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(17) Clifton M. Briggs

Born:  18Feb1904 in Middlebury Township, PA.  Son of Charles W. Briggs and Mary Rosalie (May) Smith.

Died:  12Jul1976.

Married:  Dorothy R. Palmer (06Apr1909-21Apr2003) on 21Jun1930.  Daughter of Harry N. Palmer and Lulu Shaw of Middlebury Township.

Children:  (1st) Lois Janet (b. 01Apr1931),  (2nd) Charles Harry (b. 20Nov1932),  (3rd) Larry Smith (b. 18Mar1936).

Clifton was a farmer and lived on his farm on Monkey Run Road in Middlebury Township from about the age 2 until his death.  He raised dairy cattle and sheep.  He served as tax collector, constable, and assessor of  Middlebury Township, PA.  Also he was a director for the Grange Mutual Fire Insurance Company.  Dorothy graduated from Mansfield Normal School and taught elementary school before marriage.