F.South Dakota Pvt 74 Balloon Co Air SvcSt. Mary's
Duerst, Elmer A.S2 US NavyBeresford
Fleege, Arnold W.South Dakota Pvt Btry E 30 Fld ArtySt Mary's
Fleege, Raymond G.South Dakota Pvt Cas Det 706 Dem GrpSt. Mary's
Gehan, William ThomasIowa Pvt Co D 162 Depot BrigadeSt. Joseph
Hanke, Albert W.Iowa Sgt 50 Co 20 EngrsBeresford
Hass, Albert E.Pvt US ArmyBeresford
Henle, Bernard M.South Dakota US ArmySt. Joseph
Henle, John P.South Dakota PFC Co I 307 InfantrySt. Joseph
Jennings, Carey J.US ArmySt. Joseph
Jensen, Richard E.South Dakota Pvt Co B 14 Machine BNBeresford
Johnson, HolgerSouth Dakota Pvt US ArmySt. John
Kavanaugh, Laurence E.South Dakota Pvt US ArmySt. Mary's
Kimberly, Finch G.Iowa Pvt Co A 313 EngineersGothland
Kirkebak, Andrew P.South Dakota Pvt US ArmyBeresford
Latendress, Henry G.South Dakota US NavySt. John
Lauxman, Carll ClarkIllinois Cpl 3 Co 161 Depot BrigadeEmmanuel Lutheran
LeGrand, Alfred LouisPvt. US ArmySt. John
Leitru, Alfred I.South Dakota PFC Cas Det 954 Demob GpEmmanuel Lutheran
Lynch, Arthur H.South Dakota PFC US ArmySt. Mary's
Lynch, Frank M.South Dakota Pvt 16 Rct Co Gen Svc InfSt. Mary's
Lynch, Thomas C.Pvt US ArmySt. John
Martelle, Andrew R.South Dakota Cpl 57 Infantry 15 DivBeresford
Nelson, Chris J. H.South Dakota Pvt 324 Infantry 81 DivBeresford
Nielson, Harold J.South Dakota Pvt Ord Det 8 Ammo TrainBeresford
Nolan, Harry A.PFC 326 SVC Park Unit QMCBeresford
Olson, Julius F.South Dakota PFC HQ Det 14 FA BrigadeEmmanuel Lutheran
Pansie, RussellSouth Dakota Cy US NavyGothland
Peterson, Paul LudwigSouth Dakota Pvt Btry D 333 Field ArtyEmmanuel Lutheran
Sinclair, W. ScottMissouri Mech 82 Field ArtilleryBeresford
Smith, Paul F.South Dakota Pvt 313 Engineers 88 DivBeresford
Spillman, FrankSouth Dakota Pvt 16 Infantry 1 DivBeresford
Steensland, Olmund L.South Dakota Tec 5 US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran
Volden, Carl L.South Dakota Pvt Co I 76 InfantryEmmanuel Lutheran

World War II

Bresson, Lyle E.US Navy Sgt US ArmyBeresford
Calvert, Leonard F.Tec 5 US ArmyBeresford
Carlson, Donald G.PFC US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran
Christensen, Stanley J.Sgt US ArmyBeresford
Christensen, Wayne W.US NavyBeresford
Conklin, ColeS Sgt US ArmyBeresford
Crissey, Cletus W.Pvt US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran
Delaney, Wilbur R.S Sgt US ArmySt. Mary's
Dillon, Francis J.Chaplain (Maj) US ArmySt. John
Duerst, Robert DaltonS. Sgt. US Army Air ForcesBeresford
Eastman, LeRoy L.F1 US NavyBeresford
Eidsmoe, VerylUS NavyBeresford
Enger, OleSouth Dakota Pvt 85 Quartermaster CoEmmanuel Lutheran
Evenson, ChresPvt US ArmyBeresford
Farley, Dale J.SSGT US ArmySt. John
Farnham, JohnUS ArmyBeresford
Fitzgerald, Edmond J.Cpl US Marine CorpsSt. John
Fleugel, Robert L.Cpl US Marine CorpsSt. John
Frieberg, Carter N.South Dakota 1st Lt Army Air ForcesBeresford
Guindon, FredrickACAD US NavyBeresford
Henderson, George W.Cpl US Marine CorpsSt. John
Hogan, Lowell E.Capt US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran
Hovland, Royal DaleS2 US NavyBeresford
Iosty, Charles H.Tec 4 US ArmyBeresford
Jennings, Robert P.Nebraska S Sgt US ArmySt. John
Johnke, Leonard W.Tec 5 US ArmyBeresford
Johnson, John William Jr.S1 US NavyEmmanuel Lutheran
Johnson, Oliver J.RM1 US NavyEmmanuel Lutheran
Jones, Earl L.Cpl US Marine CorpsBeresford
Jurgenson, Jack L.HMC US NavySt. John
Kelley, Elton P.US Army Air CorpsBeresford
Landeen, John V.PFC US ArmyBeresford
Larkins, Clayton KeithPvt US Marine CorpsEmmanuel Lutheran
Lawrenson, Lawrence L.Sgt US ArmyBeresford
Lindstrom, Donald V.Y3 US NavyBeresford
Manning, John F.Michigan Tec5 Med DeptSt. John
Meile, William G.2nd Lt. US Air ForceSt. John
McIlvenna, Bernard L.Cpl US ArmySt. Joseph
Neuroth, Wilfred W.South Dakota Sgt T16 Tank BNSt. Joseph
Nodtvedt, Delmer A.South Dakota PFC 100 Fighter Wing AAFSt. John
Nygaard, Laurell CurtisA.M.M.P.IC. Served in U.S. NavyEmmanuel Lutheran
Nygaard, Robert JeroldC.P.O. US NavyEmmanuel Lutheran
O'Connell, John F.South Dakota Sgt US ArmySt. Joseph
O'Connor, WilfredSsgt US ArmySt. Mary's
Olson, Calvin RalphEns US NavyBeresford
Pederson, John "Jack" LeeS1 US NavySt. Mary's
Robertson, William H.New York Tec4 US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran
Runyan, Robert F.South Dakota Tec5 US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran
Rust, Harold Leroy JrACMM US NavySt. John
Scroggs, Ray JohnSouth Dakota Cpl 800 Signal TNG RegtBeresford
Singer, Alex LeoPFC US ArmyBeresford
Singer, George HaroldSouth Dakota AS USNRSt. John
Skinner, TheodorePFC US ArmyBeresford
Steensland, Olmund L.South Dakota Tec 5 US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran
Stene, Owen L.South Dakota Tec4 InfantryEmmanuel Lutheran
Stoner, James D.Tec4 US Army Pearl
Harbor Survivor
St. John
Thompson, Calmer A.Sgt US Army Air CorpsBeresford
Towns, Edmund HigmanUS Marine CorpSt. John
Trudeau, Leander A.Tec 5 US ArmySt. John
Twedt, Raymond S.Cpl US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran
Ullman, John G.Tec 5 US ArmySt. John
Van Heck, Alfred R.S1 US NavySt. John
Vennard, Russell W.S1 USNRBeresford
Voegeli, Vernon J.SSGT US AmryBeresford
Volden, Leslie E.Cpl US Army Air CorpsBeresford
Wagner, JohnSouth Dakota Pvt US ArmyBeresford
Wagter, John H.S Sgt US ArmyBeresford
Walters, Carroll W.South Dakota Cpl 4 Marines 1 Marine DivBeresford
Webb, Willie AlbertPvt US ArmyBeresford
White, Earl WilliamS1 US NavyBeresford
Wiese, Byron D.Tec 5 US ArmyBeresford
Willey, James ForrestPHM3 US NavyBeresford
Williams, Earl F.Cpl US ArmySt. John


Bresson, Lyle E.US Navy Sgt US ArmyBeresford
Gantz, Gardner SouleSSgt US Air ForceBeresford
Gross, Edward J.YN2 US NavySt. John
Hustrulid, Vernon L.US NavyBeresford
Johnson, Dolton L.AA US NavyEmmanuel Lutheran
Jurgenson, Jack L.HMC US NavySt. John
Manning, Gerald "Mike" T.M Sgt US ArmySt. John
McGuire, Gerald JosephPFC US ArmySt. Joseph
McIlvenna, James VernonSgt US Marine CorpsSt. Joseph
Meile, William G.2nd Lt. US Air ForceSt. John
Straw, Dwayne C.PFC US ArmyEmmanuel Lutheran


Hovland, Gregory C.California Sgt US ArmyBeresford
Johnson, Russell K.SP4 US ArmyBeresford
Jurgenson, Jack L.HMC US NavySt. John