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(08) Henrie Briggs

Born:  1574,  Lived in St. James, Clerkenwell, Essex, England

Died:  14Aug1625 in St. James, Clerkenwell, Essex, England

Married:  Mary Hinckes (b. 1577) of London, England, married 19Jan1597 (one of two wives)

Henrie and Mary had four children:

Child No. 1:  John (09):  John was born 1609 in Darrington, York, England.  He died in Nov1690 in Portsmouth, RI.  He married Sarah Cornell (first wife) in 1641 in England.  She was the daughter of Richard and Mary Cornell, sister of Thomas Cornell who married John's sister Rebecca.  John and Sarah came to Boston in 1635.  They had six children:  Susannah,  Thomas, William (10),  John Jr., Job, and Enoch.  John married Constant Mitchell (second wife) in 1662.  See "John Briggs (09)" for more details.

Child No. 2:  Rebecca:  Born 25Oct1600 in St. James, Clerkenwald Parish, Essex, England.  Died 08Feb1672/73, by fire, in Portsmouth, RI. , buried Cornell Homest, Portsmouth, Newport, RI.  Rebecca married Thomas Cornell about 1620 in Fairstead, Essex, England (son of Richard and Mary Cornell, brother of Sarah Cornell who married Rebecca's brother John).  Thomas was born 24Mar1593/95 in Essex, England and died about 1655/56 in Portsmouth, RI.  Rebecca and Thomas came to Boston in 1634.  They had fourteen children:  (1st child) Thomas Cornell Jr.:   Died 23May1673 in RI (executed).  Thomas Jr. was convicted for the murder of his mother Rebecca and executed by hanging.  John Briggs testified at this trial that he had a dream about his elderly sister (who smoked a corncob pipe which she lit with coals from the fireplace) being burned, and the jury at that time evidently placed much weight on dreams.  A year after Thomas Jr. was hung, he was "re-tried" and this jury found him innocent.  During the ensuing year his wife  (Sarah Earle) gave birth to a daughter who she named Innocent.  (2nd child) Richard:  Born 1624/25 or 1630, died 1694, married Elizabeth Jessup in 1655 in NY.  They had a daughter named Sarah.  (3rd child) Rebecca:  Died 05Feb1712/13, married George Woolsey 09Dec1647.  (4th child) Sarah:  married Thomas Willitt 01Sep1643.  (5th child) William:  Died 16Jan1727/28 in England.  (6th child) Elizabeth:  Died 12Jan1714/15 in RI, married Christopher Almy.  (7th child) William:  Died after 1673 in RI.  (7th child) William:  Died after 1673 in RI.  (8th child) John:  Born 06Jun1634, died 1704 in NY, married Mary Russel in 1669.  (9th child) Elizabeth:  Died 19Oct1632 (must have died young).  (10th child) Ann:  Born 1625, died about 1661 in RI, married Thomas Kent in 1655/57 in RI.  (11th child) Kelame:  Born 09Oct1632 in England.  (12th child) Samuel:  Born about 1639 in America, married Dorothy.  (13th child) Joshua:  Born about 1641 in America.  (14th child) Mary:  Born about 1642 in America.    Ezra Cornell (founder of Cornell University) was a direct descendent of this family.

Child No. 3:  Henrie:

Child No. 4:  Joyce:  Born 08Apr1618 in London, England,  died 1620.


(a)  Elizabeth Spencer  (b. Jul1580 in K-IN-C, Yorkshire, England) has been mentioned as the wife of Henrie.  She was the daughter of William Spencer and Jenet Watkinson.

(b)  Also mentioned as the parents of John Briggs (09) are William and Sarah (Gore) Briggs (daughter of John Gore).  William was the son of David and Mary (Croft) Briggs.