(14) James Smith and Mary A. Smith (27Aug1817-09Apr1883)
           Children:  (15) Almond John (AJ) Smith (17Mar1836-06Apr1898)
                            (15) Cornelius James (CJ) Smith (b. 1840)
                                    Born in McKean county, PA.  Came to Tioga county with his mother in 1846, located in Farmington township.
                                    Married to Mary A. Stevens of Tioga county in 1866.
                                    They had five children.  Was a member of the 1st Pennsylvania rifles for four years.
                                     Was justice of the peace and proprietor of a hotel in Keeneyville.

(15) Almond John (AJ) Smith (17Mar1836-06Apr1898) and
        Helen  M. Croft (14Mar1841-20Dec1908)

        AJ served in the Civil war.  42nd Regiment (Bucktails), Company A (The Anderson Guards).
        He was recruited at Lawrenceville June 12, 1861, and was mustered out June 11, 1864.
        His rank was Corporal and he was wounded (shot in foot) this wound bother him the rest of his life (per his daughter).
        His commanding officers were Capt. Phillip Holland and Capt. John G. Harrower
        Helen was the daughter of John M. Croft (25Dec1807-13Jun1890) and
        Rozella  A.(18Apr1815-01Apr1887)
        Children: (16) Myrtle (Mertie) Smith Monks (1878-1962): married
                              Charles Monks (from Shortsville)
                              They had one child:
                              (17) Charles (Charlie) John Monks (1907-1976):  never married
                      (16) Mary Rosalie (May) Smith Briggs : (1868-1952), married
                             Charles W. Briggs (1862-1925)
                      (16)Nellie Smith Close: (1872-1951), married Arthur Close (1871-1941)
                            Nellie and Arthur had three children:
                            (17) John C. Close Sr. (11Jun1895-24Feb1976):
                                    married (1st) Marion Morton (12Aug1897-20Aug1956) in May1917
                                    and married (2nd) Anna Mae Weaver Cane (18Aug1904-25Nov2001)
                                    on 05Jul1958.
                                    John and Marion had two children:
                                    John Close Jr. and Helen Close Keeney
                           (17) Helena Close:  married Elton/Alton M. Kingsley
                                   Helena and Alton had one child:
                                  (18) Allen Kingsley: married Kathryn Saxton (1st wife)
                                          Allen married Janet (2nd wife) and lives in Texas
                                         Allen and Kathryn had six children:
                                         (19) Donna Kingsley: married Jack Payne.
                                                 Donna and Jack had a child:
                                                (20) Meredith Payne:
                          (17) Ross A. Close:  married Janet Almeda McDonald on 05Jul1942
                                  Ross and Janet had four children: Charles, Martha, Lorian, and Donald.
                     (16) Bessie Smith: never married
                     (16) Marion J. (MJ/Maney) Smith (1866-1934):
                             married Maggie Wilson (1871-1964)
                            Maggie was a sister of Maizie Guiles.   Maney and Maggie had one child:
                            (17) Robert W. Smith  (1893-1942)
                                    married Hazel B. Owlett (1896-1970)
                     (16) Hugh Smith

(16) Mary Rosalie (May) Smith (1868-1952) and Charles W. Briggs (1862-1925)
       Children: (17) Dean C. Briggs (1897-1993)
                     (17) Helen Briggs Stevens (1902-1994)
                     (17) Clifton M. Briggs (18Feb1904-Jul1976)

                     1908 BRIGGS/SMITH/CLOSE/MONKS PHOTO

(rear left to right) Charles W. Briggs, Mertie Smith Monks holding baby Charlie Monks,
Helen Croft Smith, Mary Rosalie (May) Smith Briggs, Nellie Smith Close holding
baby Ross Close, Bessie Smith

(front left to right) Helena Close Kingsley, Helen Briggs Stevens, Clifton M. Briggs,
John Close, Dean C. Briggs

               Photo taken  by Hugh Smith about 1894  on a dry plate at a Methodist camp meeting at  Presho, NY
                              Men (left-to-right)      Frank Smith ,   Almond  (AJ) Smith,   Charles W. Briggs
      Women (left-to-right)   Myrtle Smith Monks,   Helen Smith,  Bessie Smith,  Helen Croft Smith,  Mary Stevens Smith

                                                                                                 Bessie Smith
                                                                                                                      Arthur Close

Helen Croft Smith     Mertie/May???     Marion (Maney) Smith      Maggie Wilson Smith     Nellie Smith Close
                                                                                                                        Helena Close Kingsley

This is a photo of a painting by Helen Croft Smith (estimated 1880-1890).

Link to:  Cloos/Close/Smith Family site  (by Meredith Payne Marsh)