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(16) Charles W. Briggs

         Charles W. Briggs  (1862-1925)                      Mary Rosalie (May) Smith  (1868-1952)
    This photograph was taken before 1906.

Born:  1862.  Son of Walter Briggs (1833-17Jul1881)  and Rhoenna Goodwin (b. 1834).

Died:  09Nov1925

Married: Mary Rosalie (May) Smith on 31 Dec1892 in Keeneyville, PA.  Their occupations were listed as teachers.  She was the daughter of the groceryman in Keeneyville.  She was born in 1868 and died in 1952.  Charles graduated from Mansfield State Normal School  in 1889 in teaching (his diploma shows a date of 23 Jun1910).  At the time of his death he and May ran a farm on Monkey Run Road, Middlebury Township, Tioga County, PA.  About 1906 the family moved from a farm on "the State Road", Middlebury Township to the farm on Monkey Run Road where they lived the rest of their lives.  Charles left home at the age of seventeen years at the time of his fathers death.  His mother was left with a family of children and could not take care of all of them so he had to leave.  As a result all contact with his family was lost.  After leaving home he worked in the lumber woods to earn money to put himself through college at Mansfield Normal School, and continued to teach.  Charles and May had three children:

Child No. 1:  Dean C.: (1897-1993).  Married Olive McDermott.  They had five children (Robert, Richard, Shirley, Roger, and Thomas).

Child No. 2:  Helen:  (1902-15Jun1994).  Married Guy E. Stevens (22Jul1902-26May1968).  They had two children (Marie and Pauline).

Child No. 3:  Clifton M.:  (18Feb1904 -12Jul1976).  Married Dorothy R. Palmer  (06Apr1909-21Apr2003) (daughter of Harry and Lulu (Shaw) Palmer) in Jun1930.  They had three children (Lois, Charles, and Larry).

His obituary was published in the 18Nov1925 issue of the Wellsboro Agitator and is as follows:

The Late C. W. Briggs
Charles W. Briggs was born in Middlebury, Nov. 17, 1862, and died Nov 9, 1925.  He was the son of Walter and Rohana Briggs.  He attended Mansfield State Normal School three years and graduated with the class of 1889.  He taught school at Keeneyville, West Pike, and Gaines for several years.  On Dec. 31, 1892 he married May Smith, daughter of A. J. Smith.  He clerked in the store of A. J. and M. J. Smith for eleven years.  The remainder of his life was spent on his farm near Keeneyville.  He was at the time of his death Justice of the Peace of Middlebury, and secretary of board of Supervisors.  Mr. Briggs is survived by his widow, May Smith Briggs, and three children, Dean Briggs, of Middlebury, Clifton and Helen Briggs at home, two grandchildren, Robert and Richard Briggs, also by three brothers, Elmer Briggs of Mansfield, Omer Briggs of Towanda, and Ali Briggs of Bear Lake, Pa, and one sister, Mildred Briggs of California.  The funeral was held at the M. E. church at Keeneyville, Wednesday, Nov. 11, Rev. Mr. Angus, officiating, burial in the Middlebury Union cemetery.