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WELCOME to our test site_

FIRST, PLEASE think about what you'd like to see if you were visiting our website - what would you most like to see/know?

Click here for the first sample - BLUE - which is what may be used (with all the new additions and subtractions)


Click here for the second sample - GOLD - using the Original West Briton newspaper title, colored to gold-brown (and a lot less 'wordy'!!!)


And our last third sample - GREEN - ditto, only green.


Please, let me know if you prefer one over another - or would you like to keep our "index" page as it currently is? Is there anything you'd like to add, or eliminate from the pages??


THEN - see the other ideas I've been playing with - Adverts and POETRY; they're just to give an idea of what it would look like.

All fo these can be made to open more quickly, but only if you like the concept!!

I started 'fooling around' with this because it seemed it would be nice if we could incorporate the actual paper in our site - and I liked the variety of titles the WB used during the years. I just didn't know how to use "Photomerge" effectively. So I finally got it to a fairly decent point, I think, but if you prefer the black and white, or not at all, that's fine too.