palmer 13


Born:  10Nov1790 in Vermont.  Son of Asa Palmer and Susanna Slater.  Age 75 per 1850 census.


Married: Elizabeth Tower (Hanna) born in NY.  Age 67 per 1850 census.

Abraham is said to have come from Vermont to Bradford Co. soon after 1800 and about 1830 moved to Tioga Co., PA, locating in Middlebury Tp.  It has not been stated what part of Vermont he came from, but in 1812 he was residing in Canton Tp., Bradford Co., PA.  He is said to have had thirteen children.  His wife's name has been given as Elizabeth Tower, and from the History of Tioga Co. his wife was named Hannah, and Abraham is called Abram.  In view of the fact that he located early in Canton Tp., it is believed that he must be related in some way to Jarib Palmer, who also located about the same time in Canton Tp., but we are unable to place him as a brother.  He may have been possibly a nephew. He was perhaps son of Reuben of Jacomiah.  We have no record of his thirteen children and we are only positive of two that have been given us through descendents.  It has been said that his son Reuben Tower was the 8th child. His son George must have been one of the oldest of his children, in view of data from descendents of George.


George:  b. 1812

Ruben Tower:  b. abt. 1814

Thirza:  married Abijah Ayres, had daughter: Mary H.: born 24Jun1832 in Troy, Pa.  Married C. B. Taylor, lived in Columbia, PA. (descendent of Josiah Burton of Manchester, VT).  Not certain that she is a daughter.

Griffin:  Age 24 per 1850 census.