The Elizabeth Briggs and Perry Gaige Branch

(14) Oliver Briggs (26Jan1789-11Jan1858) and Lydia Hoag (d. 1820) (1st wife)

            Children:  (1st) Jacob Briggs

                            (2nd) Elizabeth Briggs

                            (3rd) Ebenezer H. Briggs

(15) Elizabeth Briggs and Perry Gaige

            Children:  (1st) Albert M. Gaige

                            (2nd) Oliver B. Gaige

                            (3rd) Michael Gaige

                            (4th) Jacob H. Gaige

                            (5th) Elsie B. Gaige

                            (6th) Lydia Ann Gaige (07Jul1843-20Jul1924)

                            (7th) Alonzo A. Gaige

                            (8th) Clara E. Gaige

                            (9th) Juliette Gaige

                            (10th) Davis W. Gaige

(16) Lydia Ann Gaige (07Jul1843-20Jul1924) and John Calvin Roosa (08Sep1844-03Jan1922)

             Both Lydia and John are buried in Woodlawn Cemetery at Elmira, NY.

            Children:  (1st) Ruben Briggs Roosa (19Sep1870-Jun1958)

                            (2nd) Perry Leon Roosa (26Jul1880-11Feb1918) Married Ella Lonsbury,

                                      They had one daughter (Gladys), Perry was a train engineer and was

                                       killed in a train accident.  Ella and Gladys moved to Mich..  Perry is

                                       buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Elmira, NY.

(17) Ruben Briggs Roosa (19Sep1870-Jun1958) and Mattie May Corey (01May1874-29Jan1939)

             Child:  Hugh Melvin Roosa (26May1907-19Jul1993)

             All are buried in the Middlebury Union Cemetery at Keeneyville, PA.

(18) Hugh Melvin Roosa (26May1907-19Jul1993) and Edith Kay Gleason (13Jan1909-14Nov1989)

             Children:  (1st) Marjorie Marie Roosa (b. 12Apr1929)

                             (2nd) Leigh Walton Roosa (13Mar1931-02Mar2000)

                             (3rd) Doris Evelyn Roosa (b. 06Sep1933)

                             (4th) Wanda Eloise Roosa (b. 22Mar1937)

                             (5th)  Elwin Hobert Roosa (b. 05Feb1939)

                             (6th) Duane Jay Roosa (b. 26Apr1942)

                             (7th) Janice Lucille Roosa (b. 22Jul1944)

                             (8th) Carol Jeanette Roosa (b. 25Oct1949)

                             (9th) David Carl Roosa (b. 11Apr1952)

(19) Carol Jeanette Roosa (b. 25Oct1949) and ?????? Dibble

                Child:  Lisa Dibble

NOTE:  Thanks to Carol (Roosa) Dibble for information on this family branch.