briggs 13

(05) Edward Brigge Esq.

Was born in of Salle.  Edward married Cecily Moore (daughter of Edward Moore).

They had five children:

Child No. 1:  John Briggs Esq.:  born in Salle, England.  John married Quaplode (daughter of Thomas Quaplode).  They had one child:  John Briggs: born in Salle, Eng.

Child No. 2:  Thomas Brygge Esq.:  born before 1546.

Child No. 3:  Henry Bryggs:  born before 1501.

Child No. 4:  William Bryggs Sir:  born before 1507.  Prior of the Black Friars in 1507.

Child No. 5:  Thomas Bryggs Sir:  born before 1539 in Salle, Norfolk, England.  Sir Thomas Bryggs clerk, rector of Brisingham in 1539; in 1549 received degree of D.D.; chaplain of the Lady Mary, sister of King Edward VI, and later Queen of England; vicar of Keninghall; in 1556 vicar of Windham.