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Early tales tell of a clan (no name) that migrated from Denmark to Ireland around the year 1000 A.D. (during the Viking era).  Their trade was that as boat builders.  They made a small boat called a "brig" and became known by that name.  Other tales tell that the name was assumed from their the "bridge or bridges" over the currents of the river.

The data previous to 1500 is speculative at best.  Connection to (09) John Briggs (1609-1690) is not solid but this posting may promote investigation and discussion that will lead to new solid information.

This Briggs family line has been traced back to England in the 1500's.  Family members emigrated to America in the mid 1600's.  Early generations lived in the north-east (Massachusetts and Rhode Island).  Next generations lived in south-central New York state and north-central Pennsylvania.  Late generations still live in these areas plus a scattering throughout the eastern  and central United States and Australia.

This Briggs family tree represents the combined data from many researchers who have gathered information from many sources.   Please forward any information to me regarding new, additional, or conflicting data that can be incorporated to expand and/or correct the following information.   I welcome any comments and/or dialogue concerning this family.

Please email with any questions, suggestions, or information regarding these families.


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