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(09) John Briggs

Born:  1609 in Darrington, York, England.   Son of Henrie Briggs of co. Essex.  He was christened 08Apr1618 in St. James, Clerkenwell, England

Died:  16Nov1690 in Portsmouth, RI

Married:  Sarah Cornell  (1637-1661) (first wife) in England (daughter of Richard and Mary Cornell of England).  Sarah was a sister of Thomas Cornell who married Rebecca Briggs.  John and Sarah had six children.

Married:  Constant Mitchell (second wife) in 1662 in Dartmouth, Bristol Co., MA.  No children were recorded from this marriage.

John Briggs evidently followed his sister Rebecca (Briggs Cornell and husband Thomas Cornell to Boston in 1635.  John departed London on 13Jul1635 on the ship "Blessing".  He is noted on the passenger list as aged 20 (probably miswritten).  During John Briggs's sojurn in Boston, MA, he became a follower of Ann Hutchinson,and the sect, "The Antinomians" (also called "Hutchinsonites") and were so much in disfavor in Boston that Roger Williams advised them to purchase Aquidneck Island, RI.  John Briggs with 28 others purchased Aquidneck Island from the Indians Cononicus and Miantonomi in 1638.  The predominate religion at the time was Puritan.  Ann Hutchinson was expelled from the Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1638 and she moved to Hell Gate, RI where she was killed by indians.  John Briggs was admitted to the Island of Aquidneck in 1638; Freeman in 1641.  John Briggs was one of the founders of Portsmouth, RI.  John Briggs is said to have been of Newport, RI in 1638 and of Portsmouth, RI in 1642.  His name appears on nearly every page of the Town Records of Portsmouth.  He served constantly and in every capacity as jury-man, Town Councillor, Surveyor of Lands, Special Commissioner, and Deputy to the General Assembly of the Colony.  This office he held continually for many years.  He was evidently a man of some property, since the Town on various occasions was indebted to him for moneys he had advanced for the Town's benefit.  He is said to have lived on the highway that leadeth to the Windmill, and Town meetings were frequently held at his home, and he was moderator at some of these meetings.  John Briggs purchased  142 acres in 1662 of John Dunham of Plymouth, MA (one of the origional thirty-four purchases of Dartmouth), Dunham's whole share for L42.  It was described as "all my lot or portion of land at Acushnett Coaksett and places adjacent in jurisdiction of Plymouth.   Soon after this purchase he married Constant (Mitchell) Forbes, widow (his 2nd wife).  He lived there only a short time, moving back to Portsmouth about the time of his daughter Susannah's marriage to William Palmer in 1663 and spent the remainder of his life there.   John Briggs was made an inhabitant of Newport, RI in 1639 and Portsmouth, RI in 1650.  One record is that he lived nearer to Newport than to Portsmouth.  Constant may have died before he left Dartmouth, as she was not mentioned after that, nor in his will.

On 30Apr1639 John Briggs with 28 others signed the following compact:  "We whose names are underwritten do acknowledge His Majesty, King Charles, and in his name do hereby bind ourselves into a civil body politic unto his laws according to matters of justice".

His will. made 03Oct1690 and proved 16Nov1690.  Executor son Enoch Briggs.  To son Enoch Briggs all and every part of land and personal estate goods, chattels, debts, and money he paying all legacies.  To eldest son John Briggs, son Thomas, son William, and daughter Susanna Northway one shilling each.  These children long since received their portions.

Child No. 1:  Susannah:  Born 1641 in Portsmouth, Newport, RI., died 07Nov1704 in Newport, RI., married  William Palmer in 1663 and married John Northway (1639-1675).

Child No. 2:  John Jr.:  Born 1642 in Portsmouth, RI, died 02Nov1713 in Little Compton, RI.  Married Hannah Fisher (daughter of Edward Fisher).  John and Hannah had five children:  (1st) Susanna:  married Joseph Cooke (son of John Cooke and Mary Borden) on 19Apr1692 in Newport, RI.  Joseph died 1746.  (2nd) Edward:  (1665 -1718).  Edward married Sarah Wilcox (daughter of Daniel Wilcox and Elizabeth Cook).  (3rd) John III:  married Hannah ?? and also married Katherine (Turfey) Ball, widow after 1703.  (4th) William:  (5th) Mary:

Child No. 3:  Thomas:  Born 1644 in Portsmouth, RI and died 12Jan/Jun1720 in Dartmouth,MA.  Married Mary Fisher before 1671 (daughter of Edward Fisher and Judith).  John and Mary had six children:  (1st) Mary:  (2nd) Susannah:  born 1672.  (3rd) Deborah:  (1674-1712) Married Henry Howland, great-great-grandfather of Phebe Howland (Crapo, Certain Comeovers).  (4th) Hannah:  born 1676.  (5th) John:  born 1678.  (6th) Thomas:  born 1684.

Child No. 4:  Job:  Born 1648 in Portsmouth, RI and died 1733 in Warwick, Kent, RI., married Eleanor ?? before 1707. Eleanor was born in Little Compton, RI and died 02May1737 in Portsmouth, RI.  Job's will read:  "To wife Eleanor the east end of my dwelling house and improvement of all lands where house now stands and half of movable estate.  Also Negro woman called Rose.  To eldest son Jeremiah 5 shillings; to Mary Borden, wife of Thomas Borden, 5 pounds; to daughter Elizabeth Mallum, wife of Mark, 5 pounds; to daughter Amey Briggs one feather bed that was her mother's and 10 pounds; to daughter Wait Briggs one feather bed and 5 pounds; to son Job the west end of house and one third of homestead; to son John east end of house after his mother's decease and one third of homestead; to son Enoch one third of homestead.  He to pay my debts.  The executor to sell certain land in Tiverton.  Wife Eleanor, executrix."  Inventory of land:  homestead, 12 acres and 37 acres of wild land.  This homestead was on the east side of Little Compton, next to the Dartmouth line, now Westport, probably near Adamsville.  Job and Eleanor had nine children:  (1st) Jerimah:  born in Little Compton, RI.  (2nd) Job Jr.:  born about 1700.  (3rd) John:  born in Little Compton, RI.  (4th) Enoch:  born in Little Compton, RI.  (5th) Mary:  born in Little Compton, RI.  Married Thomas Borden (son of John Borden and Mary Earle) on 04Oct1727 in Portsmouth, RI.  Thomas was born 13Dec1682 in Newport, RI and died in 1745.  (6th) Sarah:  died 02May1737.  (7th) Elizabeth:  married Mark Mallum.  (8th) Amey:  (9th) Waity:  married Thomas Wilcox (probably) in Little Compton,RI.

Child No. 5:  William (10):  (1650-12May1716).  See William Briggs (10) for family details.  William had seven children:  (1st) Susanna:  (2nd) John:  (3rd)  William:  (4th) Elizabeth:  (5th) Thomas:  (6th) Debbrah:  (7th) Job:

Child No. 6:  Enoch:  Died 1733/34.  Married Hannah (Cooke) Wilcox on 02Mar1699.  Hannah (1660 -22Oct1736).  She was the widow of Daniel Wilcox and the daughter of John and Mary (Borden) Cook.  Enoch's will was probated 26Apr1734.  Hannah's will was proved 08Nov1736.  Enoch and Hannah had three children:  (1st) Abigail: (1993-xxxx) married John Moon on 30Nov1710 in RI.  Married John Butts on 29Jan1723 in RI.  (2nd) Susanna:  born 21Sep1697.  (3rd) Sarah:  married Stephen Sherman on 28Apr1740.