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(14) Oliver Briggs

Born:  26Jan1789 in NY.

Died:  11Jan1858 in Tioga Co., PA.  Oliver was a native of New England.  He lived in Duanesburg, NY.  Later moved to Spencer, NY.  Moved in 1834 to Middlebury Center, PA.  He settled on a farm just north of Middlebury Center, PA.  He is believed to be buried in a small cemetery at the base of the mountain, north-west corner of farm.  He first moved to Tioga Co., NY and then to Tioga Co., PA in 1834 and located in Middlebury Township on a farm later owned by his son A.B.A. Briggs.  Oliver followed farming until his death.  Oliver served as Justice of the Peace in 1840.

Married:  Lydia Hoag (1st wife).   Lydia died in 1820.  Oliver and Lydia had three children:

Child No. 1:  Jacob:  born 19Feb1813.  married Heiaster (Hester) Jewell, (daughter of Cyrus Jewell and Phebe Botsford of Vienna, Oneida Co., NY.).  They had seven children:  (1st) Phebe Aurilla: (1841-1927).  Married Albert Moses Gaige.  (2nd) Sophia Elizabeth: (1842-1907).  Married Uriah S. Hall.  (3rd) Lydia Jane/Jennie: (1845-?).  Married Rev. Albert Stone. (4th) Oliver Jewell: (1848-1913).  Married Belle Dounce (1st wife) and Emma Tanner (2nd wife).  (5th) Andrew Clarence: (1850-1928).  Married Janette Hammond.  (6th) Hester Eliza (Lida): (1854-?).  Married Prof. Mark B. Beal.  (7th) Williard Jacob: (1857-1898). Married Carrie Johnson.

Child No. 2:  Elizabeth:  married Perry Gaige of Jackson Township on 04Feb1832.  They had ten children:  (1st) Albert M.:  married Phoebe Briggs (daughter of Jacob Briggs).  They are own cousins.  They settled in Tioga Co., PA.  (2nd) Oliver B.: (sometimes called Briggs)  married Mary E. Everitt.  He died in 1868 at age 34.  (3rd)  Michael:  died at about two years of age.  (4th) Jacob H.:  married Augusta Stewart and Margaret Galbraith.  They settled in Tioga Co., PA.  (5th) Elsie B.:  married Warren J. Whipple.  (6th) Lydia A.:  married John Calvin Roosa.  (7th) Alonzo A.:  married Phoebe Hughes.  (8th) Clara E.:  married Cyrus Jewell.  (9th) Juliette:  (called Ettie) She died in 1870 at age 16.   (10th) Davis W.:  married Elnora Stilwell.  (see article below on the 50th wedding aniversary of Perry and Elizabeth (Briggs) Gaige)

Child No. 3:  Ebenezer H.:  Born 15Jan1816 in NY, a farmer of Middlebury Township.  Married Rhoda Smith .  She was born  25Aug1820 in PA and died 13Aug1874.  They had eight  children:   (1st) William: born 1841 in PA.  (2nd) Jacob: born 1843 in PA.  (3rd) Claretta: born 1845 in PA.  (4th) Mary: born 1847 in PA.  (5th) Ebenezer Jr.: born 1849 in PA.  (6th) Rufus/Ruben: Born 1857.  (7th) Elizabeth: (1854-1893).  Elizabeth married Horace Hymes (1850-1939).  (8th) Ruben: born 1861.  Per the Tioga Agitator dated 04Nov1863--Died in Middlebury, 2 years, 4 months, 14 days.  The graves of Ebenezer and Rhoda have been found in the "Old Briggs/Keeney Cemetery" located on the north-west side of the valley approximately one mile north-north-east of Middlebury Center, PA.  Their stone marker is laying on its side and partially buried but the engraving is completely readable.  See page on "The Old Briggs/Keeney Cemetery" for additional information and photo.

Married:  Elizabeth/Betsey Edwards (2nd wife) born 1798 in NY.  Oliver and Elizabeth had eight children (or more).

Child No. 1:  Oliver Jr.:  born 1837 in PA (1850 Tioga Census).

Child No. 2: Lydia Ann:  born 1828 in NY.  She married ??? Rugar.  In the 1870 census, she (42) and her mother (73) are still living with ABA.

Child No. 3:  Louisa:  born 1835/36.

Child No. 4:  Ira:  born 01Oct1829 in Spencer, Tioga Co., NY.  He died 08/10Dec1906.  He was five years old when his parents moved to Tioga Co., PA.  He was a farmer of Middlebury.  When nineteen years of age he went to work for his half-brother, Jacob, with whom he remained four years, and purchased a portion of his present farm from the Bingham estate.  Eight years later he purchased an ajoining tract from his brother, Jacob, making a farm of 146 acres, on which he resided devoting his attention to agricultural pursuits.  Ira taught music from 1868 to 1871 and the family possess considerable musical talent.  Ira was a Republican.  The family attended the Baptist Church.  Ira was married in March 1853 to Margaret A. Morrell (daughter of Stephen Morrell of Jackson township), with whom he lived about twelve years, and was legally separated.  On 01Jan1871, he married Ermina M. Conley (second daughter of Jacob Conley) to which union were born five children:  (1st) Bert J.:  (1872-1938)  He married Sadie Shaw and had one child (Mortimer).  (2nd) Ettie Mae:  (1875-1932)  She married A. Burt Fish and had two children (Howard and Olive Fish).  (3rd) Rosa Nell:  (1876-??)  She married Homer P. Cloos and had one child (Coral Cloos).  (4th) Jennie V.:  (1883-1901)  She married Elmer Goodrich (27Mar1878-Nov1962) on 26Oct1899 and had one child (Claribel Goodrich).  (5th) Mattie B.:  (1855-??) She married Ervie P. Goodrich and had one child (Loren Goodrich) and also married Ray Erway and had three children (Briggs, Milton, and Mason Erway).

Ira and Ermina are buried in the Middlebury Union Cemetery.

Ira's will:

Same day Letters Testamentary on foregoing will were granted to P.E. Brown the Executer named therein, he first having been duly sworn as required by law and filed an affidavit showing that said decedent died at his residence on or about Saturday December 8, 1906 at 12 o'clock P.M.

General Inventory filed in the sum of $1113.63

Last will and testament of Ira Briggs, Deceased,  No. 4693 of Registers Office, December 17, 1906,  This day was presented an instrument of writing purported to be the Last Will and Testament of Ira Briggs, late of Middlebury Township, Tioga County, PA.  Deceased as follows, vis:  October 20, 1906

To whom it may concern, I, Ira Briggs being of sound mind make this my last will and testament.  I appoint Polernane E. Brown my administrator to dispose of my entire estate both real and personal as follows to be divided equal between my five heirs namely, B.J. Briggs, Ettie May Fish, Rosey Nell Close, Jennie V. Goodrich and Mattie V. Goodrich with the exception of six ewe lambs to be left to my six grandchildren one each namely Coral Close, Mortimer Ira Briggs, Clara Bell Goodrich, Loren B. Goodrich, Howard H. Fish, Olive Fish.

Ira Briggs                   Witness:  H.W. Hymes and A.L. White

Child No. 5:  Walter (15):  born 1833 in NY and died 17Jul1881 of a heart ailment.  Walter was the 8th child .  See Walter (15) for additional details.

Child No. 6:  Edward:  born 25Jan1827 in NY and died 1895.  Married Ladornia Warren? (1829-1901).  They had one son:  Perry G. Briggs (1856-1900).  All three are believed buried in the Tioga, PA cemetery.

Child No. 7:  Ali Ben Ali (A.B.A.):  born 1839 or 1841, two census do not agree.  (10th child) Married Sabra Gee (d. 08Aug1889, age 46+ yrs.) on 27Mar1870 in Charleston by Rev. William M. Haskel.  Second wife was Leilla Hoagland.  They had a child Edna (b. Sep1894) and another child Connie Lee (d. 21Jun1886, age 3 yrs. 4 mo. 9 days).  Ali served in the American Civil War as a musician.  He lived on the old homestead where his parents died.

Below is a bookmark that A.B.A. used for advertising his piano business.

Child No. 8:  Clarissa:  born 1831 in NY.

Another child:  Alvah: Was 10 years old per the 1850 census, born in PA.

Oliver's will:  In the name of God, Amen, I, Oliver Briggs of the town of Middlebury, in the County of Tioga and state of Pennsylvania being of sound mind  and memory (blessed be Almighty God for the same) do make and publish this my last will and testament.  I give and bequeath to my dear wife Elizabeth B. one third of all my lands during her natural life, she to choose her said one third.  She also to have two cows to be her choice of my cows.  Also one brown mare named Nancy, one light buggy wagon and harness.  I also give and bequeath to Elizabeth B. my beloved wife and to my daughter Lydia Ann the use of my house and out buildings and all my household goods while they live together and to be divided equally among my children after the death of my dear wife.  I also will to my dear wife Elizabeth B. the control of my dear son Ali-Ben-Ali to be under her care, direction and protection until he is twenty one years of age.  I give and bequeath unto my daughter Elizabeth and her husband Perry Gaige a three hundred dollar note against my brother Ruben Briggs.  I give to my son Walter the farm where he now lives which I paid for so that he could and has obtained a deed for it in his own name.  I give and bequeath to my other children Ebenezer H., Jacob, Edward, Ira, Oliver,Ali-Ben-Ali, and Lydia Ann each to share equally in all the residue of my property not above named divided equally among them.  And after the death of my beloved wife that portion of my property above named and bequeath to her I give and bequeath to my seven last above named children to be divided equally among them excepting only that Lydia Ann is to have one hundred dollars out of Edward's equal share and one hundred dollars out of Ira's equal share of said property willed to the use of my wife and divided after her death.  The reason of my doing so in this will is that Edward and Ira went for themselves before they were of age and Lydia Ann has worked in and for the family after she was of age.  I do nominate and appoint my son Jacob Briggs to be sole administrator of this my last will.  In testimony where of I here unto set my hand and seal, and publish and decree this to be my last will and testament in presence of the witnesses named below this twenty first day of December in the year of our lord one thousand and eight hundred and fifty seven.  (signed Oliver Briggs and seal)  Signed and sealed declared and published by the said Oliver Briggs as and for his last will and testament in his presence and in the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witnesses here to.  (C. Churchill, residence Middlebury, Tioga Co., PA)  By the request of the testator I subscribe to the will in this as witness of the same this seventh day of January one thousand eight hundred and fifty eight. (I.P. Keeney of Middlebury, Tioga Co., PA)

Below is an article that was written on the occasion of the 50th wedding aniversary of Perry and Elizabeth (Briggs) Gaige:

We have all met today and our hearts are more than full, to congratulate you on this semi-centennial occasion, this fiftieth year of your married life.  For fifty tears of joy and sorrow, sunlight and shadow, God has kept you in health and prosperity, and permitted you to travel side by side in life's duties and responsibilities.  He has been your support and stay through all your trials which come to us at some period of life, best borne by us all.  Fifty years ago today the joyous marriage bells were ringing that united Perry Gaige and Elizabeth Briggs, then in the strength and bloom of youth, to begin the journey of married life together.  Both were born in Schenectady County, NY and were married February 4, 1832 at the bride's father's in Spencer, NY by Squire Hardy; and commenced housekeeping in Duanesburg where they lived about five years.  Here were born two children, Albert and Briggs here.  Prosperity began to dawn on them, although they were working under many discouragements.  Nearly if not the whole of Schenectady County was owned by the Duane family's grant who kept the land in their own name, obliging the inhabitants to pay a certain price yearly which was usually about 15% unless they could buy the "Right of Soil" which was giving them full control of the land; but this the proprietors did not care to do if they might have the rent.  In an ajoining county, they were required to give a certain number of bushels of grain and two fowls for rent.  Being discouraged under these prospects in 1837 came to Silver Lake, Susquehanna County, PA where they purchased a farm of 200 acres, moving into a little log house, where was born Michael, who was not permitted to stay with them but a short time.  When nearly two years old the death angel visited their home taking from them their darling.  This was the first great sorrow that had fallen across their pathway.  Here also was born Jacob, Elsie, and Lydia. From this they moved into a frame house, after which Alonzo, Clara, Ettie, and Davis came to brighten their life and be a support to their declining years.  As the dollars began to multiply they built a large two-story house, new barns and made other improvements.  This section of the country being rough and stony and the inhabitants mostly Catholics, a Catholic church being within a mile of their house, and Albert Briggs, and Jacob having married and settled in Tioga County, PA induced father and mother to sell out and come to Jackson with them, which they did in 1867 moving up on the farm at Maple Ridge where they now reside.  After living here a short time death again made its appearance in the family circle this time taking their second son Briggs, whose loss was deeply mourned by us all.  In one short month, a daughter-in-law Augusta left us to struggle on alone.  Still God's hand was laid heavily upon them.  In about two years their youngest daughter, Ettie, the hope and stay of her mother was called from this earth to joys above.  The remaining seven children, 25 grandchildren and one great grandchild are all living within two miles of them and adjoining their farm.  Thus their lives extend over four generations and they count quite a numerous posterity.  You are today honored in the love and reverence of your children and grandchildren who have assembled with the warmest wishes for your future happiness in this life, and trust that when time has set his seal upon each brow we may all meet in a higher and happier state beyond the Jordan of death.

(Apparently the Briggs referred to was Oliver Briggs Gaige who died in 1868 at the age of 34)

(Apparently the Ettie referred to was Juliette who died in 1870 at the age of 16)