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(10) William Briggs

Born:  1650 in Portsmouth, RI

Died:  12May1716 in Little Compton, RI of smallpox

Married:  Elizabeth Cook in 1680 in Newport County, Portsmouth, RI.  She was the daughter of John Cook (1630/31-1691) and Mary (Borden) Cook (1632/33-1689/90).  Elizabeth was born in 1653 and died Aug1716 in Little Compton, RI of smallpox.

William and Elizabeth lived on the Briggs place, now the Coombs place on Shaw road, and a part of this place is now Briggs beach.  William served in King Phillips War in 1675.  They are buried in the cemetery on this place, district no. ten.  From his stone the following:  "Here lyeth the body of William Briggs Sr. who dyed May 1716 in the 66th year of his age.  Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth, wife of William Briggs who dyed in August 1716 in ye 63rd year of her age."

His will, made 03Apr1716, and proved July 1716:  "That a line be run from the end of wall that runs to ye marsh and to son William, all land north side of line.  To son Job, all land south of line, all of which is bordered by the sea.  To son Job my dwelling house, all out-housing and farm I now live on.  To son William the house where he now dwells with orchard.  To daughter Susannah Dennis house with land now held by Thomas Waite.  To Deborah Head all land east side of Cole Brook.  To daughter Elizabeth Woodman 100 pounds.  To daughter Deborah Head 20 pounds.  To son William 60 pounds.  That my two mulatto girls, Hope and Mercy be with my wife or daughters, Woodman and Head, until age 25 and then freed. That my servant lad Jeremiah Springer live with my wife till age 21.  Robert Dennis, John Woodman, and Benjamin Head be overseers...".  Inventory of William Briggs taken 17May1716:  His sword, homestead farm, and housing in Little Compton, 600 pounds; Land and housing in Tiverton, 100 pounds; Total inventory, 3043- 5 shillings.

William and Elizabeth had seven children:

Child No. 1:  Susannah:  born 09Apr1681 in Little Compton and died 1744.  She married Robert Dennis on 22Jan1700 in Tiverton, RI.

Child No. 2:  John:  born 13Nov1685 and died 21Jan1711/12.

Child No. 3:  William:  born 11Jan1688 and died 1763.

Child No. 4:  Elizabeth:  born 27Dec1689 and died Mar1763.  She married Richard Sisson (first husband), and John Woodman (second husband) on 21 Oct1708.

Child No. 5:  Thomas:  was a twin and was born 05Sep1693 and died 23Mar1716.

Child No. 6:  Debbrah:  (Deborah) was a twin and was born 06Sep1693 and died Nov1773.  She married Benjamin Head on 07Jan1714.

Child No. 7:  Job (04):  born 03Aug1696 and died 04Mar1747.  See Job (11) for additional details.