The Britton's Are Coming!
My name is Debbie Barrett and sometime ago I began a quest to find my families roots.  I was told I was German, Irish and Dutch, given a couple of names, a place and nothing else.  From those first few tentative letters sent out to the McKean County Historical Society in Pennsylvania has sprung a genealogy that spans this country coast to coast, from it's early colonization to the present.

It is a story that is inextricably linked to the making of a country.  With the first English and Dutch settlers in New England and New Amsterdam to the later German immigrants who sailed into New York harbor, all have made their mark on this country's history, added to its cultural diversity and expanded its horizons.  It is a story that has been told millions of times during the course of our history, each with its own individual twists and turns, but all sharing one thing in common, the chance to start a new life in a new world.

On this site you will find only my direct ancestry, a complete file of what I currently have can be viewed on the World Connect project at Rootsweb in my Britton genealogy located there.  Please remember that I only have complete documentation on my direct lineage and it is a work in progress.  Enjoy your visit and if you find something of interest, you can contact me at [email protected], I would be happy to share whatever I can with you. 

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