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Palmer Family Tree

(I) Robert Palmer (b. abt. 1339) and Isabel Stopham (b. abt. 1343)

          Child:  Robert

(II) Robert Palmer (b. abt. 1365)

          Child:  John

(III) John Palmer (b. abt. 1397) and Joan Julian

          Child:  John

(IV) John Palmer (b. abt. 1423) and Isabell Bilton

          Child:  Robert

(V) Robert Palmer (b. abt. 1480) and Blanche Reynolds

          Children:  Thomas (1520-1582), Elizabeth, Frauncis, Robert, John, Richard

(VI) Thomas Palmer (1520-1582) and Catherine Stradling

          Children:  John (William ) (1554-1586), Thomas (??)

(VII) John (William) Palmer (1554-1586) and Elizabeth Verney (b. 1558)

          Children:  (VIII) William (1583-1585), Sarah (b. 1586/7), Katherine (b. 1579), Thomas (1574-1605)

Note:  It is obvious that (VIII) William and (08) William are not one-in-the-same for the following reasons:

           (VIII) William died at two (2) years of age.

           (08) William would have been born when Elizabeth Verney was twelve (12) years of age.

           Data that shows these Williams to be one-in-the-same is faulty and should not be relied on.

           The true father of (08) William has not been determined and needs more research.  Any data that will help unravel William's true lineage is welcome and will be studied.

           Thanks to Carolyn Goates for sharing her research !!

(08) William Palmer (1570-1637) and Frances Blossom (b. 1591)

          Child:  William

(09) William Palmer (1610-1660/61) and Judith Feake (1617/20-1666/67)

          Children:  Ephraim, John, James, William, Joseph, Judith, Susanna

(10) Joseph Palmer (1656/57-1724/25)  and  Elizabeth Tyler (b. 1663)

          Child:  Joseph

(11) Joseph Palmer (1695-xxxx)  and  Martha Knapp (1701/02-xxxx)

          Children:  Joshua, Joseph, Benjamin, Martha, Abraham, Dorothy, Lucius, Elizabeth, Asa

(12) Abraham Palmer (1732/33-1796)  and  Rachel Reynolds (1738-1767)

          Children:  Asa, Amos, Elizabeth, Henry, Obediah

(13) Asa Palmer (1756-1826)  and  Susanna Slater (1761-1808)

          Children:  Israel, Rachel, Huldah, Ruth, Richard, Anna, Abraham, Asa, Susanna, James, Abigail, Nathaniel

(14 Abraham Palmer (1790-xxxx)  and  Elizabeth Tower (Hanna)

          Children:  George, Ruben T., Thirza

(15) Ruben T. Palmer (04Mar1814-31Mar1893)  and  Mary Ayers (11Sep1817-21Jun1902)

          Children:  Otis, Addie, Chauncey, Delila, Emma, Hanna, Aluzma, Lucian, Laura

(16) Chauncey Kingsley Palmer (1840-1896)  and  Jane Cloos (1852-1943)

          Children:  Harry N. (1882-1955), daughter died 11Oct1887, son died 12May1891

(17) Harry Newberry Palmer (1882-1955)  and Lulu Mae Shaw (1884-18Jul1976)

          Children:  Dorothy, Carl, Leigh