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The (18) Dorothy R. Palmer Branch

(18) Dorothy R. Palmer (b. 06Apr1909 in Middlebury Twp., PA)  and  Clifton M. Briggs (18Feb1904-1976) born in Middlebury Twp., PA.  Married Jun1930 in Keeneyville, PA

     Children:  Lois, Charles, Larry

          (19) Lois Janet Briggs (b. 01Apr1931 in Middlebury Twp., PA)  and William Peckham Garrison (b. 21May1926).  Married 10Jun1950 in Keeneyville, PA

               Children:  Catherine  Joan (b. 25Mar1951 in Bellefonte, PA), Elizabeth Anne (b. 19Sep1953 in Williamsport, PA), Patrica Jane (b. 22Jan1956 in Williamsport, PA), Mark William (b. 26Mar1958 in Butler, PA)

                    (20) Catherine Garrison (b. 25Mar1951) and William Schultz

                         Child:  Rebecca (b. 22Mar1968 in NJ), (Brockmans are adoptive parents)

                              (21) Rebecca Brockman  (b. 22Mar1968) and Warren Glaab

                                   Children:  Hanna Brielle (b. 03Mar1995 in Chapel Hill, NC), Nolan Christopher (b. 13May1997 in Lansdale, PA), Ethan John (b. 05Oct1999 in Lansdale, PA)

          (19) Charles Harry Briggs (b. 20Nov1932 in Middlebury Twp., PA) and Joyce M. Moore (b. 01Jan1938 in Tampa, FL)

               Children:  Michael Charles (b. 07Nov1958 in Cincinnati, OH), Douglas Howard (b. 14Jul1961 in Mariemont, OH), Steven Mark (b. 19Jun1964 in Mariemont, OH)

                    (20) Michael C. Briggs (b. 07Nov1958) and Alexis Schmelzer (b. 15Feb1957).  Married 16Sep1995.

                         Children:  Rosemary (b. 03Jul1996 in Cincinnati, OH), Caroline (b. 27Aug1997 in Cincinnati, OH), Veronica Mary (b. 16Nov2000 in Cincinnati, OH)

                    (20) Douglas H. Briggs (b. 14Jul1961) and Elizabeth Burris (b. 28Oct1961).  Married 31Mar1990.

                         Children:  Kathryn Lynne (b. 12Dec1990 in Cincinnati, OH), Logan Thomas (b. 18Oct1996 in Cincinnati, OH).

                    (20) Steven M. Briggs (b. 19Jun1964) and Virginia Haimerl

          (19) Larry Smith Briggs (b. 18Mar1936 in Middlebury Twp., PA) and Joan Stratton (b. 22Aug1941).  Married 27Dec1970.

               Child:  Rebecca (b. 17Sep1973 in Wellsboro, PA)